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Adidas AC Milan Presentation Suit Review

Adidas hit another high with the 2008-2009 presentation suit series, receiving a Serie A Talk 9.0 product rating!!! The Pros I’ve had this suit for the last 2 months (courtesy of soccerpro.com) wearing it everywhere outside and inside the house. During my indoor training routine the suit’s lightweight construction and formotion cut wasn’t constrictive or caused me to overly perspire.  […]

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Feuerstein’s Fire #38

Tuesday, December 21st 8:00PM EST – 5:00PM PST Last Show Of The 2010 Year, will return January 11th, 2011 Guests: Bruce McGuire of the DuNord Website Soccer By Ives LA Correspondent Adam Serrano A great story of Mr. Tim Benty. A young American who discovered football/soccer in Europe between 1968-1976. Played […]

Boxing Day Odds and Sods

Destiny entwined Two hundred thousand a week Major malfunction Liverpool beat Derby 2-1 on a late winner by Steven Gerrard. It was another unfortunate result for Derby who should have earned at least a draw for dominating Liverpool in the second half. The Reds were once again plagued by their […]

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