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Is Arsenal Still a Big Club?

Posted on by Jordan Acker

At first glance, this question looks bleedingly obvious. With their massive fan base, a beautiful new 60,000 plus seat stadium, and their years of success and trophies, Arsenal should be quite clearly considered to be a “big club.” For the … Continue reading

Why Aren’t English Teams Making Their Dominance Count in the Champions League?

Posted on by Sebastian Shepard

That the EPL is the best championship in the world is plain for everyone to see.  The teams are far and away the strongest, most physical, and quickest.  With exceptions to super teams like Barcelona, the four Premier League teams … Continue reading

The No-Big-Four-Allowed EPL Team Of The Season

Posted on by Dan Trelfer

As we near the end of what has been and still is an exciting season in the EPL, the various gongs and awards are being given out. As usual, they create plenty of controversy, particularly in the case of Ryan … Continue reading

The Premier League is Not, in Fact, a League

Posted on by Richard Whittall

Those of us round long enough to remember the Ipswichs, Blackburns and QPRs of old running rampant in the early days of the Premier League may have winced listening to Setanta’s commentators gag with delight as Dossena’s lobbed long ball … Continue reading

Premiership’s Big Four Dominate Europe Because They’re the Big Four: News?

Posted on by Richard Whittall

Jonathan Wilson, the inimitable scholar of tactical mechanics with his recent Inverting the Pyramid: A History of Football Tactics (a book I included in a piece on tactical reductionism for this website) has made a very convincing argument why English … Continue reading

English Premier League – Most Competitive in the World?

Posted on by James Harris

This is my first submission to EPL Talk, so I would like to extend a big thanks and cheers to the Gaffer for inviting me to join the team.  I’m excited to be a member of a top notch network … Continue reading