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Were Gonna Win The League (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Again! Things have changed and Man City find themselves in the driving seat whilst Chelsea march on: where are Chelsea marching? At least they are marching out of the ‘middle-ages’ with their buses in toe. Mourinho was rightly very happy with an Anfield victory and arguably outthought Brendan in many ways on Sunday. But Liverpool didn’t look like they had a sufficient answer and that was concerning for the Anfield faithful, who kept their voice throughout.

Ryan Giggs stepped out in a new role at Old Trafford and suddenly all feels right again, whilst City took their place in the driving seat. How things shift in 5 hours…

Fulham look down whilst Sunderland look up. Who is for the drop? So, World, let’s Talk Soccer:

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4 Responses to Were Gonna Win The League (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

  1. CassanovaFrankenstein says:

    I haven’t listened to the podcast in maybe 5-6 weeks and it took 21 minutes to remember why. Thanks Morgan.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I understand the reasoning for why certain criticism is laid out on Morgan. However, I think there is a point where it is a bit much.

    Lawrence, you need to lay off on the man a bit. Your analysis is very insightful, but sometimes your attitude on the whole matter is slightly bothering.

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