WATCH Arjen Robben’s Dive to Win Netherlands A Late Penalty Win Against Mexico [GIF]

Netherlands striker Arjen Robben did it again. The Dutch footballer, who is undoubtedly one of the best footballers in the world, accentuated a trip by Rafa Marquez in the penalty area late in the game against Mexico to win a penalty for the Dutch. With the game at 1-1, Klaas jan Huntelaar stepped to take the penalty and put the ball into the back of the net to win the match for the Dutch.

There’s no doubt that Robben accentuated the dive and made the trip look a lot worse than it was. Having said that, the trip by Marquez was still a foul. But we’ll never know whether the referee would have called the penalty or not if Robben hadn’t dived to make the foul look far worse than it was.

What’s your opinion regarding the incident? Do you agree or disagree with the referee’s decision? Watch the video below and share your opinion in the comments section.

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  1. While I agree that Robben definitely made the most of the trip, to me, it was still a trip and a foul, so it should have been called.

        1. Watch Robben’s right leg. He was taking a step forward with his left foot planted. At the last minute he stopped moving his right leg forward and stuck it out back in order to fall. His left foot then kicked off on Marquez’s foot. He wasn’t tripped.

          1. Agreed. I can’t believe the official bought it. The defender’s foot was late to the ball, and there was contact with Robben’s left foot, but it was not a flagrant trip. Bad decision by the officials.

          2. Regardless of whether he was ”tripped” or not,
            Robben had already kicked the ball away

            It could only have been a foul if the opponent’s
            challenge directly caused a player to lose his
            balance and, consequently, the ball as a result
            of that challenge.

            1. Not really though, you can’t just go and trip people when the ball is not near. It was a mistake of the Mexican defender to make an unnecessary foul.

    1. touching somebody doesn’t mean it is a fault. If every touch was a fault, there would be a lot of penaltie kicks in every game.

      1. Ofcourse, you’re forgetting the first foul on robben in the 16. It had penalty written al over it. That mexican defender even broke his shin.

        1. Youve forgotten that its much dirtier to stage a penalty when the game is about to be over! No time left to get another goal in! Seriously relying on dirty tricks to win shame shame !

        2. Your forgetting that Hector Herrera got kicked in the face in the Penalty box and didn’t get a call. That is an automatic red card and penalty kick but that wasn’t granted. It was far worse then the dive that Robben took that got a penalty. Robben was diving all game long so it is not shocking he finally got the call he wanted.

          1. This is the most ignorant response I’ve seen spewed by many idiots on the internet, the kick to the head was not a foul, Vlaar kicked the ball away before the mexican threw his head against his foot.
            Even if it had been judged “dangerous play” it would have been a free kick in the box and no card at all.

            People need to learn not to open their stupid mouths and give opinions about thing they have zero understanding of.

      2. I agree totally with you! This Player lies all the time! How in the World the major newspapers still say- one of the best players!! most of the games in the world cup 2014 have been transformed into falsewood ! what about the referees ?? what kind of responsiblity do they have?? NONE! AND WHAT DOES FIFA SAY?? ZERO!!

    2. Poor show !! Requiem for fair play !!!…dear Robben..sorry to see one of my idols falling to the ground…a farce !!!!

      1. Have you been idolizing him for long? Let’s just say that you don’t get that good at artistically diving on your first try.

    3. Players get their feet stepped on all the time in the box, probably every corner kick. The question is was he still in control or playing the ball? Robben kicked it away with a bad last touch and could clearly never touch it again with other players closer. His dive was when he realized that. Give him an Oscar, not a penalty kick.

    4. Indeed – no one should use a blurry 5 frame GIF to make any determination whatsoever, but watch the slo-mo video on YT. There is a clear and willful spearing of the Mexican #4’s knee into the back of Robben’s lower leg to stop him getting to that ball. Did AR sell it? Of course – it’s futbol! but take every Mexican off the field who did the same in the WC and MEX are down to 1 player. The foul was real, and the goal counted. Move on…

    5. You never decide a game like that for the players…Netherlands could have won this one without controversy but now they will be remembered as the team that was saved by a call…
      I am of the belief that that late in the game it better be a good hard foul if you are going to award a team an automatic win with penalty shot…since that is pretty much what it turns out to be.
      I don’t care if you are a Netherlands fan, you know you prefer a clean win over this f..n fiasco. SHAME ON FIFA and the REF. And you for saying that it was the right thing to do which was not !

    6. Yes indeed…. Mexico RoBBed of advance. I am Mexican. National feeling in Mexico is, to say the least… Robben can forget about his trip to the beautiful mexican caribbean. Not welcome here, ever. Play fair!! What does victory mean, when it is achieved through stealing? Would stand by my comment all the same, if it was the case such acting was done by a mexican football player. The Dutch should speak out in some way…. Is this really the image of heroism you want your younger generations to admire???

    7. He wasn’t tripped!
      He doesn’t show his opponents respect
      and that is the worst. “Win by all means” is Everything and football is nothing! No more Robben,means no more support for Holland

    8. its just a shame what he tries again and again. The same accounts for this crazy substitute goali and the couch
      who aproves of it. No sportsmanship
      whatsoever, my opinion.

  2. Very weak as much as i dislike el tri very hard way to lose. Diving sucks wish the powers to be could do something to get rid of it.

  3. Mexico could not finish the job, so the loss is deserved. The Dutch are better and deserve to move on. Addios Muchachos.

    1. The dutch would not finish the job without exaggeration. Lets see if they can flop their way to the championship.

        1. Actually, when I’ve played there is always close contact. Robben actually gets thru a soft one as always but because it was inside the box, he faked it and also lied. I’m losing my respect for the “quality” of dutch soccer!

          He is very sure footed and he saw no chance of catching up with the ball and like other divers in the soccer world, they should suspend a player for a full season.

          I did not know this but Robben has done this many times before.

          Use the replay FIFA and get rid of these tyrants.

          it’s dishonest and ruins the game!

          1. Yeah let’s dislike Dutch soccer because of one match. I take that you havv’t seen the full match?! If fifa would have used replay than the dutch would have gotten an penalty because of that double team on robben.

          2. Or we could dislike Dutch soccer because of Nigel de Jong’s axe kick 4 years ago.

            There is a lot of bad smell on a lot of teams, but the Netherlands seems to really revel in it, sometimes.

          3. NED were awarded a penalty for the first time after 26 matches. Only SUI now wait longer (32 matches). Please try to get your facts straight before you give a country a reputation which it does not deserve.

          4. They do need video technology, that way Robben would have gotten a penalty on the first half and mexico would have the broken shin guy sent off with a red and a yellow for the other guy involved in that double team.
            Would have been a much smoother victory.

        2. Apparently you’ve never played football before because real footballers battle, they battle shoulder to shoulder, they battle in the air. What they don’t do is dive and they don’t cry to the referee, they get on with the match and WORK to win not CHEAT to win. If you have to take up cheating to win a match then you obviously haven’t trained hard enough. Have some honour and respect for yourself, don’t cheat and don’t excuse it because “it’s part of the game”, have we all retired ourselves to that? If so then I am done with football

    2. if you know anything about this game you wouldn’t make stupid comment like this, game is played 90 minutes, so if one team had more of game and was obstructed by referee in first half that would influence game in second half, if roben got yellow card for simulation in first half and mexico penalty for 2 dutch players knocking down mexican attacker the game would be played differently with 2-0 for mexico….go watch baseball or something else you don’t understand this game it’s too complicated for you!

      1. Why the mexico penalty? For dangerous play, you can’t get a penalty, but an indirect free kick. Second, the mexican player himself did dangerous play as well, he put his head down.
        If everything would have been booked as you suppose, I wonder if there would have been players on the field, too many players asking for a yellow card for someone else, according to FIFA rules they should have been presented a yellow card themselves.
        And what about brutal play? Breaking a shin? I think that was brutal.
        The main problem is, Robben didn’t get a penalty kick then, so you have to drop yourself.
        Interesting is that when it’s for someone’s own country, they call it being professional, when it happens on the other site they call it sh*t.
        Weirdest thing of all, we all have camera’s except the referee.
        Question: why didn’t both defenders tell the referee that he should give a PK to Robben?

    3. I honestly thought the dutch were better and very disappointed with what I found out about Robben.

      This was a fake dive! Robben is so sure footed that in close contact as we all play if you know the sport very well and he was ready to make his next stride and bingo, he did it again!

      this is not his first time.

      watch the proof

      1. Please send your comments to Univision deportes .com because Univision should post these videos of Arjen Robben diving and he should be exposed publically for his terrible behavior and be suspended just as Luis Suarez was punished, Arjen Robben should be punished. People are outraged at this dive and he is a repeat offender. If you can please send a message by Tweeter to Univision Deportes so that they can show it in the news. This is not good futbol not good soccer and it is a shame. Holland deserves to lose the world cup. Bye Bye Holland.

      2. If Mexico had been denied a penalty in the identical circumstances Herrera would have screamed bloody murder and complained about bias against his team in the post-game.

        1. I think you’ll find that they were denied a penalty. In the first half of the match this happened in the Netherlands box.

          If any foul should have been awarded to Netherlands, it should have been earlier in the match when Robben was tackled by the two Mexicans, and even then it shouldn’t have necessarily been a penalty.
          The difference is that Mexico managed to move on. In comparison, Robben’s sudden lack on sure footing is nothing.
          It is difficult to judge a team from a single match and because of a single player, but it is because of that one player that they are through to the next stage of the world cup and it’s difficult seeing them as worthy of winning if they get through the stages by cheating.

      3. Yes, Robben was known for his fakery some time ago. He has since then matured.

        The reason Robben exaggerated the trip has two reasons:
        The first one is simple, in football, sometimes you have to MAKE the ref see a foul. Robben did exactly this. There was a foul, Robben made sure the ref saw it. Simple.

        Secondly, Robben already had to take two similar fouls in the match, without consequence for the Mexicans. The ref also notices these kind of things, so I think the ref did the math and gave a penalty for the third foul, however bad it might or might not have been.

        It’s not a flattering way to win a match, and most certainly isn’t a proper way to exit a World Championship. But with three discutable fouls on Robben in the close zone, the Mexicans could have seen this coming.

  4. heart-breaker for Mexico. This was *almost* a deserved win.

    I’m not a coach by any means, but it appeared to me that Mexico put 11 guys on defense a bit too soon – taking off Dos Santos on the early side and being okay without possession.

    In my opinion, Mexico did well against Brazil, and later Croatia, because they kept the ball and attacked.

    Sitting back against a team like the Dutch and you’ll put the ref in the situation to make a bad call eventually – and sure enough it happened.

    1. Agree with you Justin….that substitution was just odd…Mex and specially Dos Santos had just picked up momentum….Piojo shoulda left Santos on and finish the job…although I liked what Aquino did on the pitch, I still didn’t like the move…

      Mex didn’t sit back on purpose…they just lost all sense of ball possession allowing the Dutch team to keep pressing….Mex lost because they made more mistakes not because the Dutch were better…..if anything Mex exposed all their flaws and weakness…..Netherlands is not as good as everybody thinks…

      1. Just to point out: if the other team makes more mistakes, that kinda by definition means the other team is better since they make less mistakes

  5. Congrats to the Nederland team. A foul is a foul so it is a penalty even if he dived. No need to foul in the penalty area. The best team won and hopefully no more of this dreadful commentator.

    1. lol……a foul is a foul even if he dived….oxymoron…if he dives then it is not a foul….anyway just like everybody else said barely a “touch”..Robben exaggerated and ref made it up to the ducth …for not calling that one in the 1st half

      1. Then it’s not a dive. Marquez came in late and stepped on his foot (and it looks like he brought his shin across Robben’s a bit, too).

        If that had happened 30 yards from goal no one would argue it wasn’t a foul.

      1. Seems like you only watched half the game. Mexico dominated the first half. After their fast goal in the second half the Netherlands were definitely a lot better.

        Also the foul would have been enough to make him trip, but he chose to lay down. I agree with rej4sl.

      2. Correction: Mexico dominated the first half. They had nothing after their goal (which was a BEAUTY!)Coach messed up – plain & simple

  6. Definitely a dive for me. He saw Marquez’s leg come out and he made the contact to go down. Lots of players do this in the box these days and some get the call while others get a yellow card for simulation.

  7. This will be debated for a long time.

    What I find interesting, coaches and players(especially those playing in Europe)know Robben has a reputation of “flopping” or going down easily but players still stick their foot or leg out around him in or near the box.

    Yes it’s in the heat of the moment especially so close to the end of the game, but as Ballack said on an analysis of other games, players have to ask themselves “what if” in various situations throughout the game.

    To be fair, Robben isn’t the only player that has a reputation of going down easily or “flopping”.

    1. “To be fair”???

      This is the world cup or the world cup farce?

      Embarrassing, I really loved how the dutch play and now with this style of mockery to the sport I guess you’re confirming Robben is part of the “Diva’s Club” (Divers Club).

      1. The problem is they made Robben to come part of the Diva’s club. I’ve seen him play when he was young, and yes, extremely fast. In those years he did not dive, he went on, but was injured many times.
        People told him that first he should drop when becoming inbalanced (just normal thing to avoid injuries), second to behave like a professional.
        I don’t know from which country you come, but countries of Northern Europe did not like the way countries of Southern Europe did play, they called them artists.
        But the artists got advantage many times, so it became called professional.
        In the last half, it was a clear 100% PK for Robben. Did he get one?
        The stupid thing of football is that you have to become an artist, because the referee does not use camera’s.

  8. Well, as Ruud said afterwards, “This is football. If a defender puts his foot out and doesn’t contact the ball any good striker is going to use it.”

    Robben is “Salesman of the Cup” so far.

    1. Theatrics: Arjen Robben admitted diving to try and win a penalty during the thrilling encounter with Mexico.
      Daily Mail co uk Mail online. Read the news.
      Robben dives three times during the game and admits to it.

      1. This faulty translation situation is getting worse by the minute. He did NOT admit to diving to get a penalty. It was also not the one everyone is referring to. He told the Dutch presenter there were 3 situations where he admitted one of these was a “schwalbe” but it was one that was hardly discussed. If the defender breaks his leg it is definetely not ‘just a dive’.

    1. SO right, its much more fun watching big fat guys in tights and helmets pushing up into each other and then take a 5 minute commercial break.

    2. The problem is that referees can’t use camera’s. With camera’s it becomes meaningless to dive.
      When a soccer player does not make a dive worth 10 points, he does not get a penalty kick. See yourself at the end of the first half.
      I think every country faces the same problem. The PK for Spain against The Netherlands did seem to me to be a fair one, but with another camera, it was clear it was not a PK.
      The rules are the problem, they should allow a referee to watch camera’s.

      1. No, Not the ref. They should implement the video ref as they have in field hockey. It’s brilliant. Each team captain has one video ref challenge (which get renewed if the video ref agreed with the challenge). The captain must present a specific situation to the video ref (e.g. hand ball by player X, off side by player Y, or No contact on the dive). The video ref reviews the video and gives his binding verdict.
        It’s simple, quick and takes care of the worst and most obvious referee errors.

        If the ref decides when to use the video, the game will become a stop and go affair, like Handegg. It will kill football. (or soccer if you prefer that name)

    1. I actually I think he is the best diver in footie, that’s why he got the pk…

      in all seriousness yes I know what you are saying..

    2. Rubbish. If a defender steps on your foot in the box, and clips your other leg with his knee, it’s a foul. You go down. And it is a penalty. Every time. And rightly so.

  9. Clearly a dive. No trip. Very little contact if any. That a referee makes a dubious call like that in the World Cup, with this much at stake, is disgraceful. If he lets it go, the players decide on the field, not the referee, who should have swallowed his whistle and let the teams go to OT

      1. Arjen Robben admitted diving to try and win a penalty during the thrilling encounter with Mexico. He dived three times during this game. The Dutchman revealed that he dived in an attempt to win a penalty. How many times has he done it now? Go to daily mail co uk on line to watch some of Arjen Robben’s dives. It is a shame and he should be stopped and suspended for the rest of the world cup.

        1. Just because Robben has a reputation of diving, doesn’t mean he automatically dives.

          In the first half, two subsequent fouls were committed to Robben in the box.
          Look at the replay, one defender kicks his foot and the other trips him by sliding through => PK should have been awarded. (no dive)

          Then he dives once within the box which he admits to.

          Finally, Marquez stepped on Robbens foot, obvious foul and mistake by Marquez so PK is awarded. The way he flies through the air is not to be taken in consideration by the referee when a foul is committed.

        2. Nonsense, always a problem for an englishman to understand dutch.
          A mexican player should be presented a red card afterwards for trying to break Robben’s leg. Luckily, he broke his own.

  10. You can see his right leg that gets “tripped” come forward and then back around the defender in mid air to emphasize the “foul”. To me it is an absolute flop, unfortunate end for Mexico.

  11. First half he was tripped in the box and the Dutch should have been awarded a penalty then. Probably due to his reputation, Robben was denied one.
    In the second half he jumped once and struggled twice where he could have gone down easily and get a penalty.
    Thanks on this final one they should have tripped him outside the box, but they didn’t and let him in the box.

    This little touch was enough for the ref to set right his mistake from the first half.
    A touch…no ball touched, so penalty. Not nice, but dumb of the defenders

    1. Hector Herrera should have gotten a Penalty for being kick in the head (reckless play). It should had been double penalty. Robben should had gotten a yellow card in the first party for trying to cheat the referee with a dive. He should had gotten a red card for diving the third time when the game was tied to one goal. With Netherlands down to 10 men on overtime, they were doomed.

  12. As an American trying to get into enjoying the game of soccer. This is blatant acting (IMO cheating) is the one thing that I cannot get over, and will probably keep me from ever becoming a soccer fan.

    1. I agree. This game is supposed to be about skill, teamwork, and strategy… not acting. As an avid soccer fan, I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with players like Robben who purposely get into the box and flop, looking for a penalty.
      And for anyone who believes the penalty was deserved, I would advise you to watch Robben’s right foot after the “trip”. He initially intended to continue running (his right foot starts to go down) and once he realized he could get away with a flop he pulls it from under himself and flails about. No integrity.

        1. Precisely this slowmo gif shows how doubtful it was. Robben’s foot has not left the turf and Márquez plants his own foot right in front of Robben’s. Just possibly making contact with the end of Robben’s toe. Robben could easily have chosen to lift his foot over Marquez’ foot and continue running. But why would he do that if there was a golden chance to get a penalty and win the game?

          1. He did lift his right leg, but it hit the leg of Marquez. At that point he could no longer do the sprint he was planning to start and there was a big risk of an injury if he tried to land on his destabilized right leg. Instead he decided to dive at that point, which was much safer.

            This wasn’t a penalty because Robben’s left foot was fouled, it was a penalty because his right leg was tripped.

    2. right on Justin!! lol…

      funny when someone starts a comment with ” As an American”…oh gosh

      I am glad we are talking about football….yes I said football

    3. I’m dutch, to be honest I don’t enjoy the game of soccer. Everyone is talking about Robben know, while what he did is what almost any attacker does. See final 1974 for example.
      The problem is that a referee is not allowed to use a camera. So he has to judge without camera.
      For example Spain aganist Holland, PK for Spain, first it was clear to me that is wat a PK, but from a different camera view, it was clear it was not a PK.
      If camera’s are allowed to be used by referees, there will be no reason anymore to cheat. In fact, in case of the PK discussed, even with camera’s a referee could still give a PK. There was a foul, and then it’s up to the referee to decide (in fact a fault is a fault, but many times they start talking about the spirit of the game;)).
      But in the end of the first half, a 100% PK should have been given to Robben.
      The defenders were also cheating, but that’s normal?

  13. Robben should have had a penalty earlier in the game. On the moment Moreno got injured there were 2 Mexican players committing a foul on Robben in the penalty area. The ref didn’t give a penalt like to give free kicks or penalties away easily.

    This dive was a bit theatrical from Robben, he shouldn’t have hit the ground like he did. However, it was a foul from Mexico nonetheless. The gif showed here on this site is the most unclear shot of the foul I’ve seen so far. There was contact, the Mexican defender didn’t hit the ball but Robben instead and Robben tripped. It is true Robben overreacted but the fact remains that the Mexican defender committed a foul in the penalty area.

    The ref deciced to give the Netherlands a penalty because he denied the penalty earlier in the game and because the Mexicans committed a foul again. Good call ref.

    1. I meant to type
      “The ref didn’t give a penalty because this particular ref doesn’t like to give free kicks or penalties away easily.”

  14. It was a pk in fact Marquez should have been red carded for continously fouling Robben, he had escaped with 2 privious pk fouls how many breaks should the ref have given Concacaf?

    1. a red card is way too dramatic, doesn’t apply to this play and it only shows you don’t know anything about football

      we all have said ….yes there was a slight contact…typically it is not called because an honest, first class player plays on, keeps the play alive and doesn’t dive…

      u are asking for a card, Robben should have been given a yellow card as well for flopping and faking another foul in the box just a few minutes into the second half….by doing that the ref could have set a precedent, an example that he was not going to allow such type of cheating

  15. Clear PK, Robben had been fouled all day and that was the 3rd pk against Mexico. Serves them right for going negative and parking the bus early, all Concacaf teams duck all they do is park the bus, play negative football and sucker punch a team. All y’all are just sucker fans or is it soccer, now I know where the word comes from :-).

    Good bye and good night.

    1. lol…I don’t know what par of the world you are from….and also don’t know what world cup you have been watching (EA Sports maybe?)….but seriously….duck and park the bus? negative football?

      I guess it was “positive” that Costa Rica or Mex didn’t lose one single match in the group stage…..or that most concacaf teams played great,offensive football.

      and yes good bye ….

  16. The Fault lies with FIFA use the damn technology and the camera for red -yellow cards and penalty. Dont make soccer look like WWF The stupid umpire looses nothing but the mexican Players have lost 4 years of there win the cup…And yes robben dived 3 times in the match

    1. Daily Mail from UK says that Arjen Robben admitted diving to try to win a penanty during the thrilling game with Mexico.

  17. A foul is a foul and one in the penalty area is worth a penalty, its as simple as that. Robben had fallen down AND gotten up on multiple other occasions inside the penalty area and was denied a clear penalty in the first half. No need to blame the Mexican loss on his presumed diving. The Mexicans didnt play smart enough and the Dutch deservedly won. End of story.

    1. Sounds like youre lost.obviously you haven’t seen Robben play before cause you would know he’s done this many times.They were both 1-1 when he decided to be childish and fall. So he knew that they weren’t going to win Mexico. So he had to make it seem like it was a penalty. He’s such a fool and didn’t deserve to win.

      1. You are right. He is a fool and does not deserve to win. They will lose the next game against Costa Rica. Holland will lose. They cannot win with foul play.

    2. I don’t know if I should cry or laugh when I read comments like these..clearly from pseudo “soccer” fans or ignorant fans…ignorant of the rules and history of certain players…it is like Lindsay Lohan getting arrested and denying DUI….so Robben falling down many times…well let’s say we know what he is up to…crying wolf?

      anyway…Mex is not blaming anything on the Dutch, they lost because they lost possession of the ball, mid-field to be more specific….the Ducth didn’t deserve anything Mex outplayed them..MEX was beaten once again by MEX…no one else but themselves

      1. Are you kidding me? In what rulebook was this not a foul? Law 12 on fouls and misconduct by the FIFA clearly states that a direct free kick is awardad to the opposing team if a player trips or attempts to trip an opponent. Marquez was late missed the ball and then made contact with Robben’s left foot and blocked his right legs…Robben’s reputation or theatrics while falling do not make Marquez’s foul go away.

  18. This diving non sense, along with no replay on goals, are the two reasons soccer is such a waste of time. Game after game is decided by goals that should have counted but were wrongly disallowed or visa versa. Game after game is decided by shams of penalties with players flopping all over the place. It is such a joke.
    Supposedly virile men get touched and writhe in false pain on the ground, then get up and sprint 100 hundred yards downfield. It is comical

    1. What on Earth are you talking about with regard to replay on goals?? Goal line technology was in use for the entire BPL season and is in use for the World Cup.

      You obviously have not been paying attention.

        1. Your words simply say, “….no replay on goals”. You say nothing about offsides. If you don’t want to be misunderstood, be more precise.

  19. How unfortunate. Robben had obviously “dived” his way into a penalty. Was his desperation so high as to exaggerate this “foul”? The ref on many occasions either ignored or poorly called out fouls, but this one was among worst – Heart wrenching moment for Mexico :(

    1. But hey … goalie Ochoa, as well as the rest of the team, have played with their hearts and most of us could see this, so they’re leaving with their chins up. 😉

  20. I wish so much they’ll start to give penalty AND yellow card for the attacker. Was it a foul? Beyond any doubt, so the penalty was correct. Did Robber fly like an angel, simulating? Yes as well, so yellow card.
    By the way, had Robben not jumped over Marquez’s leg 10 minutes earlier, it would have been another correct penalty. So, do not exaggerated calling Robben names. Sometimes he’s fair, sometimes less, as everybody. But the referees should be able to call penalties without dives, and they are not! So blame on FIFA Who doesn’t help them with technology

  21. What an absolute flop by Robben. If I were Dutch I would be awfully disappointed in advancing to the quarter finals on such cheap move. It’s players like Robben that are ruining the integrity of football, promoting the view that footballers are “pussies”.
    Certainly not a deserved win by the Netherlands. My condolences to Mexico; they played a great game and should have gone on to the quarter finals.

    1. First off all it was a penalty, we should have had one more, the one where Moreno broke his shin and before Marquez unbalanced him with a kick on his foot.

      Secondly I don’t care how we reached the quarter final, for the last centuries we won no prizes with world class and beautiful football, now Holland wants to win prizes, we are on the right track. Keep on going Holland!

  22. I don’t like diving either but this time things evened out. He had a clear penalty in the first half that wasn’t given. It evened itself out in this situation.
    Marquez shouldn’t be sticking his foot out with a diving swan like Robben anyway.
    I’m no fan of Bayern or Robben but of course no mention goes to the penalty he rightly won in the first half that was ignored by the referee.

    1. The penalty by Hector Moreno is part of the game, for reckless play. I agree it was a penalty, and so was Hector Herrera’s kick on the head a penalty. However, diving is cheating. No comparison.

  23. somebody from public shot in Robben, this was the cause of the spectacular dive :)
    shame, he need to be sanctionated like uruguay player

    1. I agree. FIFA must use the replay technology with the replay of the video of the action in question. Arjen Robben must be sanctioned and be suspended and not be able to play anymore during this World Cup. He is a clown who has dived in this way too many times and even admitted diving to fool the referee! The FIFA should do something about these players. I agree that Holland should lose in the next game, and stop playing with those tricks that are so against fair play.

      1. The mexican who broke his own leg, while trying to break Robben’s leg should be sanctioned. Yeah, the one in the last part of first half.
        And both defenders should be sanctioned for life!!!
        They did not tell the referee he should give Robben a PK. Ohhhh so unfair!!!

  24. I sometimes really wish that soccer is like football. The refs should replay or contacted by outside refs watching the game closely, replaying the fouls to either confirm it or not. This might remove the human element but soccer is starting to become unfair.

  25. I hope Rubben never plays soccer again, at least FIFA should penalize him, all Netherland should feel ashamed because of him

    1. Agree, it was “a travesty” coining the phrase from an announcer calling the game. Unjust, crooked outcome.

    2. Credibility of a comment always improves when the names of the main protagonists are actually spelled correctly.

  26. Netherlands are a talented side. But they have no honor. They want to get at a trophy thru good or bad. Just look at the way they played Spain in the 2010 final. They are so far off the class of the 70s Dutch side that it is laughable. I hope they lose the World Cup regardless who they lose it to.

    1. Holland Player Arjen Robben is a fake and a clown diving and faking this penalty. He even admitted to this dive to a newspaper reported who posted it on the internet soon after the game against Mexico. Fifa should use the video replay technology and review the actions such as this one. Robben is an expert in this type of dives and he should be stopped and punished severely for faking it and making these dives in the penalty area. He fooled the referee but he is not fooling the public and what goes around comes around. I agree that Holland deserves to lose and go back home. Now Costa Rica needs to be aware of the clown named Arjen Robben and the referee also needs to be aware so that this does not happen at the next game. Holland needs to go back home since they are not playing a fair game and the FIFA needs to punish Arjen Robben for his foul play and his constant dives in the penalty area. He should be given a red card and be suspended for life.

      1. but you have to be aware my friend that it’s in fifa interest to keep more teams from strong economies in final part of tournament,you will notice that in next tournaments in russia and katar when they will try to boost this game in strong asian market…no asian teams now in best 16 less money for fifa, you think they would like to see semi final brazil- nigeria and argentina-costarica….no way…no profitable for them….brazil got championship and for that favour have to open economy for investment…you think they care about brazilian football tradition…it’s all money painted…unfortunately…

      2. And the mexican trying to break Robben’s leg? Luckily he broke his own. 100% clear penalty, but you don’t talk about it, why not?
        And the newspaper should be charged for cheating. If they don’t understand dutch, they should ask someone, who does.

    2. In this match, Mexico played far better than Neth. You are correct, Neth has no honor, and the ref is crooked. The wrong outcome.

      1. What is wright/wrong with the above comment:

        Mexico played better in the first half, NL in the second try having an open mind instead of just attacking.

        No honor? May I remind you to the Hulk’s dive. Even though Robben made it look worse than it was, there was still contact and it was after he shot the ball.

        Whenever theres a penalty everyone says the ref is crooked, it’s called nepotism. Ofcourse you want to see your own country win. We were outraged as well by 2 penalties against our team (who were defo dives and no fouls) and you dont hear us complaining and saying they had ”no honor”.

        Robben was already put down the ground in the goal area before this so called ”dive” when Mexicans made contact with him twice after he shot the ball. And the refree didn’t use his whistle.

        Penalties are a sketchy thing, some are justified and some are not, but the footage has been analyzed and it still was a foul no matter if you can believe it or not.

  27. Suckers, Robben told Marquez after the game that it was not a penalty. This already was published in newspapers

  28. Hello people from around the globe!

    Before I make a statement, let me first say that I am Dutch and am therefore truly biased. That being said, I know you guys already read this with a Dutch accent, thank you for that. After a horrific first half, where the Mexicans were truly the better side, Robben should have gotten a penalty. I have viewed the replay more than 10 times (Thank you Dutch television, FFS) and saw why Moreno was injured. He clashed with Robben after another defender tried to trip him. This should be a penalty in my opinion, but was not given. The Dutch picked up the pace after a deserved and remarkable goal from Dos Santos. The statistics from this game after the goal from Dos Santos speaks for itself, The Netherlands were the better side (after the goal from Dos Santos, that is). A deserved (in my opinion) goal from Sneijder equalized the game and I am happy The Netherlands won this exhausting game.

    Before I “dive in” into this discussion (see what I did there?) let me first state some observations and facts of this game and the Dutch team (Not to much):
    1) First off: The Dutch team consist of mostly players from the Eredivisie, so most of the Dutch people never really expected anything from this tournament. I implore you to review the list of players with their clubs and compare them with “contenders for the WC title”. Whom The Netherlands are compared with. This is not relevant to the case, but I would just like to point this out to you, my fellow football-fans.
    2) That being said, The Netherlands have three world class players on their side. I think you know who they are. One of them is being discussed here.
    3) Robben created multiple chances in this game by running into the box. With his acceleration and ball control Robben attempted some dribbles to get past the defenders. Some successful, some were not. His big opportunity in the second half was amazingly stopped by Ochoa, which in my opinion was some world class goalkeeping. Right before his attempt on goal Robben was almost tackled from behind by a defender, but didn’t dive. This is just one example, I would have the watch the game again to see if there are more. I would like to take this “non-diving” under consideration.
    4) Fact: “Robben has won five penalty’s in his last fourteen Champions League and World Championship games” – Ben Smith from BBC Sports. A considerable amount, which could be interpreted in two different ways: He is always a threat going into the box with his pace and ball control, which is hard for defenders to contain. Or he dribbles past defenders and lures them to make a foul.
    Which brings me to the discussion at hand. If you view the whole dribble of Robben, you would see he got tackled from behind before the foul was made. He narrowly escaped this due to his pace. So the referee was already with his whistle in his mouth. At this incident, which led to the penalty, the Mexican defender stuck his foot out AFTER Robben played the ball past him. Which is why he could never have gotten the ball with his tackle. I should not have the explain this mistake, which is why my opinion, though biased, is very easy, but also very very long ( This is for you, to understand my point of view and truly discuss this matter before someone says something like: But he’s Dutch, of course he’s going to say that). Though the dive was a bit dramatic, there was indeed contact with Robben through the tackle. Making it impossible for Robben to continue his run, thus the tackle being a foul. Therefore the penalty was justified. And concludes my opinion on this incident. I love watching and playing football and truly hate when players make dives. But I think there is a difference between dives with contact and dives without contact(Which is called by a German name: “schwallbe”). A lot of people won’t notice something until it is worth noticeable, which is a concept in social psychology. This could be a justification to Robben’s dive after contact ( Because he did not get a penalty when he didn’t dived after a foul), but could also lead to more theatrics on the football field, which I am opposed to. This is what I, a Dutch random guy, think about this subject. I have many more thoughts on this subject, but I see this message is getting a bit out of hand.

  29. It is unfortunate that a game has to end on a penalty shot, from this kind of play acting. It is ironic that a team like Mexico is eliminated from the World Cup on this kind of cheating considering the history of their national team, but this Mexico team did not deserve this type of exit. FIFA should review this dive and take disciplinary action on Robben. However, that will not happen until Sepp Blatter (Blather) is finally jailed on corruption, which he so just deserves.

  30. But if they allow these fake dives, then you do not have good football, no good soccer for the fans to watch. Holland should be ashamed. Arjen Robben admitted diving to try to win a penalty during the thrilling game with Mexico. If he admitted it, he should be punished and Holland should be ashamed to advance to the Quarter Finals in such a dirty way. This is not good Football. Don’t you agree?

    1. Marquez came in very late (the ball was literally a yard away when the contact happened) and stepped on Robben’s foot in the penalty area. That’s a foul. Period. And in the penalty area, that means a PK.

    2. First off all it was a penalty, we should have had one more, the one where Moreno broke his shin and before Marquez unbalanced him with a kick on his foot.

      He admitted a dive and apologized for one occassion in the first half, not for the penalty.

      I am proud not ashamed! Good soccer was impossible in these wheater conditions, advancing is the only thing what counts. This year we want to win!

  31. Mexico was clearly the better team (by a long shot), they deserved to win, or at least not lose because of a bad call by the ref. As an announcer said calling the game, “It’s a travesty”. That’s for sure. Mexico’s overall talent is very impressive, great ball handling. The will go far. I bet Netherlands will be eliminated in the next round. Good riddance.

  32. I have to agree with Thijs on this one.
    I was a fan of mexico, dominated in the first half yes, gave it away in the second,

    Netherlands had a lot more chances after the first mexican goal, if it werent for ochoa they wouldve had a higher score.

    That memphis guy made the match dangerous, when he got in the netherlands played way more offensive, which in their case was a good thing to do.

    Fair win, even the whole diving thing was a good move, he was denied two earlier penalties, by not overacting, i wouldve done the same to make the foul more obvious

    As a fan i support my team, but congratulate the other and not put them down. Im better then that, better luck in 2018

  33. what a dive . . . .clear red card case . . .

    why he went on his knees first . . by lifting his feet above his knees height, instead of falling feet first . . . ??? . . .

    also, he lifted his knees, while in flight, & while falling down.

  34. Penalty kick was maybe not correct, but Robben should clearly have gotten a penalty kick in the first half for being knocked down by 2 Mexican defenders.

    This would have turned the game around completely and the Dutch would likely have won more easily.

  35. Robben made theatrics, but he didn’t dive that time.

    Müller made theatrics after he was lightly headbutted by Pepe as well, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a red card foul by the defender.

    The Mexicans should be less hypocrite. They, and the whole of central and southern America, are diving kings. Every time the enter the box, they go down.

    Was it a foul? YES
    Was it intentional? I doubt so
    Should you give the penalty? YES
    Could you not give it and get away with it? Probably
    Should Robben have a yellow card for diving earlier on? YES
    Should Robben have had a penalty when the Mexican defender broke his own leg? YES

    Are penalties a sh&t way to win or lose? DEFINITELY

    I was rooting for the Mexicans this tournament but as a Dutchman of course this ended when we had to go head to head.

    Even without the penalty the Mexicans would still have not won by the way, so I don’t know why they are posting here that they should have won???

  36. all this discussion is irrelevant.
    all that counts is the decision from the referee.
    if you guys don’t agree with the ‘old school’ referee model in FIFA-football, go tell Blatter.

  37. I think arjen robben has committed a cheat.. he has won the game for the dutch but has lost many fans.. He clearly jumped and exaggerated the event.. definitely would not have been a penalty.. rather he should have been sent off as he already had been trying to steal a penalty right from the first half.. Thats sad

  38. The only thing that this World Cup is proving that we should have video-refs like with hockey. There would be no discussion on if this was or wasn’t a fould and the whole game would be different as Robben was already attacked in the first half by Marquez and Moreno.

    Also don’t forget that the Dutch also got unfair penalties in the group round. It’s not like Robben is the only ‘drama queen’
    on the field.

    1. Actually, there would still be discussion. Havent we all seen this multiple times? We’re still in disagreement. Most of the Dutch will say it was a penalty, most of the Mexican will say it wasnt and that game was unfair.
      And in the Dutch opinion we have had 2 penalties already, that where nothing.

      I think some reactions here are out of proportion. Even if you disagree with the penalty, you must be able to see, that not everyone judges this penalty the same way and therefore isn’t that clear. How often does this happen in soccer? I see it all the time. Almost every game the losing team says the game was unfair and the referee was bad (or made some important bad discisions). A lot of penalties are right in the eyes of one, and wrong in the eyes of others. We don’t all agree about what is a fault and what should be punished with a penalty.

      But to say Robben should be punished… Thats unfair! Why of ALL the times a discussable penalty is given, THIS ONE should be punished so heavily, even though everyone can see the defender MADE contact with Robben. I think a lot of people here are being unfair to Robben AND to the Dutch team.

      If you say “cases where attackers fall down for no reason should be punished heavely”, I can agree with you. That’s for all teams.
      But I can’t agree with this focussing on what Robben does. Or on calling whole Dutch team bad and unfair over this. Seems to me like a lot of people just can’t stand it that Mexico lost and search for someone to blame. “They should be punished heavily for this loss.” If the goal wasn’t so important, would you have responded in the same way?

      1. Football is unfair, for the loser, always. That is why it is the biggest sport in the world. Let’s hope “they” don’t kill it by video reviews every 5 minutes.

  39. Cheap move. Dirty player. Repeat offender.
    Dutch: shame
    Mexico: robbed of advance.
    I’m neither Mexican nor Dutch.

    1. What do you mean by “robbed of advance”. You must be blind if you don’t see that Rafa missed the ball and stepped on Robben foot. That is painful and should be yellow card anyway.
      Otherwise Dutch should get the penalty already in first half, that is 100%. And also without any penalty Mexico is still not a winner.

    2. Yes indeed…. Mexico RoBBed of advance. I am Mexican. National feeling in Mexico is, to say the least… Robben can forget about his trip to the beautiful mexican caribbean. Not welcome here, ever. Play fair!! What does victory mean, when it is achieved through stealing? Would stand by my comment all the same, if it was the case such acting was done by a mexican football player. The Dutch should speak out in some way…. Is this really the image of heroism you want your younger generations to admire???

  40. It is 100% that Rafa missed the ball. And 100% is that he stepped on Robben foot, which could be very painful – well, it was years ago when I was playing footbal:) So, the decision is correct by all rules even if Robben exaggerate after that. It doesn’t matter. Rafa should hit the ball, not the player.

  41. It’s still a faul, even though Robben mentioned on the Dutch sports news channel NOS that he did make it look worse than it was but there was still contact, they showed the slow-mo footage and analyzed it while he was sitting in the studio.

    Also to mention the faul they made on Robben before this one which was defo a penalty, Mexican players making contact with him twice after he fell but the referee kept quiet. We probably would’ve won with 3-1 if it werent for that.

  42. I also think Mexico should not have been penalized in the closing minutes. However, the preceding killer goal by Wesley Sneijder was what really did Mexico in. They, who had played so wel in the first half, looked beaten to me from that moment, and, though one will never know for sure, the spirited way of Dirk Kuyt and Klaas Huntelaar as well as the others would surely in one way or another have clinched the game for the Dutch, who were surprisingly also fitter than the Mexicans.

    1. Roel, you mean that hit on the player foot with studs(which could be very painful) should be than allowed in the game or you mean that some faul should not be for penalty while some other does?
      Well, by current rules the referee decision was very clear. I don’t believe how some of you(despite clear video here) still don’t see that Rafa missed the ball and hit Rubben on the foot. That is no debatable faul.

  43. All you Mexican fanboys are excluding 1 little tiny detail: Why did Rafa Marquez so obviously step before Robben, and onto his foot, while the ball was already +/- 2 meters away??? It was a clear penalty,

    1. True. Marquez knows the rules of play. He had no way of touching the ball FIRST, as Robben touched the ball forward before Marquez’s foot came into Robben’s path and onto Robben’s left foot causing him to lose balance. Most people don’t get this defensive tackling rule and propagate their own ignorance and emotional take on the situation.

  44. Being a die-hard Oranje fan for almost 20 years, let me say this in no uncertain terms and as clearly as I can, I am heartbroken for Mexico. The performance they put yesterday against “my” Dutch was a masterpiece and this for me, personally, is a victory for Mexico. I wish they would have gone through.

    Dutch football has been in decline in the past decade. Last world cup final was a clear example of the contrast in style of the Dutch back in 98 world cup or even 94 world cup and the side that won the European Championship back in 88. They were pure football artists. Those were the sides that I loved the most, not these bunch of classless jokers. While performance against Spain brought them back in the limelight, yesterday’s display was a clear indication that the Dutch lack class and courage and to be more blatant, and it’s really hard to fathom this for me, “pure skill” in central areas.

    I have yet to see the Oranje team that David Winner described as the “neurotic genius” and haven’t seen since they failed to beat 10 men Italy in EURO 2000 semifinal at Amsterdam arena. All I have seen is a decline. Hopefully they will put this shambolic performance behind them and look to win World’s heart with proper methodical attacking Dutch football. That’s what Dutch football is and that’s what won my heart. Absolutely Not this!!!!!


    1. Also, Dutch teams have ALWAYS been both technically gifted and tough as nail. Go and review some of the 1974 or 1978 games. Or 1990. Or 1988 for that matter. Remember ‘de Spijker’?

  45. There are a lot of players in every team in this competition that do exactly what Robben did and cheat so to me they deserve all they get. Didn’t Brazil do the same in the first match and that definately was a dive! The players are getting better at this and the referees need to improve too. The refereeing in this competition is appalling considering it is the World Cup.

  46. I think some people focus way to much on the name Robben. Just because he has a history doesn’t make this particular case a dive.

    In soccer the rule is: if there is a fault it doesn’t matter how the player falls down. If there would be a rule “how to fall after a fault”, I think this would be unsafe for players. It’s hard to judge the balance of a player after a fault and to judge if he can stay on his feet, just from a camara. Players would have to try landing on their feet with risk of injuring themselves.
    ALL PLAYERS, not just the Dutch, fall down to the grass when they feel a hand or a foot. Look at some soccer games, you see players fall down all they time, even if they are only hit in the face and didn’t need to fall down at all.
    Players HAVE to exaggerate every fault to draw the attention of a referee who has to watch a complete field with 22 players. I’m pretty sure that’s what they teach players. It’s not just Robben who exaggerates, it’s everyone. I’m not happy about that either, but that’s what’s normal in soccer, and you can’t blame Robben for doing that. If they don’t want that, they have to find a different way to supervise the game (cameras).
    Btw, if a player chooses to fall down after a fault, he risks that referee still judges it as nothing and losing the ball.

    I like Robben as a soccerplayer. I don’t like his dives, but I still respect him as a soccerplayer. (btw I like Suarez too as a soccer player, I even like him as a person from what I see of him, but in no way approve those biting incidents)
    Not all Dutch players play unfair, but I agree some Dutch players to often act as if they are hit. But I don’t think it’s JUST Dutch players. I’ve seen Mexican players trying to get a penalty by diving too, yesterday.
    I see this in every soccer team. It’s not like a whole country is bad for the actions of 1 player.

    In my opinion: Mexican team should have had a penalty in first half. Dutch team too, maybe even 2. It’s impossible to predict how game would have went after that. Maybe they would have defended earlier, maybe The Netherlands would have attacked more if they were behind earlier.
    In the last minutes of the game Dutch team was attacking more and trying to score a 2nd goal fast to win the game. I think the referee choice for a penalty, because there had been simular faults.
    Game could have gone both ways, both teams had chances to win. And I wish Dutch team had won without penalty, but I still don’t see the penalty as unfair. (And Robben NEVER said it was just a dive. He said he dived earlier in the game and atmitted he shouldn’t have done that.)

  47. As a football (soccer) coach this is how I see the Arjen Robben fall to ground that won Holland the penalty kick:
    For a defender to legitimately divert the ball from an attacking opponent, he must FIRST touch the ball – NO EXCEPTIONS – and then, should his foot, leg or body cause the attacker to fall, there is no foul. Again, a defender MUST TOUCH THE BALL FIRST, and whatever happens after that instance is fair play.

    Looking at the video taken from the goal line (all I have to go by): The Mexican defender stuck his right foot out as Robben touched the ball forward past the defender’s foot; at this point, there was no way the defender could touch the ball FIRST. What happens next is absolutely critical, the defender right foot lands squarely in front of Robben’s left foot – if not onto Robben’s left toes – and his body weight comes on it. In that same moment, Robben’s body is already moving forward and the photograph shows this clearly. There is no likely way a body already in motion and leaning forward can regain balance, especially if their shins come into contact (not clear); therefore, the referee was correct in awarding the penalty kick to Holland.

    Anyone can have an opinion about Robben’s reputation, what he did in that instance and earlier in the match – the penalty kick he should have been awarded when illegally tackled by a Mexican defender who injured himself in the process. All opinions aside, it’s the RULES OF PLAY that really matter and the referee’s judgement of the situation in the context of the rules of play. As I see it, the defender misjudged his frantic attempt to defend, and placed his foot in the path of Robben’s feet without first touching the ball. It’s a foul in the penalty area and Pedro Proenca made the correct decision.

  48. He dove. He could have easily keep his stride with his left foot but instead of going forward with his legs his legs went backwards. DIVE!

    1. That doesn’t make it a dive, even if he could have landed on his feet. There’s no rule saying he has to land on his feet after someone stands on his foot. There IS a rule not to stand on someones foot. Isn’t this “unfair” play by Mexico to stand on someones foot while walking at high speed? You can seriously injure someone.

  49. Poor defensive play coming at the end of a poorly played second half by Mexico. Their change in strategy, or inability to respond to the tactical changes by Oranje put them in the position to lose the game, not the ref, or Robben.
    They played an awesome game the first half, had they kept on they would have won. Coach messed up.

  50. its clear looking at the video.
    FIFA has to come up with new rules to get an additional referee who can preview and decide the crucial decisions by looking the preview.
    Other Games like Cricket, we have 3rd umpire who see the replay to take the crucial decisions. A team should not get penalised by a wrong decision by referees.In the current rules there are limitations.

  51. To me it looks like a foul wit some drama on the fall, but still a foul!
    I bet if I see it at regular speed, it won’t look like a dramatic fall

  52. Mexico deserved to lose, but that should have been decided by extra time not a soft 93rd minute penalty where the player had already given up possession of the ball with No Opportunity at a scoring chance. I realize these are the rules, but this is a shining display of why changes need to be made. As all have said, this is not solely a Robben issue it is a epidemic throughout the sport. He clearly embellished the foul, he clearly did it in the hopes of winning a pk. Deserved or not, this behavior is what many people find deplorable. However, this a direct result of FIFA. How 3 refs are supposed to keep an eye on 22 players in a 100+ x 50+ yard box while running with world class athletes up and down the field for 90 minutes without missing calls is a mystery to me. Let’s be honest, its not possible. FIFA needs to add layers of help to the refs, electronic and more human eyes on the play. That way more fouls will be spotted, then the dubious need for these hysteronics of throwing yourself into the sky after someone steps on your toes in order to get a deserved foul should decline rather sharply. I really don’t think at this time any high level player could honestly say they never took a dive. Nor could they honestly say that there is no reason to embellish a foul so the ref notices. Yet, somehow I feel that no one likes the situation, players nor fans. We should call upon FIFA for changes to be if it everyone and for this s particular circumstance a lot can be done to just such an effect.

    1. The referee Pedro Proenca had a clear view to the play as Robben was being fouled. There is video showing him in great position to see it all. No need for video replay in this case.

  53. We should call upon FIFA for changes to be made in the best interests of everyone and for this s particular circumstance a lot can be done to just such an effect.

    My apologies, I was defeated by autocorrect.

  54. Another reason soccer is a joke… Why do you think the world cup is only once every 4 years? It takes that long to forget how much you hate watching a bunch of babies crying on a field for an hour and a half. Most pathetic sport ever.

  55. I agree with Bob, it’s painfully embarrassing for the sport… I think diving should be punished with a penalty kick for the other team. Games will be high scoring (like 55-49) for a few years, but it might do away with the awful sportsmanship and ridiculous antics.

    1. What a joke. “Mitch” is actually Bob using the same IP address. Beware of trolls (and soccer haters)!

  56. Someone should teach Robben a thing or two about cheating…he and his dutch team mates are prone to either cheating or brutality…Robben indeed dived against Mexico, the supposed penalty that never was…he left his leg behind to get it stuck behind Marquez´s foot…this has to stop. No reason I could never be a player of this level. If I were in Marquez boots?? with a phantom penalty in the last kick of the match…I would have broken Robben ankle with a proper stump on it…but, I don´t recommend anyone to do it.

    1. Someone should teach you a thing or two about cheating. You’re extremely hard on Robben for falling down in a dramatic way after being hit.
      How about the player standing on Robben’s foot? Was he playing fair in your eyes? Is it alright to injure other players?
      What Robben did wasn’t against the rulez, the fault was. So Robben wasn’t the one cheating here.

  57. Diving in the game of football steals away the joy and love all fans derive from the game. It is comparable to cheating and is therefore dishonorable. Players who engage in this despicable act should be penalized because it deprives fans of enjoying the beautiful game. Certainly, Roben should not be blamed but the ref. His inability to employed common sense and judgement at a crucial time said it all.

  58. A lot of people complaining about diving, seem to misunderstand the effect of even a slight knock on, say, a foot, ankle or leg when a player is running full speed with a ball.
    And slomo replays and animated gifs, usually don’t give the right impression of momentum and impact.
    Any way, the Dutch have been trying to win the thing by playing ‘beautiful football’, only to fall short due to diving, acting, bad referee-ing, corruption by dictatorships, swalbes and what not. They have understood the message, finally. Let’s just win the thing and be done with it.

  59. Football is a poorly regulated ”hooligan’s sport”, with no professionalism or fairness.

    Technically, in many cases, as in when the later replays showed cheatings by the players,
    as in Maradona’s handball against England in 1986 – the match should be replayed.

    But this doesn’t happen.

    This kind of absurdity makes the World Cup and football itself look very unprofessional,
    unfair and stupid, as when Argentina was awarded the Cup then, even when everyone
    knows Maradona cheated.

    The most clear-cut case of cheating, and biased refereeing, in this current tournament is
    that of Arjen Robben in the Holland-Mexico match, with the referee clearly on his side
    and not taking action.

    That referee was patting Robben on the back,
    seemingly in good conversation with him, at

    If I remember correctly, in the 1998 tournament,, Ivan Zamorano of Chile dived early on
    in one particular game, when he was softly challenged by a defender. This happened
    far away from the penalty box, towards the left edge of the field.

    He pretended to be one knee, clutching it in pain. The referee had none of this nonsense
    – he ran right up to Zamorano and flashed his yellow card at him on the spot.

    If that referee had been in charge of the match with Mexico, Arjen Robben would have
    been shown the red card by his second dive, with no chance at all for that last penalty-winning
    in the final two minutes.

    1. “The most clear-cut case of cheating, and biased refereeing, in this current tournament is
      that of Arjen Robben in the Holland-Mexico match, with the referee clearly on his side
      and not taking action.”

      That is just an absurd statement. Fine if you want to question the penalty, but this is just crying wolf.

      Even if this was cheating, which it wasn’t, there are so much more clear examples of bad judgement from the ref in this WC. How many penalties have been given so far? This one doesn’t even crack the top 3 in terms of uncertainty.

      Biased refereeing? Robben is fouled twice within the box in the first haf, the situation 99% here agrees is a penalty. Why would a biased referee not give a penalty were it clearly is one?

      I don’t know why people around here seem so outraged by Robben’s penaty, but Ithink it mainly is because he admitted to hav taken a dive in the first half.

      I guess, no latino player EVER has admitted that they dive by occasion and therefore it doesn’t exist in their book.

      Th penalty was a foul. A foul, followed by theatrics. It doesn’t matter if he had rolled on the grass all the way back into his own goal, screaming, crying… it still was a foul.

      Surely, Mexicans as well as all other Spanish-speaking countries can appreciate some overacting…

  60. Robben is basically a first-class confidence trickster.

    ” The cleverest bit ?

    It’s this: every so often he does his utmost to
    stay on his feet. It puts enough doubt in the
    referee’s mind; why would this man be diving
    when he stayed on his feet just five minutes
    beforehand ?

    No wonder officials fall for it, just as Pedro
    Proenca did on Sunday afternoon. Having
    waved away all the other appeals, the referee
    finally cracked.

    Proenca’s choices were a penalty, or a booking
    for Robben for diving. He gave the attacker the
    benefit of the doubt. ”

  61. It was an obvious dive. Playing tricks like that to win shows you’re no beef, show you lack the mentality of a winner. That’s why Holland can never win a cup. I feel bad for Mexico, being robbed so many times by dumb refs in this world cup.

  62. I’m from the U.S. It’s not my game. But clearly there is too much power in the hands of one official who is frequently too far away from the event in question to really know what happened. Objectively, there was no obvious foul. If there had been, there would be no debate. If there was contact, it was minor. There was no likelihood of a scoring opportunity. The Mexican defender who was closest to the ball was about to kick the ball away from the goal. Should such a circumstance result in such a draconian penalty? It’s way, way too arbitrary and it demeans the game. Soccer needs to be fixed. 3 referees, a camera and a reviewer. There should be an intermediate type penalty for such a circumstance. And for a “flop” verified by camera replay, the other team should get awarded a corner kick.

    1. One can’t effectively comment on a sport, or a situation unbiasedly, unless one truly knows the rules of the game either through playing the sport (community clubs or higher); coaching experience or as a referee.
      I’ve already given my analysis of the foul on Robben. He was fouled by a frantic Mexican defender, and video replay indicates contact while Robben was in motion. The most critical item is the ball was NOT touched first – no escaping that fact; therefore, it’s a foul. The referee had a great view of play and called it as he saw it in the context of the rules of play; not from a bias as to who should win because they prefer one team’s play over another. This is not the referee’s job.
      Whatever one can say about the previous situations involving Robben, where his was seriously fouled in the first half or took a dive doesn’t matter in the context of that moment. Best to know the rules of soccer, and tactics, to understand and appreciate the game.
      Enjoy the rest of the Tournament.

    1. I imagine you’re Dutch so I wouldn’t ask you to judge whether it was a foul or not if I wanted an objective opinion. But if what occurred was enough to result in a game-ending penalty kick, there is something wrong with the game of soccer. It was a just a stupid way for the game to end. It had been an enjoyable, competitive match. What’s the point of watching if the ending can be so arbitrary, based on such a minor foul, even if there was one. And there was no way the Dutch player was going to get to the ball because a Mexican defender was right there. Before a game deciding penalty like that should be awarded the foul should interfere with someone who, except for the foul, would have had a direct shot on goal, one on one against the goalie, or the player had the opportunity to pass the ball to another player who would have had a direct shot on goal. Otherwise, there should be some intermediate penalty such as a corner kick, or a penalty kick from a longer distance. The penalty was much too severe for the not very apparent interference and the fact that the Dutch player was never going to get to the ball. To spend 90 minutes investing emotional energy into a game that ends that way is just not satisfying. It ruined experience. If Holland had won by scoring a legitimate goal that would have been fine. But if that’s how a soccer game can be played, with players flopping around to get penalty calls in the last few minutes of the game, then I’ll spend my time and emotional energy some other way.

      1. I agree that penalties like this are a crap way to decide the game. Just like being 3 hairs offside.

        However, the rules as they are now, make very clear that this was a penalty-worth foul.
        It would have been a much bigger disgrace NOT to award Robben the penalty, as it would have been in conflict with the rules.

        The defender sticks his leg in front of Robben’s legs, not playing the ball. Textbook stuff.

        Was Robben eager to get the penalty? YES.

        Is that classy? NO.

        Is it in accordance with the rules? YES

        Do South American players look for the penalty all the time? HELL YES.

        The game should be fixed, I can agree with that, but for the whole world to be calling Robben a cheater for falling down when fouled… is hypocrite and unjust.

        There were numerous other players falling down when NOT fouled… Why is nobody talking about that?

        Look at the penalties Brazil and Spain got in their first match… Now that is cheating.

        This was theatrics, not flopping. The foul was there and any objective football fan would agree that there is no reason for the ref NOT to give the penalty, unless biased against Robben.

        I’m sorry but that is the truth.

        1. Agree. I lived in NL for 1 years and always listening critics about PT players and their acting skills (diving). So it is NORMAL and acceptable that Robben would do the same, and ultimately that was a sufficent foul. BUT not fair for MX to lose that way. And Robben should have got a yellow before for really faking a foul some 10min earlier…Remember?

  63. Here’s a great angle:

    My analysis:

    MARQUEZ reached for the ball but missed. It was technically a trip, but only because he missed the ball; would have been a legal tackle IF he’d contacted the ball first.

    ROBBEN clearly embellishes. From some angles it looks like Marquez stepped on his foot, but look here:

    Trip, or flagrant dive?

    In any case, notice how his right leg kicks back and his arms do crazy circles. That’s not natural, to say the least.

    So.. my question is this: Given FIFA rules against “simulation” IF he was (lightly) fouled BUT he also embellished, what’s the call? Anyone know?

    1. I suppose there are no rules for intensity or grades of foul plus acting. Truth is that simple, faking penalties is yellow card simple as that, and he should have gotten one some time before…And then Robben would behave. He was the most active player for NL and frankly he his the onw who took NL further even without scoring.

  64. It was foul, BUT Robben had dived before during that game, inside penalty area. Meaning he should have got a YELLOW card for that behaviour earlier. In that sense, if referee had been fair before, maybe actor Robben would have been less bailarina. Great player though. Am portuguese and my players are quite actors, so I am used to that. Mexico plays with more team, Netherlands more stars, more efficiency….

  65. Ridiculous discussion. EVERY player in the same situation would fall when he gets tripped. This happens thousands of times around football fields all over the world. The dutch lost the 1974 final against Germany because of one even worse. The Germans draw level through a dodgy Breitner penalty after Bernd Hölzenbein dives over Wim Jansen’s leg. Who’s talking about that now? Grow up and stop blaming everybody but yourself. Mexico thought they could “easily” slide out the game after they scored 1-0. Their gamble payed of badly. Holland came back strongly and they had more changes to score 2-1. Stop crying, life goes on.

  66. Marquez was nowhere near the ball,nor did he attempt to play the ball. Everything went a lil too quick,for our amigo marquez. the only thing marquez did ,was block robben his path ;and obstruct his play.

    And ofcourse they try to blaim robben ;but they should blaim marquez ,because that foul is soo stupid to make at that moment.Especially with the kind of experience he has.

    I dont hear any of the ”hypocrits” bout the fact that both mexico ,and crc tried to injure robben several times during the game.

    Oh u wanted to say thats an act of fairplay? trying to injure the opponent.? Keep it real people.

  67. The simple way to deal with diving is to assess penalties in terms of match suspension after the game. Only penalize the most egregious dives, not exaggerations of real contact, and ban the player for the next game (a la accumulated yellows). Administer that in league play with a forfeiture of salary proportional to games missed (to the league, not back to the team) and see if the behavior doesn’t diminish.

  68. Arjen clearly tripped over his own foot. He was tripped by himself. This is an example of where instant replay maybe would have helped. Maybe I could become an instant replay judge?

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