Season Preview 1 (EPL Talk Podcast)

It is back! The EPL Talk Podcast returns with a full roster. Welcome back! Want to know how the season is going to shape up? We are looking at the top half of the table. Champions, Top four, the chasing pack and hopefuls. There are so many exciting changes, they will play out in the coming weeks: some good things to look forward to.

What do you think the season holds for your team? Predictions or tips? It would be great to hear your view. It’s time to Talk World Soccer; World Soccer Talk; Talk Soccer, World:

EPL Talk: @epltalk

Kartik: @kkfla737

Kristan: @kheneage

Matt: @mattcrduncan

Morgan: @Morgan_Green

Laurence: @lozcast

Here are the different ways you can listen to the EPL Talk Podcast:

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14 thoughts on “Season Preview 1 (EPL Talk Podcast)”

    1. Hello, Jeremy. You can manually subscribe to the podcast through the Zune software. Here’s how:

      1) In the “Collection” tab of the Zune Software, click “Podcasts”; on the Podcasts page, click “Add a Podcast” (roughly bottom left of the screen)

      2) A box will appear asking you for the feed URL. Enter “” (without the quote marks) and hit “Subscribe”.

      3) There is no step 3 :)

  1. When you were talking about Arsenal and defensive midfield, I was really hoping someone would mention Luiz Gustavo (The Guardian’s reporting it now, so I believe there’s some truth to it).

  2. I enjoyed Morgan’s critisim of Arsenal for wanting another striker when they scored 72 goals last season. This coming from someone that refered to Demba Ba as “insurance” for Chelsea back in January.

    1. I mean Torres was the only striker on the team at the time (I don’t count sturridge since he was appalling last year for Chelsea) So yea he was insurance against having to play Hazard or a youth team player at striker.

      1. It’s the same thing for Arsenal; beyond Giroud, who do we have at striker? Theo is more effective coming in from a wide position, Podolski is not a useful center-forward option in this current set-up, and expecting Sanogo to do much good might be expecting too much too soon from a very young player. So we do need “insurance” too.

  3. Some of these guys should be managing Arsenal instead of Wenger, apparently.

    Maybe wait until the transfer window closes to do these previews, though I understand the demand before the season starts. Bale, Rooney, Suarez, and countless others could move and those moves could drastically change some of these clubs’ outlooks.

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