Adidas Poised to Land Record-Breaking Deal with Manchester United

Adidas, the sportswear company based in Germany, are in talks with Manchester United to close a colossal deal worth £60 million a year to United and take the rights away from long time partner Nike. Although Nike still retains the rights, the American company will be allowed to make a counter-offer but are unlikely to be interested in increasing their current deal of £300 million over 10 years that is set to expire in 2015. Nike has been supplying Manchester United’s home and away kits since they entered a contract in the 2002-2003 season. The club’s new deal is expected to surpass any deal currently held by other teams.

Although manager David Moyes has been dismissed due to a poor season, Adidas is confident in the club’s commercial appeal and are willing to offer a record setting deal. United’s upper management traveled to the company’s German headquarters after facing Bayern Munich, and upper level Adidas employees have been attending games in United’s Old Trafford. After official negotiations ended with Nike, other companies were free to pursue United including Warrior and Puma as well as Adidas. Even amongst rumors of coaching changes, the brand of Manchester United is still worth a lot and the deal is most likely set to last a number of years, although probably not quite 10-years like the previous deals with Nike.

Adidas is no stranger to English club kits. Manchester United wore Adidas kits from 1980-1992. Here are some video highlights of United wearing Adidas kits:

Plus, Adidas are currently involved in a 10-year deal with Chelsea for £300 million and are well known for their unique commercials featuring headlining Chelsea players having molds taken of them before emerging in their new home uniforms. With Adidas’ creativity and United’s internationally recognizable uniforms, the partnership should prove successful for both parties. And it is in United’s best interest to sign a deal soon due to their regular high demand for jerseys and team merchandise.

4 thoughts on “Adidas Poised to Land Record-Breaking Deal with Manchester United”

  1. If it happens then Nike needs another BIG name in the Premier League since Arsenal is moving to Puma, leaving Man City (major deal) and Everton (minor deal) as the only remaining shirt suppliers for Nike in the League of which they uses their Ball. Since Chelsea has already resigned with Adidas for 10 year, I would fully expect NIKE them to go after Liverpool once the warrior deal is done in 2018, seeing its the only title contending club thats not tied up after 2020. I personally would love to see it happen, Nike + LFC would be a great fit especially with all of the retro stuff nike does.

  2. Wait I thought United were done and dusted and will permanently be a fixture in the 5th/6th/7th places.
    Shame on Adidas for for having some common sense.

  3. I generally don’t like the mandatory Adidas shoulder stripes, but we’ll see what they can do. I’m more excited to see who they spend the 60MM on. They can play in potato sacks if they players are good.

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