#FourWordSeasonReview (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Lovely to have one final worked out in Europe. Time to look back and enjoy it. So start by giving us your Four Word Season Reviews. Then there are some huge games in the Premier League this which the pod take a look forward at. A Merseyside Derby; United take on another London side, but this time they don’t have to clap them out.

How would you put your season in four words? Let’s EPL Talk about it:

EPL Talk: @epltalk

Kartik: @kkfla737

Kristan: @kheneage

Matt: @mattcrduncan

Morgan: @Morgan_Green

Laurence: @lozcast

Here are the different ways you can listen to the EPL Talk Podcast each day:

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6 thoughts on “#FourWordSeasonReview (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)”

    1. Haha,

      Hi Wiggles,

      I take your point, even if I don’t see it in the same way. As far as I’m concerned, Arsenal have a great and loyal fanbase who appreciate good football and want to continue their good form of the early decade. The fact is that Arsenal are moving forward as a club but could do a lot better as a team and have under performed this season. Do you agree? Even with mixed fortune the experience and success just doesn’t correlate right now. I’m actually really positive towards Arsenal, but as a fan I’d much rather that someone call it as they see it rather than sugarcoat it just so I feel better about my team. What do you think?



      1. I definitely agree with your statement that the club has under performed this season. Also, what I appreciate most about EPL Talk’s take on Arsenal is that it does not sugarcoat their faults and shortcomings…It even helps that Morgan can give us some frustrating/depressing stats on their performance.

        There are a LOT of viciously negative podcast out there, so despite my #FourWordSeasonReview to describe this podcast, your team keeps it up upbeat and well worth listening too.

        Keep up the great work!

    2. This episode perhaps, but Laurence and Kartik often give Arsenal props when others do not.

      The Gaffer

  1. Me and my friends love this show, so much in fact we invented drinking game for it. Here are some of the rules:

    – When K-Hen clumsily (mis)uses one of the following words: ‘disingenuous’, ‘microcosm’ or ‘ostensibly’, drink a shot.

    – When Morgan Green mentions “Going forward”, drink a shot.

    – When Matt manages an utterance without sounding as though he’s painfully birthing a stubborn shite, drink a shot.

    – When Kartik’s levels are right, give yourself a Red Stripe enema.

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