Jose Mourinho has acknowledged that he is prepared to resume managerial duties at any moment. Talk about a possible Chelsea return has emerged, and Mauricio Pochettino is under increasing pressure, so this is not surprising.

After spending two and a half years back in the Italian Serie A, the Portuguese coach left Roma in January and is presently unemployed. He alienated some Chelsea supporters while coaching Premier League rivals Manchester United and Tottenham.

Nevertheless, most Blues fans still hold the man responsible for their three Premier League victories in high esteem. After a string of dismal outcomes, the supporters are reportedly ready to blow off their ties with current coach Pochettino.

It all came to a head last Saturday in a 2-2 draw at Brentford. It was a game in which his team was 1-0 up and completely dominating. The Blues’ lack of development after their dismal 2022-23 season has led many to question the Argentine’s term at Stamford Bridge.

The Blues coach was the target of many shouts from the away section, which he claimed he was unaware of until after the match. The traveling supporters, already furious at the team’s loss of possession, directed their wrath toward Pochettino.

They also subsequently seemed to be calling for Mourinho‘s comeback. Since then, the Argentine coach and his team have had plenty of time to reflect on the frustration felt by their fans.

Mourinho had some tough words for Chelsea fans
Mourinho had some tough words for Chelsea fans

Mourinho had some tough words for Chelsea fans

What did Jose Mourinho say about his future?

So, it’s probable that Mourinho would be on the radar of the American owners, who may soon have to start searching for a new manager. And even though he has been without a job for around a month, the ‘Special One’ has expressed his intention to keep coaching.

“I’m not in rest mode, I want to work. I just don’t want to make the wrong decision. I have to wait for the right one and the one that motivates me. If I could work tomorrow, I would work tomorrow”, he told beIN Sports first.

Afterward, the 61-year-old told Sky Sports he is still quite happy with Roma’s accomplishments. He guided the team to back-to-back European finals, culminating in a 2021-22 Europa Conference League title.

“I hope [to be back managing soon]. Roma was great to get to two European finals in two years and that’s hard. But now I have to wait for the right opportunity. I want to work tomorrow if possible, but I don’t want to make the wrong decision.”

Response not many Chelsea fans want to hear

When a Chelsea supporter urged Mourinho to come back for an unbelievable third period, he seemed to provide a reaction that the club’s fans would not be happy with.

Sharing a photo of himself with the experienced manager, a Blues fan went viral. He further states that after that, he questioned Jose about a possible third stint at Stamford Bridge.

The supporter greeted him with: “Hello Jose, Chelsea fans love you very much from all over the world hope you return to Chelsea”. In response, Mourinho said: “Thank you, but Chelsea is not the Chelsea we know,” according to The Sun.

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