Fox Soccer Channel’s Soccer Night in America Equals A Big Success

On a cold and rainy night in Portland, Oregon, a special moment took place Friday when you watched the Fox Soccer Channel game of the week. The suspense and the anticipation were growing as the hours became minutes, then seconds before start time. At 10pm ET the pre-game show started and the new age of MLS games being broadcast by a professional sports network designed for the game was finally giving this American League the respect that it truly deserved.

The name change to “Soccer Night in America” was fantastic and the logo looked bold and strong. The new theme music was powerful and it felt like you wanted to jump through the television and be at Jeld-Wen Field. The scoreboard looked simple and solid. You didn’t have to wonder if the graphics guy used Microsoft Paint to set it up. Even the commercials to get ready for this game and the change looked better.

After what Fox Sports does for their coverage of Major League Baseball, NASCAR, the National Football League and their regional Fox Sports Net channels, MLS has finally been rewarded with the type of production that has been sorely lacking to move the game forward in the United States to the next level. The only thing I felt that was overdone a bit with the graphics was the continued explanation of the colors both sides were wearing to distinguish each other.

Other than that little critique, it was a fantastic display from Fox Soccer and hopefully when this one year extension is finished, both the channel and the league can come together with a brand new production contract with many years and continue with what we have seen from this match and the rest of the 2011 season.

The first phase of this new set up by Fox was to hire J.P. DellaCamera who is one of the top broadcasters in the country. Adding these new graphics and sound was the second phase of this plan. But as I have said before, more needs to be done to make the game in the States more watchable and to give the league and American soccer more respect.

More US Open Cup games than just the Championship Final, extending the weekly shows all year round to discuss our leagues and to have a soccer radio show that is also simulcast on the channel are must-haves. If Mike & Mike in the Mornings can be simulcast on ESPN Radio and on ESPN TV, then hopefully FSC can attempt to do the same thing with someone who has a show on regular radio or Sirius/XM.

I know that I am getting ahead of myself on this issue. Yet we have seen all four major sports can be discussed and given respect like this in the mainstream sports media, soon American soccer needs to be put into the same limelight as the rest of them are. The popularity of the sport is growing in this country and very soon, it will be time that the sports media accepts this and welcomes it with open arms.

22 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel’s Soccer Night in America Equals A Big Success”

  1. HAHAHAHA!!! What a joke! The logo is a direct ripoff of the logo of the greatest league on earth. You losers are nothing like them. Roger Goodell should sue you wimps. Too bad he doesn’t know you exist.

    So now you think you’re gonna get “respect” now? Haha, this is just like Revenge of the Nerds. You guys are the Tri Lams. No one cares about your sissy sport, even if you copy off NBC’s Sunday Night pregame show. You guys think piggybacking off of them will earn you respect??? Hahaha!! Pathetic.

      1. Ditto.

        You know you wrote a good article if the Trolls disagree with you or they don’t read it in the first place.

  2. …The NFL ripped off hockey night in Canada, and thats ok because People copy good ideas,thats how life works. If we’re the nerds why are you the one trolling on the Internet you must be quite the party animal. At least MLS had a season this year.

  3. LOL @ troll. Here you are trolling in the name of a bunch of grown men who throw around a football for a living. Sports leagues, even the “greatest league on earth” (United States), in the end, are just a bunch of guys playing a game. Loser.

    1. but some games require endurance and stamina while other games require that half the team be obese. The latter game doesnt qualify it as a sport. I’m sure someone will post in response, “how about we let some 300 pound lineman put his shoulder into you, and we’ll see about whats a sport or not”. As for that, even hitting in sport is accompanied with artistry. Pac-man and boxing exemplifies the art of hitting. He has an incredible range of motion, something lacking from those bloated men in pads.
      As for the success of “Soccer night in America”, it all depends on ratings. I wonder what the rating was for NY vs LA.

  4. everythng looks good

    still question why they chose friday night. People go out on friday night.

    it’s no coincidence networks put their worst shows on a friday night

    they’ll do fine in the seats but i don’t see a chance for much of a TV audience

    would be better off going to monday night or tuesday night

    1. The main reason Andy is that Fox Soccer & MLS didn’t get to an agreement in time to divide the big games. Basically ESPN 2 has both NY Vs LA games this season when normally it would’ve been At LA on ESPN 2 & At NY on FSC.

      Other than that they decided to have their game of the week on Fridays, but sometimes they even have it on Saturdays as well. Still when there is an extension of the contract between FOX & MLS it should be alot better.

  5. There is really not much to say. Good job to FSC. I also want to give a shout out to EPL Talk. The Gaffer wrote a great article before the game that was very positive and the posters on that post were also great for the most part. Just goes to show you that you can like different leagues.

  6. Any word on the view ratings?

    There’s a lot of support for the Timbers here in Portland, but it’s not quite there yet… I still run into people in town who only watch euro soccer. Hopefully the fan base continues to expand. It can only help MLS. Really looking forward to the match in Seattle.

    1. IT gets high enough ratings they show it a second time on the local Fox station in the Northwest (Root Sports ).

  7. I was wondering about the video quality. It seems a bit less than HD with the zoomed out cameras, as compared to Telefutura, where the video appeared flawless in a Chivas game.

    I really appreciated the atmosphere on the Portland broadcast. Really good crowd.

  8. Watched it. Didn’t notice a bit of difference. Don’t get me wrong, the addition of J.P. Delacamara (spelling?) is a very nice touch. After Bretos left, there was a large void in coverage. That said, the halftime and pre/post-game coverage is now garbage! What happened to Todd Grisham? I like Wynalda, but not in this role. He was good on FFF with NIck, but not here…

    Also, where was this great camera coverage I heard so much about? Borrrring!

    I have MLS Direct Kick, and thoroughly enjoy it! I find many of the local coverages to be far superior to Fox coverage, although some of the commentators are the same (they must be employees of MLS first and foremost eh?)

  9. The color guys ( forgot his name ) stinks.

    JP is JP, he is definitely not bad and knows his players. I like him better as an MLS guy than for the National Team, why, I don’t know, he doesn’t seem to “try” so hard to impress.

    I love the guy on the sidelines, great insight into formations, tactics, and even what the coaches were saying to the players. It was a very nice touch.

  10. Meh, it was better but not their yet. All these different cameras and slow mo cameras? I didn’t see or recognize them once. Not a fan of the scoreboard either. The Premiership camera and production quality is still a billion times better, wish we can get there

    1. Also, why don’t they ever show the teams walking out and lining up on the pitch? It’s really annoying that they break for commercial at this time! Perhaps this was only on ESPN2 and not FSC, can’t remember.

  11. I am a Sounder’s fan, but you have to give credit to the Timber’s fans.
    Seemingly original stuff, song/chanted/cheered very loudly.

    I love it when people say it sounds like a Euro game, they are consistantly louder than any other I have heard, with many less fans.

    I think Sounder’s Royal Broham group will step it up..and there are more of them.

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