Player Rankings Following Arsenal vs. Leicester City’s 1-1 Draw


After a hard fought equal match, Leicester City earned another point with a 1-1 draw against Arsenal at home. Alexis Sanchez scored his Arsenal goal in the 20th minute but Leicester’s Leonardo Ulloa quickly equalized in the 22nd minute. Injuries continue to effect Arsenal, as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain injured his calf later in the game and Mesut Ozil sustained an ankle injury as well.


Wojciech Szczesny – 6
Szczesny had a solid game for Arsenal today. Despite not having much to do, when he was called upon and commanded the box well. He also made a great save from a Jamie Vardy shot in the second half that probably earned Arsenal a point.

Mathieu Debuchy – 6
The Frenchman has impressed Arsenal fans with his great defensive work and attacking prowess, however he looked a little subdued today. Maybe it was the quality of Leicester City’s left back and left winger or maybe he just wasn’t connecting with those in front of him very well but he wasn’t as effective as he has been.

Mertesacker – 6
Mertesacker is an important presence in the Arsenal back four, as he reads the ball very well which makes up for his lack of pace. While most of the time he swept up the ball well he made some mistakes today, especially when Koscielny came off. It’s difficult for Mertesacker to do what Laurent does because he hasn’t got the pace to get there and often gets found out because of it, which was the case in today’s game.

Koscielny – 6
Although he looked good at the start of the game, Koscielny didn’t really get a chance to put his stamp on the game as he was subbed in the first half.. He suffered a head injury when he butted skulls with Leicester City’s Schlupp and wasn’t the since that moment. He must’ve suffered a concussion as he was at direct fault for the goal that got Leicester the point.

Monreal – 6
Decent showing from Monreal today. He completed his defensive without too much fuss and even got up the pitch on occasion. However, when he did get the opportunity to cross the ball into the box it wasn’t very good.

Flamini – 7
Flamini might not be the defensive midfielder Arsenal fans are crying out for but he’s the one they have and in this game he showed that he can still boss a game in midfield. The Frenchman was a constant pain for Leicester players as the scurried around, nipping at the heels of the boys in blue. He certainly has his flaws but he’s got enough bite to make up for it.

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