Euro 2012 Daily: Warsaw to Kiev (EPL Talk Podcast)

The talking is over! That’s not true…it’s only just beginning on the EPL Talk podcast. Today: racing to the opening of your football advent calendar: who would you want inside the first door?

Speaking of doors: will any of group A be able to hit the barn one? Only one way to find out. So it’s the opening game. And Warsaw couldn’t be more excited, Laurence reports live from the scene and previews the feeling around the city.

What is the feeling like where you are?

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2 thoughts on “Euro 2012 Daily: Warsaw to Kiev (EPL Talk Podcast)”

  1. When you’re looking for something, the chances are you’ll find it. If there wasn’t all this talk about racism I’m surprised you would have even noticed that there wasn’t that many black people walking around, you’d be paying attention to other things. When I go to a city in a country that I’ve never been to before, counting the amount of black people I see is the last thing on my mind.

    When did this country become so PC that we feel the need to flood diversity into every country in Europe? I don’t see too many people walking around Kenya saying wow this place needs more white people, I was walking around Kenya and didn’t see many white people, this place needs more white people in it, there’s not enough diversity.

    God let’s get to the football because if I have to read one more article or listen to one more podcast talking about race, I think I’m going to blow my brains out.

    Finally a word to Lawrence, Have a drink or three, take in the city, stop counting black people, you might find you enjoy yourself a bit more (LMAO)

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