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World Cup 2022

/ 138 days ago

AFC, CAF and OFC embrace home field at World Cup 2022

Home field at World Cup 2022 officially belongs to Qatar. Yet, like African nations in 2010, other countries may feel a sense of belonging at this World Cup in particular. Nations at the World Cup from CAF, AFC and OFC are closer geographically and culturally to Qatar. Despite FIFA's wishes for this World Cup to […]


/ 140 days ago

What was the first soccer game you attended?

Everyone has a memory of their first soccer game attendance. In reality, it might not even be the game itself that you remember. A certain food or snack just sat right after eating it. A song the supporters sang rang pure in your ears. Watching everyone launch their arms in the air because of a […]


/ 162 days ago

World Cup tickets on sale and in high demand

Qatar 2022 still has World Cup tickets available. However, as the tournament inches closer, patrons snap up more each day. To be fair, there are a number of great games to keep an eye on in the Group stage alone. Plus, the proximity of the Qatar World Cup means that neutral fans have easier access […]


/ 342 days ago

USWNT attendance in 2021 dips due to COVID, lack of success

This year brought many things to celebrate for the US Men’s National Team. The same cannot be said for the US Women’s National Team. On one hand, the men's side pulled in its highest audience in recent years while lifting the CONCACAF Nations League and Gold Cup. Contrarily, the USWNT failed to even reach the […]