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Fan Focus Series: NPower Championship Season Ticket Prices

be hero Fan Focus Series: NPower Championship Season Ticket Prices

Banner on Burnley FC website promoting season ticket sales

This week as part of the ‘Football and the Fans’ series we will be looking at the cost of watching football for fans of club’s in the Npower Championship next season.

If you are a new season ticket holder willing to sit in the cheapest seats in the house the average cost of a new season ticket at a Championship club now stands at just over £400.

This simplistic statistic masks the complexity of the pricing process that means the cost of a season ticket at a club can depend on a number of demographic or financial factors that will be featured later in the series.

Season ticket prices vary dramatically across the league with Leeds the most expensive at £25 per game, whilst Cardiff fans can become a new season ticket holder for just £8.93 per game.  

Buying your ticket early would reduce the cost of buying your ticket as will paying up front, however for Ipswich fans who renew for two seasons there could be a rebate should the club get promoted.

Many clubs such as Derby have frozen their prices for 2011/2012 absorbing the rise in VAT to entice fans to renew or take the plunge for the first time.

Here is a full list of season ticket prices as advertised on the 8th June 2011


Cost of Lowest New S/T Purchase
Cardiff £205
Derby County £272
Coventry City £299
Peterborough £325
Barnsley £330
Leicester City £345
Millwall £360
Blackpool £384
Hull City £390
Bristol City £390
Reading £395
Watford £395
Brighton Hove Albion £395
Nottingham Forest £397
Birmingham £416
Middlesbrough £420
Burnley £428
Crystal Palace £440
Doncaster Rovers £440
Ipswich Town £493
Portsmouth £499
West Ham £515
Southampton £540
Leeds United £582

Source:  Club promotional literature

Note: Prices shown indicate the cost advertised for a first time adult season ticket holder in the cheapest area of the ground purchased after any early purchase discount

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3 Responses to Fan Focus Series: NPower Championship Season Ticket Prices

  1. rob l says:

    some of the season ticket prices are wrong the cheapest nottingham
    forest ticket is £375.00 in the trent end, also to buy a single
    ticket for the doncaster or milwall matches are only £25.00 so why
    are leeds utd ripping us off by charging £34.00

  2. gfsdd says:

    @rob l ….. millwall & doncaster are at the bottom leeds are
    near the top / mid table.

  3. ludders says:

    Forest price is 397. That’s what new people pay

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