Arlo White Interview: Discussing His Career Trajectory, Tim Howard, NBC Sports and More (Voices Of Soccer)

In the latest episode of our weekly interview series, we sit down with NBC Sports commentator Arlo White to gain more insight into his favorite club, what it’s been like covering the Premier League, the reaction that NBC Sports has received from the media, what it was like working alongside Tim Howard, and much more.

Arlo White is a career professional who has worked at the BBC before moving to the States where he commentated games for Seattle Sounders and Major League Soccer. During the summer of 2012, Arlo White was the lead commentator for the soccer matches at the Olympics, which were televised on NBC to the U.S. audience.

Hosted by Kartik Krishnaiyer, Voices Of Soccer is our weekly program that will feature exclusive interviews with remarkable people from the world of soccer. In addition to Voices of Soccer, World Soccer Talk recently launched This Week In Soccer, a weekly discussion show — and Press ‘A’ To Shoot, a weekly show focused on soccer video games, computer games and Fantasy Premier League. Plus, the EPL Talk Podcast from World Soccer Talk is released every Sunday night, which offers insight and analysis on the world’s most popular sports league.

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2 thoughts on “Arlo White Interview: Discussing His Career Trajectory, Tim Howard, NBC Sports and More (Voices Of Soccer)”

  1. Arlo and the NBC team have done a great job so far, for myself i want more content / analysis on NBC before and after games.

    Since the demise of Fox Soccer and no longer having daily access to Sky Sports News the only real access to BPL build up for the games and post game interactive reaction with pundits in on TalkSport and occasionally 5 live.

    Anyways..Keep up the good work…just produce more!

  2. I will confess up front I am from Chicago and a Bears fans so Arlo and I share a bond. Putting that aside he has helped grow soccer in the US by his broadcasting talents. I made a point to turn into Sounders games when he was on the radio for then. Of course was very happy to have him on the MLS broadcasts and here in the US and it was wonderful news that he would be the voice of the EPL on NBC.

    Thanks to Kartik for the interview and get Arlo back for another one soon.

    Go Bears!

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