The Great Gabsby (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Team heroes come in all shapes and sizes. So many of them in the league have been foreign this season, but in some cases it can be important to have a core who can help the others understand what it means to be a player for a local side.This weekend the Premier League might have shown why that can be important for us to have, see and hold.

The table looks very different to when we last did our predictors and now the makeup of the league might be taking a shift. To look forward to that the pod also dip into the Championship for a lil’ while. Go to to vote on who you want to see go up.

Both at the top and bottom of the table, key clashes saw a mixture of local and international talent show why the mixture of players makes the Premier League such a great show at this point in the season. Who is your local hero of the season?

Let’s EPL Talk about it:

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6 thoughts on “The Great Gabsby (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. David Luiz’s smirk made me laugh out loud. A very “Oh no, he didn’t” moment.

    That said, I hope Morgan still likes smirking divers when their smirking diving goes against Chelsea.

    1. It’s one of those things, when one of your players does it, you don’t put a lot of stock into it. when it happens against your team, you’re going to be irate about it. That’s sport!

      1. Take the rough with the smooth right?

        Maybe you just hope that the rough is justifiable in some way…

        It’s a smirk: he’ll live :)

  2. Jeez I knew Morgan was an annoying Chelsea homer but you have to admit when a player is simply a cheat or dirty player. Luiz is scum and should be fined or punished for his actions. Winning games doing unsportsmanlike things is not “gamesmenship”. It tarnishes the game more than anything.

  3. your feed in itunes doesn’t seem to be working… or is it just me? all my other podcasts are fine, though…

    1. We had a similar issue a couple of weeks ago. Best bet is to delete the podcast and then resubscribe, and it should work again with no problem.

      The Gaffer

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