For the first time in the 2024 season, Apple has offered fans a free trial of MLS Season Pass. However, one major caveat limits the number of people who can take advantage. The redemption code is only available for users who subscribed to MLS Season Pass last year. Apple is providing previous subscribers with one month of a new MLS Season Pass subscription for free to court those subscribers back to the platform. A select number of subscribers should have received an email from Apple with a code that provides one free month.

Last year, droves of people subscribed to MLS Season Pass to see Messi join Inter Miami. However, the platform sending out a new promotion to past subscribers may signify that many customers did not renew their subscriptions. After the free month of MLS Season Pass content, the $14.99 monthly subscription kicks in. In other words, returning subscribers would pay for the most expensive option after their free month of access expires.

The free trial of year two on MLS Season Pass is the first offer MLS and Apple have made to provide free access to the streaming platform. Last season, there were several ways to get free access to MLS Season Pass. The top of that list was T-Mobile. However, that chance is gone. There are several deals users can take advantage of, but none save the same quantity of money as that one.

Apple clarified that, per usual, the MLS Season Pass subscription can be canceled anytime. That is the benefit of the monthly subscription. However, it remains far more costly. As stated, users will have to pay $14.99 per month after the month of free access. By comparison, the annual option is $99, which saves $50 across an entire season. Also, Apple TV+ subscribers get more savings. The monthly fee for MLS Season Pass if you have Apple TV+ is $12.99. The associated annual option is $79.

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MLS Season Pass trial is a chance to see Messi

Major League Soccer is embracing Lionel Messi as the principal reason to watch MLS Season Pass. In the email obtained by World Soccer Talk that was sent to former MLS Season Pass subscribers, Apple kept it simple. Likewise, Messi featured prominently in the MLS Season Pass graphic that heads the email.

“Bigger stars, higher stakes, and Messi’s first full season with Inter Miami CF,” the email said. “Come back to watch the game-changing new chapter for MLS.”

Certainly, Messi is the biggest draw for Major League Soccer. There is a strong chance many people who received this email subscribed to MLS Season Pass to see Messi last season. Upon his arrival, Messi dominated with Inter Miami in the Leagues Cup. Now, he is in his first full stint in the United States.

Subscribing to MLS Season Pass not only has every game involving Inter Miami. It is the global streaming platform for every Major League Soccer game and the contests in the Leagues Cup. Additionally, subscribers can watch the MLS Cup Playoffs in its entirety. Inter Miami failed to qualify for the postseason last year, but a strong start to the 2024 campaign is setting up success for the Florida club.


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