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Top 7 Football Managers Who Should Be Put Out To Pasture

While having a drink at a local coffee shop Wednesday evening with Kartik Krishnaiyer, the topic of Graeme Souness came up and what an abysmal football manager he was especially at Newcastle. It got me thinking, though, that just as footballers retire from playing, football managers should be put out […]

Hull City To Go Down?

Can anyone remember the last time Hull City won a Premier League game? December 6th at home to Middlesbrough was the last time. Since then, they have been very much in freefall.  When Hull first arrived in the Premiership, they were tipped to go straight back down but decided to […]

Bundesliga Saturday Preview: Matchday Three

Friday’s Bundesliga fixture saw current league leaders Hoffenheim dismiss last year’s Bundesliga runners-up Schalke by a scoreline of two goals to nil. Magath’s Schalke side remain pointless and rooted to the bottom of the table, while Hoffenheim hold top spot ahead of a perfect nine-point start. This Saturday, the Bundesliga […]

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