Super Bowl Soccer (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

It is Super Bowl weekend! So we respectfully nod at that and move on with the biggest game on US television this weekend. Chelsea faced United at Stamford Bridge, AVB lost out on all three points as United gained the respect of the league by coming back to draw 3–3 at the final whistle. Penalties all around!

Arsenal thrashed Blackburn 7 – 1 whilst the rest of the league battled in the snow. It meant that many were frustrated by the standard of the pitch, but the standard of football withheld and we saw some wonderful goals.

We also preview Liverpool hosting Spurs on Monday night as the two sides jostle for respect in the league. 4 – 0 at White Heart Lane, Liverpool are billing this as a revenge match whereas Spurs look to stay consistent and show their strength. Suarez stepping in for Liverpool again. Tweet along with the match or tweet along with the podcast and give us your views for the next show:

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5 thoughts on “Super Bowl Soccer (EPL Talk Review Podcast)”

  1. Point of note when comparing the superbowl finalists to English teams, Kartik was being lauded for his great knowledge, but was in fact wrong – In 1913 Arsenal were relagated, the team that’s not been relegated from the top flight is Wigan Athletic.

  2. Respectfully disagree (while I admit, as a City supporter, I am a little bit biased) with a few points.

    Kartik, it seems likes you have some subconscious guilt about being a City supporter and it takes you against them in your arguments sometimes, almost apologetic, clouds your otherwise insightful perspective I think.

    Point one. I actually thought Adam Johnson had a good game, first in a while. He terrorized Baird in the first half, had one penalty, which although fortunate, I do not think he dove, Baird’s leg caught his clumsily, he couldn’t help but go down. He also had another legit penalty shout, and looked dangerous on the right hand side, admitted his attempt that turned into an OG was pretty bad, but like you said in the same podcast, OG’s are about getting in the right positions, which he did time and time again. I thought Mancini beat Jol there, no reason why Baird should be playing leftback with Risse in the team, we saw why, and Mancini knew AJ was the man for that job. One problem remains with him is fitness, it is shocking how winded he looks when playing more than 60 mins.

    Point two. It seemed blatant that both of Man U’s penalties were extremely soft, and you guys failed to go into it at all. (please tell me you are not part of the Man U conspiracy, I’m kidding, sorta) Evra is clearly looking for it on the first one and was in no real dangerous position and the second call was just ridiculous, especially with Webb just feet away from where it happened. Welbeck just steps on Ivanovic and falls down. Howard Webb is confusing, in the first few minutes he wants to call nothing, then all the sudden hes jumping at every opportunity. It is a shocking coincidence though, that the only way we could see United getting back in the game at 3 – 0 was a pen or a free kick, and they got 2, rather quickly. While I appreciate that United looked good in the first half, and Valencia continues to be amazing, Chelsea had good value in their lead before having to try and stop two pens that came out of nothing at all. In related news. I completely disagree with the Scholes assessment, he looks a player that the game has passed by, and that calmness you are talking about it simply slowness and lack of bite. Chelsea’s midfield looked very good in this game, probably more due to United still having Wayne Rooney as their best midfielder. Malouda looked a bit off the pace and Sturridge is starting to look the player that City let go, wildly inefficient, while at the same time menacing. You guys are spot on for Torres though, I thought for sure he was going to blast it home after the nod on, then I remember it was Torres, nice hair though. You were also spot on with the Romeo sub, wreaked of desperation for control, but handcuffed them in the end.

    Oh btw, City are top the table……..alone.

    1. Mike,

      Thanks for the comments. Generally I agree with Kartik about AJ, can be great but not often enough. I thought he had an average game on Saturday. His fitness is a big concern and probably the main reason why Mancini was so open in criticising him. He has got a lot of promise but is increasingly looking like being a waste of it.

      The point I would take up with you is that United penalties. The first penalty was a certain spot kick, Sturridge was clumsy coming back to help out and he did make contact with Evra. For me, your City leanings show with the Welbeck incident. For me that was the same as teh AJ penalty. Both players were looking for the foul and moved theri legs towards the defender in order to make contact. In my book that is not a penalty and is cheating.

      Think I mentioned it on the podcast but I felt in the first half that whilst it was pretty even I always felt like United were more likely to score. Chelsea just struggled to create any real forward monentum.

      I still stand by my prediction from the start of the season …City will win the league.

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