Day 3 – Real Football (Brazil 2014 World Cup Review Show)

It finally feels like it’s underway for real now. ‘Shock’ results. Team goals. South Americans. Red card and injury doubts. Did England turn up? Are they just walking the walk? It’s all going on with day three wowing crowds in Brazil and spreading the fever across the world. Soccer, let’s talk world:

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Here are the different ways you can listen to the World Soccer Talk Podcast:

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2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Real Football (Brazil 2014 World Cup Review Show)”

  1. Not sure what ESPN was thinking but Lindsey Hipgrave is no Rebecca Lowe. Not even close. Didn’t seem like she was even prepared during last night’s telecast.

    1. Why even make the comparison other than they are both women? Rebecca Lowe is IMO and the opinion of many others the top presenter for football at any US network. The only one I would say is close is Dan Thomas who is not in the ESPN studio for the World Cup. Hipgrave is the 3rd string studio host in a 3 person rotation at ESPN from what I can tell. Given that reality she’s just fine.

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