What? (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Stop the presses (the ones still in existence) and all look at Manchester United. What is going on? Why are they losing? Is such big loss really so bad in the grand scheme of David Moyes? If penalties are the yard-stick for failure then United have huge problems. The podcast consider how long term this actually is.

Elsewhere Chelsea lost to Villa and City are taking advantage of a good weekend for them, thought they came close to difficulty themselves. North-London was red though so Spurs felt blue as Jose did and Palace swooped in for a point away from home.

Who benefitted most from this weekend’s football? World, let’s Talk Soccer:

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5 thoughts on “What? (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. Nothing is going to happen to Mourinho for criticizing Foy. Please, as if the FA will punish him ahead of a big match. And it is not for the idea that he is a master of mind games by not talking about something then talking about it. There is no accountability with this man.

  2. Why does Laurence always sound like someone is squeezing his balls extremely tightly when he says “welcome back”??? ….. Actually dont answer that.

  3. I really enjoy the podcast and have been a listener for a few years. I have to admit, I miss the timely schedule you used to have. It seems every new episode put out is talking about things that happened 2-3 matches ago. I know this is an older post I’m commenting on, but you don’t have an updated episode (aside form the dish-cable interview thing) to post this on. Commiserating over wins and loses is what I enjoy most about podcast. By the time you get to the discussion, I have already put the match in discussion behind me.

      1. Sorry you missed some of the episodes Anya. They’re released every Sunday night or Monday morning. You can also get the podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, Tune-In and on the new World Soccer Talk app — so, as Laurence says, it’ll download when you’re sleeping.

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