Jose Mourinho remains out of a job following Roma’s sacking of the Portuguese manager. Yet, that does not hinder one of the most successful managers of recent history from making waves. While the former Roma boss seeks his next job, he spoke to The Telegraph to recount his career and where it has taken him. That has led to Mourinho identifying his highs, lows and where the future of the game lies.

As part of his ever-present knowledge of soccer, Mourinho said managers are constantly working to change the game. Picking out different tactics to find success helps keep things modern. In doing so, smart managers like Mourinho can outwork the rivals from the other dugout. He referenced his appreciation for ‘The Kid,’ Mikel Arteta. The scoreless draw against Manchester City was not a pretty sight, but he says Arteta’s “magic strategy” of a defensive game earned Arsenal a valuable point while denying City three.

“In my time, it was not a magic strategy,” Mourinho said, “and I won at Manchester City a few times. But it was not an amazing strategy. It was a defensive game. Park the bus. Park the double bus. It was a different perspective.”

Mourinho has a knack for employing this low block against possession-laden teams like Manchester City or Barcelona. That brought success when he was at Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United or Roma. However, he understands that certain situations call for more risk-taking. Mourinho sees one change that no manager would be willing to try that could be the next step for soccer.

Jose Mourinho brings up tactical change with 11 outfield players

“Why do you play with a goalkeeper, even if he is good with his feet, almost in the midfield, if you can do that with a proper player?”

In a game that demands a result, whether the team is losing and looking for a draw or in need of a win, Mourinho says he would be willing to substitute off his goalkeeper to bring on an extra attacker. It is a way to beat the low block of a club like Arsenal. In a league game, goal differential can make a difference, but leagues and positions come down to points. Oftentimes, one or two points can be the difference between different European competitions. That was the case in 2021/22, when Roma finished one point above Fiorentina in the Serie A table.

“To have an extra player there … when the opposition is very low in the block and 10 minutes left? Let’s try it – yeah!”

“I can see that substitution happening. And the coach who does it will be considered a genius.”

Mourinho waiting for the right job

If Jose Mourinho is going to be the one to try this brash new strategy, he will wait for the right time to enact it. Currently, Mourinho is not part of the rumor mill for any of the big jobs. Moreover, he is not close-minded about his future. Rather than going to a club where the expectation is consistent league titles, Mourinho wants fair expectations.

His Champions League success with Porto in 2002 may show that, with the right team, he can lead a side to success. However, when he took over at Roma, no one expected European cup finals. He delivered two in two seasons before departing in the 2023/24 season.

The Telegraph then alluded to the potential vacancies in the Premier League with Brighton and West Ham. Should those sides’ current managers leave, Mourinho could be the difference like he was at Roma.