Player Power, Bill Shankly and Changing US/UK Media Rights (This Week In Soccer)

Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to add an audio version of This Week In Soccer for your listening pleasure. Moving forward, we’ll be releasing audio and video versions of each episode.

We’re excited to announce the launch of a brand-new video show on World Soccer Talk entitled This Week In Soccer. The first episode is now available via audio, via video and on YouTube.

The concept behind This Week In Soccer is simple. Each week, we’ll take an in-depth look at the hottest topics in world soccer each week. For example, we examine three subjects on the inaugural episode:

One. The role of player power and whether the transfer window should be abolished.

Two. In light of David Peace’s book on Bill Shankly, is legendary Liverpool manager Bob Paisley unfairly ignored? And…

Three. The changing landscape in soccer media rights in both the UK (Sky Sports and BT Sport) and US (NBC Sports, as well as new daily shows from FOX Sports and ESPN).

Here are the different ways you can listen to or watch This Week In Soccer:

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