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Author Archives: Harry Cee

FIFA 13 PS Vita Review: Handheld Game Console Game Gets Red Card

Posted on by Harry Cee

It’s been many years since I actually regretted a game purchase to the point of anger, and I am shocked and saddened that FIFA 13 for the PS Vita would be it. With the lack of any sort of information … Continue reading

FIFA 13 — Review: Finally Learning from Their Competitors

Posted on by Harry Cee
FIFA 13 Logo - Unofficial

Player Career – How I Spent my Weekend in Northampton Town One thing that has always been daunting about playing FIFA games, especially as a new player, is that the player career mode was unforgiving.  You create your player and … Continue reading

FIFA 13 Demo: First Impressions

Posted on by Harry Cee

It’s getting closer to that time of the year when the new soccer video games arrive. And now that EA has released the demo for FIFA 13, I think there will be a clear cut choice as to what game I … Continue reading

5 Soccer Apps Reviewed for Smartphones and Tablets

Posted on by Harry Cee

Now that we’re on an international break, it’s perfect timing to take a look at five apps that soccer fans should consider in order to get their footy fix on the go. One is new yet nostalgic, one is revamped, … Continue reading

Manchester United Agree £23m Deal With Arsenal For Robin van Persie

Posted on by Harry Cee

Manchester United has agreed terms with Robin van Persie to sign the Arsenal striker, the club announced today. “The deal is subject to a medical and the agreement of personal terms,” said a Manchester United club statement. “A further announcement … Continue reading

Things MLS Needs To Push Ahead

Posted on by Harry Cee

In the past few days, I have had some deep conversations with a few friends, my orthopedist (who also works with DC United) and my father in law about the state of the MLS with the rest of the world. … Continue reading

DCU 1:1 PSG – In Pictures

Posted on by Harry Cee

For those detractors of the MLS and international friendlies, if you didn’t give any attention to what was happening in the DC/Maryland area this past weekend, you’ve missed a lot of live local football. Like others have mentioned, I too … Continue reading

EA’s FIFA 13: More Details About FIFA 13′s Career Mode

Posted on by Harry Cee

It seems that EA is pulling out all of the stops to make FIFA 13 more than a roster update. For example, the MLS All Stars will be unlockable, which is a good move considering that for some of us … Continue reading

PES 2013 Demo Is Now Available For Download: First Impressions Review

Posted on by Harry Cee

The demo for PES 2013 was released this week on Xbox, PS3 and PC, and is now available for download. The features of the PES 2013 demo include: 5 min matches 8 teams: England, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Flamengo, Fluminense, Internacional … Continue reading

Futera: Collectible Soccer Cards That Marry the Virtual and Real World

Posted on by Harry Cee

As a card collector, I have seen many cards come and go over the decades. I have been collecting since I was a small child. And even in recent years, I took to collecting some vintage cards of my favorite … Continue reading

Fulham Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: Stripes?! [PHOTO]

Posted on by Harry Cee

Not to be outdone by Manchester City’s nod to the past, Fulham looks back to 1984 to update a modern design of their home kit Italian manufacturers Kappa have been running an ad campaign and are hoping supporters will get … Continue reading

Manchester City Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season [PHOTO]

Posted on by Harry Cee

Manchester City’s new kit looks like it picked up what Everton’s kit lost. Gone is the V neck white collar to be replaced by a black one. However, it does not lose the sky blue color that sets them apart … Continue reading

Everton Home Shirt for 2012-13 Season: Official Release [PHOTO]

Posted on by Harry Cee

In one week, Everton supporters will be able to get their hands on the new home kit, provided by Nike (which has a 3 year deal with Everton) taking over from Le Coq  Sportif, in time for the 2012-13 campaign. Gone … Continue reading

6 Reasons Why Americans Should Watch Soccer

Posted on by Harry Cee

A few months ago I wrote an article listing reasons why NBA fans, with the then impending and thankfully short lockout of the NBA season, should get into soccer. After a rollercoaster season in the EPL which saw Manchester City, … Continue reading

PES 2013 Wish-List: 6 Things That Are Missing to Beat the FIFA Series

Posted on by Harry Cee

Looking ahead to the near future, I’m already agonizing over whether to get FIFA 13 or PES 2013. Most of my friends and I play the FIFA series because of all the licensed leagues it has. However, the PES Series is very … Continue reading

USA 1-4 Brazil: A Fan’s Perspective

Posted on by Harry Cee

Wednesday night’s match had almost the same feel as the 2011 friendly between Manchester United again Barcelona game that was played at the home of the Washington Redskins.  There were more fans outside trying to buy tickets rather than sell. … Continue reading

3 Keys for Manchester City to Stay on Top of the Premier League

Posted on by Harry Cee

So, this week, I understand fully what New York Yankees, New England Patriots and LA Lakers fans must be going through. To be so close to a trophy and have it slip from you (especially when you have a cabinet … Continue reading

7 Ways to Survive Today Without Any English Soccer

Posted on by Harry Cee

So the last matches of the Premier League season are tomorrow and you are counting down the hours almost like it’s Christmas. Nervous about relegation? Hopeful for a Blue or Red rising in Manchester? What can you do to get past … Continue reading