MLS ’11 Preview: Info

If you’ve checked out the site for the last two days, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that we have embarked on a new series. Robert Hay approached some of the frequent contributors to MLS Talk (Daniel Feuerstein, Kristan Heneage, and myself) with the idea for a daily preview leading up to the new season. While we all considered this to be an extensive undertaking, we decided it was well worth the effort to engage our readership and give them a taste of what to expect.

So we’re planning to go through, team-by-team, as we wait in anticipation for MLS First Kick set for Tuesday, March 15 when Seattle Sounders host the LA Galaxy. We will also have a few posts dedicated to issues impacting Major League Soccer at this juncture in the league’s history, and we’d welcome suggestions from readers in this vein. At the end of the series, we’ll come together and and give some overall predictions for the 2011 MLS season.

We hope you enjoy this trip through the table!

27 thoughts on “MLS ’11 Preview: Info”

  1. Great idea, thanks!
    Would be awesome if you discussed the possibilities of Garber one day making the league a single table and turning the Supporters Shield into the real champion with the MLS Cup as a cup tournament at the end of the season. I know people discuss this a lot but I haven’t heard anyone go into detail about what the realistic possibility is of it happening and when…

  2. I love the idea.


    We already have 2 single tables 1 for eastern teams and one for western teams. And the Supporter Shield is like the Presidents Cup in Hockey. Its for the Regular Season Champs. MLS cup is the Postseason Tournament Champs. We don’t have to do every little thing like Europe. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the Playoff Format. The 4 best in the East and the 4 best in the west in my opinion, it makes it less of a slap in the face to Geography.

        1. Dang, they snuck in anyways.

          Then immediately turned it into non-soccer talk.
          Playoff talk, league talk, commissioner talk.

          Do any of you watch soccer ?

          Just give me an update on your favority MLS teams pre-season.

      1. I hope that I give the proper due to Robert, it was really his brainchild. I just thought we needed an explanation of what we’re up to.

        Just started watching COL v RSL in the CCF! An early preview of the MLS campaign, in February!

        And finally, my first installment will publish early tomorrow morning. As you can see, excited for some domestic soccer!

        1. I was cold just watching them play last night lol. If we ever had a September to May schedule, I would not be attending too many games.

          It seemed like both teams relied too heavily on long balls in the first half. During the second half they seemed to focus on passing more, especially RSL. It is supposed to be in the 40s for the second leg so that should improve things a little bit I think.

    1. no it makes no sense having east/west its retarded. everyone plays everyone already and if all the best teams are in the west or east then so be it.

  3. I think it would be a ton of fun to have people predict the games and keep track of the results. Monday AM picks. Not sure you have enough to do this, but if you do.

    All the picks could be public, so it would up the banter quite a bit.

    (Not sure how you do that with ties, except maybe have tie as an option.
    1 point for every right prediction.)

    Just a thought.

  4. I totally agree with you Dan it bothers me the fact that. No one really cares whether MLS improves or not. Sadly however garbage garber was groomed by NFL and believes that the only way MLS can grow is if MLS copies NFL and turn it into NFL soccer edition.

    1. People want MLS to improve, but they get tired of the same arguments in blog posts that have nothing to do with the subject that was addressed. Its not happening anytime soon, nor could it realistically happen soon, even if Garber wanted it to.

      I can think of many things that are realistic to improve the league at this point in time without trying to turn this into EPL part 2, which has its own issues believe it or not.

    2. Sadly Garbage Garber saved the league from the fate of the NASL and created means for teams to make money.

      He’s such a bad commissioner isn’t he?

  5. @Dan

    So, this is a blog post about the 2011 upcoming season and the teams involved. It is not about single table. Since you bring it up, I do think that one way to add more credibility to the Supporter’s Shield while keeping the MLS Cup as important as it is would be to make the season opener the Supporter’s Shield winner and the MLS Cup winner with a trophy on the line (supporter’s shield runner up if the supporter’s shield winner is also the MLS Cup winner).


    Once again, beating a dead horse. This has NOTHING to do with what is happening right now, or this blog post. We barely have a stable Divison 2. So, how about we watch the league, discuss the upcoming season (teams, players, changes, the things that matter and are actually there) and start supporting the MLS. You know, our domestic league, like every soccer nation does.

    1. ” We will also have a few posts dedicated to issues impacting Major League Soccer at this juncture in the league’s history, and we’d welcome suggestions from readers in this vein.”

      Can you read? And no adding a BS Community Shield at the beginning won’t do sh*t. The regular season must be worth enough to make all the little a-hole teams work hard the whole season and not half ass it and actually try last minute and become “champion”


      1. I’m pretty sure they were talking about the upcoming 2011 season. Its not happening anytime this year, or next year, or the year after that. Get over it. This stuff has been discussed to death. The consensus is that it is not happening anytime soon, if ever. Its not that hard to understand. And if you think that the regular season means nothing, then you really don’t watch MLS. The first game that I attended last year with Columbus and LA when they were both undefeated, and it was a big deal to every fan there that one team was going to be on top after the end of the season. So, you have a choice. Help improve whats there.

      2. Supporters Shield Winner gets an automatic group stage qualification in the CCL, no?

        Also as for your THIS ISN’T EUROPE IT’S SOCCER Comment
        Doesn’t Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Australia have play-offs?

        I mean they are playing soccer too, right?

        1. Let’s not forget who else uses playoffs. That’s right. EUROPE. Bundesliga 2 and nPower all use playoffs in their pro/rel qualification. They also use the regular season to qualify for Champions League, which is a playoff. Heck, the FIFA world cup too. If it were to really mean something, why can’t the top teams of 20 just compete in a regular season format to really determine who the champion is. I mean Brazil went in ranked number 1, but Spain won. What if Germany had won? Would that not have been legitimate too? What if Man U wins their league but Arsenal wins CL. How can you be the champion of a continent and not win your league. Man, it’s too bad that European soccer doesn’t mean anything either, or the world cup for that matter. Just sad.

  6. Trolls, be gone. Maybe all of us that want to talk and read about the upcoming season and all the stuff happening in the league currently should make a pact. We should just talk around these posts and discuss what the actual post is about. Just ignore the trolls. If those that blog MLS talk want to post about single table, pro/rel, etc, then we can discuss it. It’s getting to be an old discussion and totally out of place on EVERY blog post.

    1. If you follow my Twitter account, you’ll see I’m just as much of an avid fan of single table and pro/rel as the next guy. But we’ve covered that a lot, and I’m sure further posts will be made throughout the coming years.

      We came up with a couple of items to cover, but if others bring up solid, relevant topics for us to profile, we’d be dumb to ignore.

      And yes, I think single table and pro/rel are relevant, but not when it comes to 2011. We’re not going to have a “champion” decided by single table, so let’s move forward in this series with a 2011 focus rather than a longer-term aspiration.

    2. Alan, this is their only soapbox aside from certain websites. These people have been banned from BigSoccer and most bloggers just delete their posts now because they are trolling up a storm. MLST is their last well-known soapbox and gosh darn it they will use this soap box to the fullest.

      Personally I’m for Pro/Rel, single table, etc, but its just no financially safe enough to support an American league in ANY sport. As I have mentioned prior, executives in other sports league are interested in Pro/Rel, simplified schedules etc, but the owners are not, and in the end they are the ones who decide.

      1. these people? are you kidding me Tim, do you even know who I am. I am not even on BigSoccer so why don’t you just stfu. He asked for some topics to discuss and I supplied one. And perhaps I misunderstood but you are so childish to call it Trolling, you are just an uneducated idiot.

        1. Who you are is an anonymous person named Dan on the internet, what you do and who you are in the real world is irrelevant. You supplied a topic which is not relevant to the 2011 Season of Major League Soccer. You bring up a gripe which is over-discussed and abused, even when the discussion does not call for it. Doing so is trolling. So please don’t try to excuse yourself by utilizing ad hominem attacks.

      2. I’m for pro/rel and single table, but this is irrelevant to this blog post, it’s not happening tomorrow, and it’s a worn out discussion.

  7. How about the league tries to get the MLS Cup and the Supporters Shield a sponcer similar to what NASCAR and Gold does for there different Cups.

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