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Is This Man the Number One Arsenal Supporter Out There? Watch NBC’s ‘I Was There’ [VIDEO]

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Is this man featured in the video below the number one Arsenal supporter? Perhaps, but there’s no mistaking that he’s a devoted fan who lives and breathes Arsenal Football Club. One of the hidden gems of NBC’s Premier League coverage … Continue reading

I Was There: Tottenham Hotspur vs West Ham United; The Barber of Tottenham [VIDEO]

Posted on by Christopher Harris

If you watched NBCSN this weekend, you would have seen the video short entitled ‘The Barber Of Tottenham,’ as part of the “I Was There” video series that NBC Sports has been producing. In this episode, the video features an … Continue reading

Simon Mignolet’s Penalty Save For Liverpool vs Stoke: NBC’s ‘I Was There’ Series [VIDEO]

Posted on by Christopher Harris

As part of NBC’s I Was There video series, the sports network today aired a brand-new video featuring Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet’s penalty save against Stoke City. The video combines footage from a few different sources to capture the mood … Continue reading

Watch NBC’s ‘I Was There’ Video Featuring Crystal Palace vs Watford at Wembley [VIDEO]

Posted on by Christopher Harris
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If you search through YouTube, you’ll find a couple of videos produced by NBC Sports Network on the theme of “I was there,” where sports fans discuss the highs and lows of what it was like to be at magnificent … Continue reading