Why FOX Should Televise the 2011 Gold Cup Final On Its National TV Network

As recently reported, FSC FOX Soccer is going through an exciting rebrand in time for the new EPL season.  As exciting as that sounds, FOX is missing a chance to generate buzz right now with the Gold Cup.  The Gold Cup, now in its knockout stages, will have possibly two weekend games for the US men’s national team — which is a source of very good ratings.  Yet FOX Soccer will probably have these games on FOX Soccer and not on FOX, the national TV network.

FOX has shown enthusiasm with its increased soccer coverage by having on-site coverage of the Champions League Final shown on the FOX network.  Granted the coverage was subpar, but the fact that a US network was willing to set up shop in Europe for a game was unprecedented (and costly).  A live on-site broadcast of  the Gold Cup Final for LA based FOX would be far cheaper and would allow FOX to reap the rewards of a potential USA vs Mexico final.  FOX has an extremely simple task of just setting up their Soccer Night in America studio at the Rose Bowl and allowing JP Dellacamera and Kyle Martino to provide their coverage to a nationwide audience of rabid soccer fans watching FOX, the TV network.

Now FOX could go the extra mile and pick up the Jamaica quarterfinal match at RFK this Sunday but it’s a little late for that.  It’s a shame because it could have possibly garnered decent ratings on Fathers Day away from a Tiger-less US Open on NBC.

If you’re wondering, FOX’s coverage of NASCAR ended a few weeks ago so the Sunday afternoon slot is currently empty.  Saturday nights for FOX involve COPS and America’s Most Wanted which are not vital programs and could sit the night out.  So the call goes out to you…do you think FOX should show the Gold Cup Final on FOX, the national TV network which is in more than 102 million homes nationwide? Share your opinions in the comments section below.


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