Beautiful Simplicity (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

There was a lovely clarity to the football this weekend. Things, made sense as teams looked to balance themselves out or clear up issues that they’d been having. That played out between United and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge as they both danced around an issue before realising what needed to be done: nice to finish a weekend with two “cup finals” in a  row. Monday, at 12.30? Hmmm, funny time for a cup tie. Yet, it fitted. See what I mean? It was clear: the Premier League is finally making sense. In that it doesn’t. Confused? Let’s EPL Talk about it:

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Simplicity (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. I have an idea regarding the sin bin you guys were talking about. I realize that some of you were worried that the team that were down a player for ten minutes would actually receive an advantage by having their player rested. We should just have the players perform a really gruelling workout while they are off the field. That way they won’t come back on rested! 😛

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