Inter Milan Unveil New Club Crest [PHOTO]

Inter Milan has changed its club crest.

The logo has been redesigned but is still inspired by the 1908 logo. According to the club website, “The crest has been modernized from every perspective: the lines have been simplified, there are fewer circles now surrounding it and the dimensions have been balanced for enhanced recognition. – The star has gone back to representing the number of league titles won and is only mandatory on the shirt. – The gate-like font bearing the team’s name has been removed.”





What’s your opinion about Inter Milan’s new club crest? Love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments section below.


4 thoughts on “Inter Milan Unveil New Club Crest [PHOTO]”

  1. Why even bother ?

    I’m sure some marketing firm is laughing at all the Euro’s they got for that one


    1. I can only imagine the conversation with the design firm…

      “Hey we want a redesign of the logo, something fresh and new. Keep the same colors though, and make sure it stays circular in shape…”

      “…You want to do what? No you can’t change the letters at all, we like how confusing it is all linked together…”

      “Fine, the star can be removed, just put it above the logo on the logo embroidered into the kit instead”

      “Yeah those are the guidelines… so you know… remove the name and year and we’re all set… here’s 120,000 euros”

  2. Hmm, I was hoping for a return of the serpent..Also, does it mean that yellow is no longer an official color? Ho Hum.

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