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Author Archives: Guy Robert

Gus Johnson and Ian Wright’s Commentary Has Turned FOX Soccer Into a Joke

Posted on by Guy Robert

If Gus Johnson and FOX Sports have paid any attention at all to the commentary on Gus’s play-by-play match calling on Twitter and EPL Talk, they should be deeply concerned. From initial outbursts of outrage, much of the commentary has … Continue reading

Is the EPL Americanizing the UK or Is the League Anglicizing the USA?

Posted on by Guy Robert

The Gaffer’s food column last week got me to thinking. Are we Americanizing the UK or are they Anglicizing the US? For myself, I’m none too sure. I mean, I’ve just spent a Sunday morning making a breakfast out of … Continue reading

Does January Window Transfer Spending Help Premier League Clubs?

Posted on by Guy Robert

With the transfer window coming up, we can all count on one thing for certain. There will be non-stop chatter about what teams must do if they are going to “push for the top” or “avoid relegation”. Rumors and arguments … Continue reading

See How Your Premier League Team is Doing After 14 Matches Compared to Last Season

Posted on by Guy Robert

I am the first to admit that comparative tables prove absolutely nothing when it comes to the EPL, but that doesn’t stop me from creating them and pondering over the results. After Wednesday’s matches, it occurred to me to take … Continue reading

What’s the Solution To Kick Out Diving From the Premier League?

Posted on by Guy Robert

To simulate or not to simulate, that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler to stay on one’s feet or hit the ground and try to gain an advantage (sorry, Billy). Yesterday’s incident with Fernando Torres once again throws one of … Continue reading

Why I’m Enjoying the Euros More than the World Cup

Posted on by Guy Robert

Did you ever have one of those nights where you wake up with a thought in your head that just won’t go away? Welcome to 4:00 AM: “Why am I enjoying the Euros more than the World Cup?” I think … Continue reading

Raise Your Glass to the Underdogs of the Premier League

Posted on by Guy Robert

Last June, I wrote about my coming to grips with the fact that I was just never going to have a team in the Premier League. Not like many of you do. No team ever reached out and grabbed me. … Continue reading

What Is It That We Really Want From Our Soccer TV Coverage?

Posted on by Guy Robert

As a daily reader of EPL Talk and sometimes contributor, I generally pay close attention to the comments about articles. It is, after all, a form of entertainment all to itself. One of the things I really enjoy about the … Continue reading

An American Tale: Experiencing the Scottish Premier League In Person

Posted on by Guy Robert

What a trip! My family’s second visit to the UK — and everything went perfectly. Live football in a stadium with thousands of vocal fans. A thrilling come-from-behind draw after going down 3-1. Satisfaction and smiling faces walking out of the … Continue reading

Confessions Of A Neutral Premier League Soccer Fan

Posted on by Guy Robert

I tried. Really. For five years now I’ve been waiting for some team to strike me as my favorite. In the meantime I’ve gone with local “omens”. I live on Chelsea Circle so at first I went with them for … Continue reading

Does Any Premier League Club Really Want To Win The Title?

Posted on by Guy Robert

Now that the Gameweek 22 matches have ended in the Premier League, it makes you wonder. I don’t see anyone playing outstanding football or even close to it. Just when one of the top clubs seems to have the chance … Continue reading

The England Dilemma: How to Fix What Is Broken

Posted on by Guy Robert

John Nicholson’s interesting article on “England’s Problem” raises more than one perplexing question. If England’s difficulties on the world stage are indeed a result of the historic, endemic mindset of the English game, what can or should be done about … Continue reading

Who Are The Top Players in the Premier League?

Posted on by Guy Robert

I read yesterday that Nani has declared, “Now I can say I am one of the top players in the world.” After picking myself up off the floor I thought, “You idiot. You’re not even one of the top players … Continue reading

Everton and Liverpool In Relegation Battle: Has The World Gone Mad?

Posted on by Guy Robert

I know. I know. It’s only seven games into the season, but I guarantee there wasn’t anyone predicting that after seven matches Liverpool and Everton would be desperately trying to keep their noses ahead of Wolves and West Ham. At … Continue reading

The Evolution of a Sports Fan: What Are Your Favorite Sports?

Posted on by Guy Robert

As long as I can remember, I’ve been a sports fan….both active and passive. Growing up outside of Philadelphia I had plenty to follow even in those days: the Eagles, the Phillies, the A’s, the Warriors. Yeah, I know, I’ve … Continue reading

Which Younger Players Should Replace England's Golden Generation?

Posted on by Guy Robert

I don’t think Lampard is done anymore than I think that about Terry or Gerrard, but EPL Talk blogger Jesse Chula raised an interesting point about how long England can stick with the “Golden Generation” and realistically expect success. The … Continue reading

Are You a Fantasy Premier League Junkie?

Posted on by Guy Robert

Hi. My name is Guy and I’m a Fantasy Premier League junkie. I haven’t looked at a form chart in 14 days (polite applause). How did it all start, my falling into the dementia of Fantasy Premier League? I was … Continue reading

Manchester City's Roberto Mancini Must Go!

Posted on by Guy Robert

No. I am NOT serious, but how long will it be before someone takes up that chant for real? This has nothing to do with Saturday’s match. It’s about a comment I made about Mark Hughes before last season began. … Continue reading