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Blackburn vs Spurs: Photos & Audio at Ewood Park

Day two of the EPL Talk tour of England is over, but you can hear all of the adventures at Ewood Park by downloading the latest podcast, episode 36, at http://epltalk.libsyn.com Two matches so far, and both have featured spectacular goals (Mikael Arteta for Everton, and Tugay for Blackburn Rovers). […]

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Cristiano Ronaldo is determined to mask his decline

Earlier last week, Brazilian legend Ronaldinho left yet another club by mutual agreement. The story was like every other. After an initial bout of optimism, his time at the club (in this case, Fluminense) quickly turned tumultuous, and a split was in the best interest of both parties. It’s the […]

Review: Honigstein’s ‘Das Reboot’ is required reading for fans of German, US soccer

“Das Reebot,” a new book from Raphael Honingstein which hits book stores and online retailers on Tuesday, is a masterful look at how German soccer broke out of its conservative traditions to create a world champion. While Germany has always from the view of outsiders been a world powerhouse, having never […]