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In Defense of Mario Balotelli

Posted on by Stephen Lucey

On the face of it, Mario Balotelli is exactly the type of player I, as a thoroughbred American sports fan, should hate: an aloof, cold, joyless sourpuss who even at twenty years old possesses the trappings of a career mercenary.  … Continue reading

Is Unrestricted Free Agency a Model that Soccer Should Consider?

Posted on by Stephen Lucey

Editor’s note: This is part two of a series of articles written by Stephen Lucey. Part one, released earlier this week, focused on whether a salary cap could save the Premier League from itself. Part two, here, discusses unrestricted free … Continue reading

Can A Salary Cap Save The Premier League From Itself?

Posted on by Stephen Lucey

I was posed a question last night about the Premier League by a casual American observer. “Why don’t they have a salary cap?” While on the face of it I know that in some ways the comparisons aren’t entirely fair, … Continue reading