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Leagues: Liga MX

/ 2 days ago

Liga MX launches facial verification technology at stadiums

Liga MX has agreed to a new partnership with Incode Technologies that uses facial technology. The deal brings new ways to verify each and every fan inside stadiums around the country. Incode is a technology company that helps banks, healthcare systems, retailers, and now stadiums, perform secure transactions. Liga MX utilizes the company's 'Fan ID' […]
Shaun Botterill


/ 143 days ago

Why soccer needs better referees, not more technology

Over the last few years, technology and Artificial Intelligence made serious advances in the world, including soccer and sport. Each month, articles and speculation arise regarding robots removing people from everyday jobs in the coming years. Consequently, that trend leaks into the beautiful game. First, goal-line technology established itself in the sport around the world. […]