With several nations’ seasons winding down, this summer promises to be jam-packed with crucial soccer tournaments. All eyes in the soccer world will be on the Olympic Games, the European Championship, and the Copa America.

France will not only host the Olympic Games. It is one of the favorites to take home gold in the men’s soccer competition. Under the tutelage of French icon Thierry Henry, the national squad will compete in the Olympics. The Arsenal and Barcelona legend has already selected a few players from the three U23s who are qualified to participate.

Three Euro 2024 stars to participate in Olympics for France?

According to the rules of the soccer part of the games, Thierry Henry will have to choose an Olympic squad mostly made up of under-23 players. Nevertheless, the managers have the option to choose three players older than 23 to their roster. Henry plans to strengthen his attacking capabilities in preparation for the games by selecting three senior internationals. The former Monaco manager plans to strengthen his side with three strong superstars.

According to Le Parisien, Henry plans to field a French Olympic team that includes Mbappe (25), Griezmann (32), and Giroud (37). Everyone will be watching Les Bleus battle for the gold medal in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

Thus, the trio will bring a combined 331 caps to the Olympic squad, which the 46-year-old hopes would give them an advantage. In many instances, the PSG captain and Atletico Madrid forward have expressed their desire to participate in the games.

Giroud, who has scored 56 goals for the French national team—more than Thierry Henry—would hold high esteem for Henry himself. Participating in the Olympic Games would be a huge accomplishment for the seasoned striker. The report adds that it’s something that the current AC Milan star would want to do as well.

What did Thierry Henry say previously?

The Athletic has also confirmed that France’s captain Mbappe is expected to be named to the Les Bleus Olympic pool. However, whether he has a formal agreement with Real Madrid remains uncertain. Considering the current transfer saga, it would allow him to compete for his country in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Thus, clubs are not required to release six players, even during the European football preseason. Proceedings involving Mbappé, who seemed to be the trio’s closest confidant, may go on for some time.

Thierry Henry informed the international press that Mbappe has expressed his desire to participate. Still, he can’t rush into seeking a possible release until he has more information about what’s ahead.

“Kylian has a special place everywhere,” Henry told AFP in January. “But there’s a difference between wanting something and being able to attain it. I don’t know where he’ll end up, but the club will have a say. I haven’t contacted him about it yet.”

“No one has approached me. They ask each other. Let’s be honest, it’s the Olympics in France, so it’s a big deal for everyone. If you talk to any player in France, they’d like to do the Olympics. But will they be able to?”

“I have a lot of possibilities and very few certainties. That’s inherent in the youth category. It’s even truer when it comes to preparing for the Olympic Games, which don’t fit into the FIFA calendar. We’re at the mercy of the clubs’ willingness to release their players.”

“I don’t know who I will select yet, but let’s say I want a player and his current club accepts. If he is transferred in the summer, how do I know if his new club will want to release him?”