Steven Gerrard Pushes Fan After Hull City Game

At the end of Hull City’s nil-nil game against Liverpool Sunday, supporters ran on to the pitch but unfortunately there were no stewards to escort the players off the field. As a result, Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was encircled by supporters and demonstrated his frustration by pushing one teen away (see above video).

Hat tip: 101 Great Goals.

38 thoughts on “Steven Gerrard Pushes Fan After Hull City Game”

  1. Oh c’mon. Gaffer, you don’t even know what even happened in the first place. All you see is the video, and jump to a conclusion!

    Thanks for lowering the credibility of this website to add fuel to your already hatred on Steven Gerrard.

        1. If you’re stating that he wasn’t frustrated with a crap season and no CL football, that’s OK. I guess that means Liverpool supporters have determined that Stevie Me is content with his efforts this year.

    1. Punished for what? For pushing away a fan that shouldn’t even be on the pitch in the first place. That was about the weakest “shove” you’ll ever see.

      Here’s a tip for fans that run onto the pitch: If you don’t want to get shoved and/or hit by the players that you’re harassing, then stay the hell off.

  2. I think it’d be best for Steven, Liverpool, and the England squad if Gerrard were to move on. Some players need a bigger stage than the Europa League, and Gerrard is one of them. A move abroad makes sense to me, and would add years to his career.

  3. He shouldn’t have pushed the kid, especially after there was guy on his right who put his hand on his shoulder. I couldn’t see if the kid that he pushed grabbed him but it’s like he turned around, sought him out, and shoved the sh*t out of him.

    But who allowed all the fans to storm the pitch like that? They were away right? So there’s no way that those were all ‘Pool supporters. Who knows what might’ve happened.

    Stevie G is still a c**t though but seriously, why did they allow all of those people on the field.

  4. The guy is nothing but a thug. If he wasn’t a footballer he’d probably be out robbing car stereos and shoplifting. He’s playing crap at the moment anyway and shouldn’t go to the world cup in my opinion, he walks around the pitch looking like he can’t be arsed nowadays.

  5. i was there and i know the boy in the blue coat in the video, throughout the game all he got was “pedo pedo”, and everyone was shouting it to him and apparantly he pushed the kid offf because he was trying to nick his captains armband or something. do not blame gerard at all.

  6. I am a Hull City fan- I feel the disgusting crap Gerrard got was right out of order. Gerrard is a World Class player. I am proud that my club has played against players of his caliber.Some of the Stupid fns we have are a nightmare- if this chav idiot was trying to nick his rmband then I have no problems with what he did. Any of them asking for SG to be punished are idiots…

  7. Inexcusable. Perfect end to a perfect season.

    So with Terry out of the Captain’s picture, is Gerrard captaining England? Is Rio healthy enough to take the armband? If not, will Gerrard get bypassed for Lampard (given their seasons, he would deserve to be)?

  8. if you look at the clip again you clearly see the kid grab hold of what was in stevie gs hand (captains arm band) im a hull supporter and was their if i was stevie g i would of pushed him away aswell cheeky twat also its a joke supporters got on the pitch ne thing could have happened. i would also like to comment on thepoor excuse of liverpool supporters who were throwing bottles coins and lighters at the end u bunch of girls

  9. Some absolutely clueless comments there, all except the genuine Hull fan.

    The real ‘crime’ was the idiots who invaded the pitch (for no reason) and then jumped all over Gerrard, having sang songs calling him a paedophile all afternoon.

    All Gerrard was trying to do was applaud the visiting fans.

    And the few hundred stewards and police? They just stood with their backs turned to it all and not a single one attempted to protect the players.

    It could have got very ugly out there and the only people to blame were the stewards and police who didnt have the sense to actually think to stop the Hull thugs from hanging off Gerrard’s shoulders.

    No wonder Humberside police has the worst record in the UK.

  10. I agree that the idiots shouldnt have grabbed Gerrard, but a few people need to get off the moral high ground here with regards to pitch invasions. They happen fairly frequently at the end of seasons in England. They nearly always pass off with no trouble. Ultimately, if twenty thousand people want to get on the pitch, how do you suggest a few hundred stewards stop them?

  11. how about “gerrard attacked by fan” as a headline or doesn’t that fit your agenda? i used to like this site but it seems to be going down the toilet british gutter press style.

      1. I don’t think the site is going down the toilet.

        But the headline should say “Gerrard Pushes Fan After Pitch Invasion”

        The original is a bit out of context. I don’t believe Gerrard is to blame in this case in any way.

  12. I’m confused about storming the pitch… Almost in all cases, fans storm fields to celebrate a major victory, championship, etc… Hull City is relegating to Championship. So why were they storming the pitch? To commiserate the failure of Hull City’s season?

  13. Good for Gerrard.

    If the people want to talk crap, stay in the stands…if you venture onto the pitch, you risk getting your ass kicked or physically beat down.

    I can’t stand Liverpool either but this entitlement that fans have these days is a joke. Stay in the stands or else

    1. Exactly.

      It’s funny how fans will yell and taunt players and they cry “momma” when somebody sticks it to them.

      Fans belong in the stands, not the pitch.

  14. oh my god, i dont normally comment on these sites but have to on this occassion. its just complete rubbish fuelled by morons with nothing better to do.

    firstly why the hell are fans on the pitch?? footballers are no different than actors or other celeb types and generally have some level of protection when they go out in public to protect them from yobs and morons, like on here…

    if you are walking home from work tomorrow and 50+ people start clinging to you and touching you its not gonna be nice now is it!

    people on here ie gaffer and matt, you are very sad individuals. have a word with yourself. no infact have two! nothing ou say is viable or constructive


  15. I hope sky sports don’t do their usual over analysis, as they love to with things like this, the last thing we need is another England player with a load of controversy playing on their mind!

    In all it doesnt bother me, all he did was shove the person, just probably done mostly out of frustration

  16. What a horribly inflammatory headline. Whatever your intent with this post, you can allay any unfair characterizations of your intent right now by emphatically denouncing the fan(s) of Hull City and proclaiming Gerrard had every right to push that lad away. He didn’t strike, pummel, nor use unnecessary force. Just enough to get the hell away from those “fan”atics on the pitch. Shame on you Gaffer for suggesting this action by Steven Gerrard was somehow untoward. Not a post you should be proud of. And please no playing the “I simply put it up for the readers to decide” card. That would be very shallow mate.

  17. I was there at the game and the abuse that Steven Gerrard endured throughout the 90 minutes was nothing short of a disgrace. The police and stewards that surrounded the pitch did nothing but laugh and toss it off as Liverpool supporters pleaded with them to help Gerrard. All he wanted to do was applaud and thank the visiting fans for their ever continuing support. Who knows, that may be the last time we see our hero in a Liverpool shirt and he couldn’t thank us.

    As with the Hillsborough disaster, the police were inadequate and laughed in the faces of innocent people. What if Gerrard had have been stabbed?

    Oh and one more thing, no Liverpool fan got on the pitch, so get your facts right before spreading shit like the press will do. Y.N.W.A STEVEN GERRARD

  18. To be honest, Gerrard did the right thing. We don’t know what the kid must of said but obviously Gerrard would not do this for no reason. Just because of his status does not mean he cannot get frustrated. Mostly its glory fans who know bollocks all about football who make the comments.

  19. ohhh no what is this silly little kid on about!
    i mean we all tryin to have a debait then he comments that ohhh no pathetic !!

  20. Any chance of some sort of moderation of the comments on here?

    Len’s comments are a disgrace, a website with integrity would not allow them to be published.

  21. Gerrard pushing the kid off is the least of the crimes in the video: the kid trying to lift the captain’s band is obviously worse, the fans running onto the pitch is worse still, the lack of stewards is worse than that, and Liverpool’s season is the worst of them all. Gerrard ending the season shoving an obnoxious Inbetweener probably sums up Liverpool’s year better than any sports commentator ever will.

  22. Rather than throwing his weight around, a prospective England captain would have dealt with it with the right word and given the daft kid his precious armband. These kids pay his overhyped wages and legal costs and shouldn’t be despised by them under any circumstances. Bobby Moore, not.

  23. What is there to expect when fans run onto the pitch after the final whistle goes? How on earth would SG know what the fans were going to do? There is always a rotten apple around and what to expect when nobody was there to protect the stars. Stupid post and stupid post by those who talk down to SG from this video.

  24. Erik, the professional sportsman was a foot taller than these kids. They were running on to celebrate Hull City’s achievement in the last 5 years despite the disappointment of relegation. Running on the pitch has become a relegation tradition in the last game of the season which gives the fans access to their heroes (not that Liverpool would know anything about dealing with that kind of failure in the last 40 years – try bottom of the 4th division). Believe it or not sport isn’t about players or owners its about the fans 99% of whom aren’t hooligans. Liverpool used to know that but now theyre selling their soul like Chelski and ManU.

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