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fuboTV expands FOX over-the-air access to cover 59% of households nationwide

fuboTV has expanded the number of over-the-air FOX channels it can stream to cover 59% of households across the United States including 17 of the top 20 areas. That means that if your city is listed below, you’ll be able to watch all of the national programming offered by the over-the-air FOX channel, which includes the UEFA Champions League final, World Cup 2018, select MLS games, World Cup 2022 and World Cup 2026. Outside of soccer, you can also watch the NFL and MLB. In addition to FOX, fuboTV offers FS1, FS2, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Sports Net, FOX Soccer ... Read more

fuboTV extends $19.99 per month special offer for cord cutters

fuboTV’s summer special offer of $19.99/month for its fubo Premier streaming service has been extended until August 31. Normally priced at $34.99/month, the special offer represents a discount of 40% and allows you to get fubo Premier for $19.99 for two months so you can save money and watch all of your favorite sports, news and entertainment channels without needing a cable or satellite TV subscription. The extension of the offer is perfect timing for viewers who want to watch the return of the English Premier League and so much more this summer and beyond. Sign up for the free ... Read more

NBC Sports App authentication comes to fuboTV streaming service

Subscribers to fuboTV, the legal streaming service in the United States, can now use their fuboTV username and password to authenticate with the NBC Sports App to watch even more programming. The long awaited news will come as perfect timing especially for soccer fans who are looking forward to the start of the new Premier League season, which kicks off on August 11. By using the fuboTV username and password to watch content from the NBC Sports App, fuboTV subscribers will be able to see all of the Premier League matches televised across NBCSN. (fubo Premier subscribers can already get ... Read more

DIRECTV NOW vs. Sling TV vs. fuboTV comparison of top streaming services

Between DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV and fuboTV, which is the better streaming service for residents in the United States? The short answer is it depends on you. Each streaming service is different in many ways. Not every streaming service offers the same channels. Some offer DVR functionality, some do not. The pricing is different with each one, and each of them offers different special offers. So, at the end of the day, it all depends what you and your family or partner wants or needs. To make the process easier, we’ve compiled the most up-to-date listing of all of the ... Read more

fuboTV upgrades Cloud DVR to include 10 DVR slots

fuboTV recently upgraded their Cloud DVR functionality for subscribers. In the latest upgrade of fuboTV, the legal streaming service now offers 10 DVR slots. Plus recordings can be stored for 10 days. Even if you forget to set a DVR to record a program on fubo, you can use the Look Back feature to replay an event up to 72 hours after the program airs. The streaming service has also pushed a new version of its Android app to the Google Play Store, as well as redesigning the Entertainment tab for Movies and Series to “view all” or by “genre.” ... Read more

fuboTV adds on-demand programming functionality with ‘Look Back’ feature

fuboTV has added an on-demand feature called “Look Back,” which allows fuboTV subscribers on desktop and mobile web to easily go back and watch live sports and entertainment that aired during the previous three days. The feature is available for most channels and can be found by clicking on the electronic program guide. The “Look Back” feature means you can re-watch sports and entertainment events up to 72 hours after the event has passed. So even if you never recorded the program on your fuboTV DVR, you can still watch the program. To watch an event, you can select a ... Read more

How to access FOX Sports Go via fuboTV

fubo Premier subscribers can now use their login credentials to access FOX Sports GO, the streaming app, which is a big deal for sports fans in the United States. You may be wondering why it’s big news. After all, fubo Premier subscribers already have access to FS1, FS2, FOX Sports Net, FOX Soccer Plus and FOX (in select cities), which encompasses the vast majority of sports programming that the FOX networks feature. But the big advantage with FOX Sports GO is that fubo Premier subscribers will be able to log into FOX Sports GO to watch matches that are televised ... Read more

beIN SPORTS Connect now integrated directly into fuboTV streaming service

fuboTV has now integrated beIN SPORTS Connect directly into its streaming service for fubo Premier customers. Previously, fuboTV subscribers were able to access beIN SPORTS Connect but it required logging in to the fuboTV website, then going to the beIN SPORTS Connect website, authenticating your login and then trying to get it to work on your browser (beIN SPORTS Connect natively doesn’t work on Firefox or Chrome browsers). By integrating beIN SPORTS Connect directly into the fuboTV service, you can watch beIN SPORTS Connect through fuboTV on your Chrome or Firefox browser (or any other browser). Plus, you can see ... Read more