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  1. The Rebirth of Landon Donovan

    The USA’s dominant 3-1 victory Sunday over Ecuador’s A team at Raymond James Stadium was the most impressive performance by Landon Donovan since the early stages of World Cup 2006 qualifying. Donovan simply put has regained his confidence and has … Continue reading

  2. Whatever Happened to Kevin Keegan?

    For those of you wondering whatever happened to Kevin Keegan, read this article from The Independent which reveals Mighty Mouse’s latest adventure. It’s a pretty frank discussion with the former Manchester City boss. No matter how bad things were at … Continue reading

  3. Full Coverage of the Friedlies

    I may be a little late posting this afternoon on the Ecuador friendly but will have a full post game review on the site later today.

  4. Reflections on La Liga Matches

    Here are some of my observations from last weekend’s La Liga matches: Chelsea shouldn’t have a lot to fear in the Champions League with Valencia although the Blues still shouldn’t take the Spanish side lightly. Against Racing Santander, Valencia looked … Continue reading

  5. Results from the EPL Talk Blog Survey

    Thanks everyone for your patience in taking these surveys and/or reading the results. While they’re not soccer news-related, they are extremely beneficial to EPL Talk as we aim to continue to improve and to better understand the types of content … Continue reading

  6. ITVN & Setanta Sports: Reader Feedback

    I want to share a letter I received from one of the EPL Talk readers regarding Setanta Sports and its availability via ITVN. Thanks to Dave Morris for writing in. Gaffer, I’m not fully informed on the relationship between FSC … Continue reading

  7. Frank Lampard, Hooligans and a Muffin


    Ask most American’s what Britain is famous for and you’ll invariably get the same answers. Bad teeth, The Beatles, The Queen, Benny Hill and Are You Being Served and the muffin – which is a bizarre sexual practise we are … Continue reading

  8. New US Jersey to Debut Sunday

    Nike has designed yet another new jersey for US Soccer. This jersey has a nice color scheme and hopefully will be used quite often in the next few years. This jersey will debut this Sunday in the friendly versus Ecuador.

  9. Cobi Jones: American Soccer Icon

    This past Monday, Cobi Jones perhaps the most recognizable American player of his generation announced this MLS season will be his last. Many non soccer fans will remember Cobi Jones for his dreadlocks, but those of us that love the … Continue reading

  10. Liverpool's New 2007/2008 Away Shirts

    Back on February 15th, EPL Talk revealed that Liverpool would be unveiling new away shirts this season from Adidas. While the club hasn’t officially shown what the new shirts will look like, EPL Talk has discovered the following picture courtesy … Continue reading

  11. Arsenal White Away Shirt, 2007/2008

    Arsenal is rumored to be playing in a white away jersey for the 2007/2008 season. For the Gunners, it’ll be quite a departure from their usual smorgasbord of away colors. Pictured right is reportedly one of the concepts that Arsenal … Continue reading

  12. GolTV's "American Soccer" Jumps The Shark

    EPL reader Ossie’s Dream was kind enough to provide us a mini-review of Fox Soccer Channel recently, where he shared his disdain about Fox’s over-the-top way that it incorporated an Adidas advertisement/sponsorship into last week’s Super Saturday +. I, too, … Continue reading

  13. New Newcastle United 2007/2008 Shirt

    Newcastle United may not be masters of football on the pitch this season, but Adidas and their marketing team definitely know how to sell football shirts. In a unique idea, Newcastle unveiled their 2007-2008 home kit this week on their … Continue reading