Sir Alex Ferguson (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

There is only one place and person to begin this podcast with. Manchester is the setting, but the world is taking notice as a Sir steps down from one of the most influential jobs in football. History. Pod discuss Sir Alex and his legacy in part one.

Don’t worry, there is also insight on the weekend games and midweek review. There is also FA Cup Final preview talk and a look at things to come for EPL Talk. So, what are your thoughts on Sir Alex leaving his position and moving upstairs? Let’s EPL Talk about it:

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6 thoughts on “Sir Alex Ferguson (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)”

  1. Ole would not be considered for the role because he does need a bit more experience. I see him in the role possibly in the future.

  2. I typically enjoy listening to the podcast, but if Kartik is going to be this much, please, please, please fix the audio. I really struggled to get through it and had to take several breaks from it. Very hard to listen to.

      1. No, what me post a homo-erotic fan fiction? *Deletes several files off laptop* Never do such a thing…

  3. I both agree and disagree with (I can’t who)’s comparison to Phil Jackson.

    First of all, I agree that Phil Jackson is not close to Alex Ferguson’s level. One reason is that PJ never drafted any of his players like Michael Jordan or Shaq. Although that’s not his fault, he was never given the opportunity.

    What I disagree with is that the analyst in question did a “X has more trophies than Y” comparison.

    I mean that methodology is so flat out dumb, it’s what fans in pubs do, not what professional podcasters should do. I’m flabbergasted.

    Winning a championship in American sports is a much bigger deal than winning a trophy in european football. ESPECIALLY if its’ a league title which in the modern era has become a glorified pennant.

    Even to the uber-successful teams in American sports, a championship is a big deal. Like a once-in-a-lifetime big deal. Can you honestly say the same for a league title in english football?

    A lot of this is because of the degree of difficulty. In English football, there was how many, say 3-4 teams that could realistically expect to win a title? The competition is much more numerous and varied.

    Now, with that said, does this in anyway denigrate Alex Ferguson’s achievements? No, but using trophies and league titles to compare him with Phil Jackson is foolish. Unless you’ve come up with some kind of conversion rate.

    I hated the Phil Jackson analogy, the better analogy if you were more versed in NBA history is Red Auerbach. Like Ferguson, he was the emodiment of the Boston Celtics, like Ferguson he intimidated refs, like Ferguson he oversaw more than one generation of success.

    I would say Vince Lombardi is another good comparison, especially since Alex Ferguson himself made the comparison.

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