Welcome Back! (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

International break over, so it’s good to have your company again. In fact, the league has been preparing for you. Managers making adjustments, closing windows and working out where things fit best. Some have worked it out, others are clearly still working it out. Does that mean that they are too late? We’re only a few games in, but already there are calls for heads to roll and roles to change.

Expected disruption? Oh no, there are some results which looked unlikely before the break but now: make sense. The pod talk about the return, but also how this is not actually a return…It’s time to Talk World Soccer; World Soccer Talk; Talk Soccer, World:

EPL Talk: @epltalk

Kartik: @kkfla737

Kristan: @kheneage

Matt: @mattcrduncan

Morgan: @Morgan_Green

Laurence: @lozcast

Here are the different ways you can listen to the EPL Talk Podcast:

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  1. jeez, i’ve tried to comment multiple times on another post and nothing showed up. just wanted to say NBC could not make it harder to find the premier league games on demand if they tried and i wouldn’t have found them without your post about it so thanks.

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