Guzan’s Choice (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Like Kristan says… ‘evolve or die’. Makes sense this weekend as some people seem to be learning about change and others seem to be upset that they can’t keep up. Difficult for so many to keep up in this league and yet there seems to be so much which is bringing the table that added sense of competition.

United didn’t look great. Chelsea didn’t need to look much better. Arsenal still sit top though as City push through and keep up the pace. Liverpool fell off, giving Everton and Spurs the chance to step up. World, let’s Talk Soccer:

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13 thoughts on “Guzan’s Choice (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. Morgan, the vague description of the woman who didn’t win an award until near the end of her career — was it Susan Lucci from All My Children?

    1. Yup, just about to respond to that. She was nominated like 20 times before finally winning it. Cristiano Ronaldo as Erica Kane? …I can see it.

  2. For the ghost of Sir Harry Hotspur can we PLEASE stop asking Morgan for his opinion on Spurs. He clearly doesn’t have anything to contribute but negativity toward any team other than the one he roots for. Yes, the teams they have been playing have been poor, but every team plays these teams that “critique” of looking at the opposition is complete rubbish. All you can do is play the team lined up in front of you. The fact is they have won these games convincingly and actually scoring goals from open play (not questionable penalties). They are still in the running for a top 4 position which no one thought that was going to happen after AVB got sacked.

    He is the most biased person on this pod which result in him praising Chelsea when they win or making excuses for Chelsea’s performances when they draw or lose. Dude sucks let face it.

      1. Its not just my team. Its every team other than Chelsea. Its becoming more and more apparent every pod that people are tired of your bias analysis.

  3. Been listening to the pod for about a year in Atlanta GA. Really enjoy everyone’s take although the audio feed quality gets in the way sometimes. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Rob,

      Thanks for the feedback! We’re on Skype so sometimes the quality changes.

      Hope to hear more from you soon,


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