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Author Archives: Sameer Chopra

Hodgson's Made Some Mistakes But Gerrard's Position Isn't One

Posted on by Sameer Chopra

If a side is losing, obviously something needs to be changed. What it generally means, is that in a team of 11, 2 or 3 aren’t pulling their weight. Whether that’s because they’re not good enough (hint, Poulsen is in … Continue reading

Could The Three Man Defense Work In England?

Posted on by Sameer Chopra

For most Premiership clubs with title aspirations it’s not the loss at Stamford Bridge or the Emirates that puts the trophy out of reach, when looking at the schedule those are games that a manager knows are hugely difficult to … Continue reading

Is The 4-4-2 Finished?

Posted on by Sameer Chopra

Generally, football matches are won by the team with the better players. It’s not a game that upon first glance seems to lend itself to a great deal of tactics, a team just tries to send the ball to it’s … Continue reading

How Important Is Width To Victory in the World Cup?

Posted on by Sameer Chopra

In a word, extremely. While many things that were once considered standard are looking out of place in the modern game, such as the 4-4-2, one that is still firmly relevant is the idea of an English winger, someone that … Continue reading

What More Can England Do?

Posted on by Sameer Chopra

In the aftermath of England’s World Cup exit, the media and the fans are already planning for 2014, and the European Championships in 2012. There are calls for a new manager, an overhaul of the squad and even a change … Continue reading

What England Needs To Do

Posted on by Sameer Chopra

England so far have been…poor to say the least. Still, it hasn’t been for want of effort or heart as some fans would believe. If they didn’t care then the scorelines against the United States and Algeria would have been … Continue reading

How Weak is Englands Backline?

Posted on by Sameer Chopra

With England’s captain Rio Ferdinand now out of the World Cup Finals, one would think the notoriously pessimistic English would be packing it in already with fears about their defense, but there has hardly been a tremor. Throughout the Premiership … Continue reading

Wayne's World: The Importance of Rooney

Posted on by Sameer Chopra

It seems every World Cup, England puts together a solid team, that somehow depends upon the brilliance of a single man, who can take the merely good players around him, and make them into world beaters. In years past it … Continue reading

Does Alberto Aquilani Have A Future At Anfield?

Posted on by Sameer Chopra

Generally, after the heights climbed of the 08-09 Premier League season, Liverpool supporters thought that this past season would be their year. Surely a squad that would have won the title if not for a couple of blunders against Middlesbrough … Continue reading