It’s Here! (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

The season is finally here. And as the weekend approaches the pod take a preliminary look at the games being played on Saturday and Sunday. They also chew the fat on RVP to MUFC whilst AW choses to move on straight away. Jilted lover or clever player? Arsenal have £24m in the bank. United have a slightly greyer Robin.

Plenty of games to get stuck into, so the pod look into the history of the some, the context of others and the shear tenacity which Southampton will have to show against the Champions at the Etihad.

Who will be top of the table at the end of the weekend? Will it matter? Impressions last for a long time so managers will be keen to impress upon the league with their beautifully cut outlines…

As team goes up against team: Welcome back to the EPL Talk Podcast. Enjoy your football.

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