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Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 33: Open Thread

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Here is today’s TV/Internet schedule for matches being shown in the US:

Everton vs Arsenal, 8:30am, NBCSN
West Ham United vs Liverpool, 11am, CNBC

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

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71 Responses to Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 33: Open Thread

  1. jtm371 says:

    GO EVERTON BEAT ARSENAL. 3/1 to the Toffees.

  2. Ianor says:

    Jim beglin&jon champion. Great pair.

  3. EPLNFL says:

    Really this season has made it very difficult to figure put who to pull for if your a netural. Everton, Arsenal, Man U, Liverpool, and Cheslea all have reasons for the unattached fan to want to win and finish at or near the top. The old thinking of who to dislike no longer applies and this mornings early game is an example.

  4. Ianor says:

    They are flying the colours of world feed commentry. Enjoying this game much. Those two are enterntainers.

  5. jtm371 says:

    good follow up from Naismith not assuming Lukaku would score.

  6. Burnsey says:

    Interesting Everton are playing Naismith through the middle and Lukaka wide right.

  7. Burnsey says:

    Lukaku not good enough for Chelsea? What a goal.

    • Jack says:

      That puzzle s me also. He can’t be any worse than Torres, Ba, or Eto?
      They shot themselves in the foot when they let him go.

  8. jtm371 says:

    Matt Jones is living the dream.

  9. jtm371 says:

    Lukaku making Jose not so special.

  10. CassanovaFrankenstein says:

    We got a diver in the making with Naismith

  11. Felix says:

    Two things stand out this season. You can go to Old Trafford and win, and you can push Arsenal aside when you need to.

  12. Brian says:

    Everton are the real deal. Martinez has to be in line for manager of the year. With the resources they have he has done brilliantly. If they go on and win today 4th spot will be theirs to lose.

    Arsenal are in trouble if they don’t turn things around in the second half. If Arsenal lose tomorrow’s headlines will be all about Wenger’s future at the club.

  13. Burnsey says:

    Everton are fortunate that the top clubs (City..Chelsea) don’t see them as true threats and are happy to lend them players they don’t need. Would they be doing as well without Barry and Lukaku? The Barcelona kid has helped as well. Martinez wasn’t that great at Wigan. He only won a few league games there.

    • Flyvanescence says:

      Yeah kept by far the smallest club in the prem for several years.

      • Burnsey says:

        So did Paul Jewel and Steve Bruce

        • Felix says:

          So all 3 are bad managers or what?

          • Burnsey says:

            No…saying the opposite…let’s wait a while before we anoint Martinez this great manager. He took over an Everton team loaded with quality players from Moyes. He then managed to loan some quality players. He also had Barkely maturing at the right time for him. Let’s see him build his own team over the next few years to see how good he is.

    • Guy says:

      Burnsey, I agree with you. Let’s see how they do if they lose Lukaku. Just look at WBA last year as opposed to this.

      I like Martinez, but there’s plenty of time before we make him The Annointed One.

    • Eddie says:

      How dare you question? 10 thumbs down. Only praise of Everton allowed. You’re not following the script! Martinez is god. He didn’t get Wigan relegated last season. Lalalalalalal…. (fingers in ears)

  14. Burnsey says:

    Martinez record at Wigan:
    p176 W51 D47 L78 Win % 28.98

  15. Flyvanescence says:

    Wow honestly didnt think Everton had it in them.

    Forgot that Arsenal like themselves a chokeage.

  16. jtm371 says:

    TOFFEES running riot another great follow up.

  17. jtm371 says:

    The only thing to make this better would be the Liverbird gets Hammered.

  18. Ivan says:

    Spineless, gutless, heartless, pathetic, Arsenal!

    I know quite a few Arsenal fans and I truly feel for them…

    England with Woy have a better chance of winning the World Cup than Arsenal winning the Premier League again with Wenker. Enough said.

    Who cares if they win the FA Cup, the Elvis Presley or some other cup this season…

    Not to take anything away from Everton. They have had an amazing season and deserve to play in the Champions League next season. Well done, Martinez! I still go back to the 3:3 Everton-Liverpool game early in the season. A true Premier League classic.

  19. Flyvanescence says:

    Ive got a feeling theres been a rush of money on Wigan in the last hour or so.

  20. Balboa77 says:

    So Everton play a great physical match all day, Arteta throws one elbow and the ladies bust out the claws! Come on Everton.

  21. Burnsey says:

    Still favor Arsenal to finish 4th…the schedule favors them, and they have the type of home games they usually win.

  22. Smokey Bacon says:

    Hamas fans would kill to play football like Liverpool. It must be really painful for those that remember Brooking and others to watch the current plodders pumping long balls to Carroll.

  23. jtm371 says:

    I am glad the Hammers scored but that was a bad call.Pure foul no question.GO HAMMERS

  24. Frill Artist says:

    I hate Liverpool but they got hard done with that last goal. It was clearly a foul on Mignolet.

  25. Curt says:

    I have to regularly miss NBCSN’s version of Match of the Day when it is aired live. I would normally watch it on my iPad through their app. But since I have to miss it, I would like to watch it after it’s aired. So where in the world can I find a link to watch the NBCSN version of Match of the Day?!? I can’t find it anywhere! Please help.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      They may rerun it in the middle of the night on TV. It should be on soon too. It may be delayed.

      • Curt says:

        I don’t have cable on our tv, I use my dad’s subscription on my iPad app and online. So, if they put it up online, I’d love to know where. Or if you know of a website that has a stream of it like gettyfooty or watchseries or something.

    • mahluf says:

      Looks like it re-airs on NBCSN tonight at 11pm ET & 2am ET

      • Curt says:

        Don’t have cable on the tv just use it online and on the app. I’m looking for a link to stream it NOT-live. Maybe on a site like Gettyfooty or watchseries since I don’t see NBCSN posting replays of it online yet.

  26. Ianor says:

    The commentry team are very cool and calm today.

  27. Iancransonsknees says:

    Taylor’s reffed Liverpool 4 times this season and given them 3 penalties.

    You staying up Smokey?

    Happy with Pearce jtm?

    National day got messy.

    • Iancransonsknees says:

      4 in 4 now then!

    • Smokey Bacon says:

      To be fair, both were clear penalties. The Hamas can have no complaints.

      Ask me again after Wigan. Yesterday was a glimmer of light. Holloway has made some decent loan signings in recent weeks. Might be too little too late.

  28. scott says:

    If Suarez took penalties he would have destroyed the goal scoring record by now.

  29. jtm371 says:

    Not sure about Pearce did not light up the U21.The problem we still have a jacka$$ owner. I guess the pain will dissipate seeing how Forest has spit the bit for this season.

  30. Smokey Bacon says:

    Sam Allardyce always looks like has come straight from the pub. Amazing he was once considered a candidate for the England job.

  31. Smokey Bacon says:

    Manch United. The reason I can’t stand Robson. Utter moron.

    • Burnsey says:

      Yeh…but he was critical of Lucas in an attacking role, but owned up when he delivered a great pass for the second penalty. Most analysts would have hidden that. At least he tells it correctly.

  32. Ianor says:

    Liverbool four points clear of chelsea. Next week if they win they will be seven points clear of city, even if city win their two games hand they still won’t be champions. What lies head?

  33. Brian says:

    Liverpool win despite not being at their best. Two more penalties and deserved I thought. West Ham made it difficult for them. These are the kinds of matches that Liverpool used to struggle getting results from. Shows they have changed and the title is still theirs to lose. Huge match next Sunday against City. They’ll need to play much better to win that one.

    The other Merseyside club is rolling along as well. I hope both Merseyside clubs make the Champions League. Both play good football and it will make European nights special in the city.

  34. Flyvanescence says:

    Liverpool to beat City, draw Chelsea and one other draw. Likely at Palace. 85 pts.

    Chelsea draw at Liverpool and win all other games. 85 pts.

    City lose at Liverpool and draw at Everton. Win the rest and the league with 86 pts.

    Thats how im predicting. If Liverpool can avoid the hiccup that im predicting, they will win it.

  35. Iancransonsknees says:

    Norwich have panicked, Chris Hughton sacked.

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