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Fox Soccer Channel Ratings Surge For Premier League Games

Fox Soccer Channel’s TV ratings for the past year have been released, which reveal how many viewers the channel has been getting for Premier League, Serie A, Major League Soccer and other leagues and programs. Fox Soccer Channel began being rated by Nielsen on October 1, 2008, so it’s perfect […]

The History of Football is Alive and Well Online

I had two fascinating interviews during the past 12 hours with Peter Lupson, author of the new book entitled “Thank God For Football” — and Andy Sloan, author of a book named “23 Sweet FA’s.” Both are incredible stories in their own way, and both interviews will appear on Sunday’s […]

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Rafa Benitez backs under-fire Karim Benzema: ‘He is very important for us’

Real Madrid coach Rafael Benitez has restated his support for French striker Karim Benzema amid increasing criticism of Benzema’s off-field behavior in his homeland. Benzema has been charged in France for his alleged participation in a blackmail case involving international teammate Mathieu Valbuena over a sex tape. French Prime Minister […]