Chelsea Home Shirt For 2010-11 Season Revealed: Photo

A photo has been leaked of Chelsea’s new home strip for the 2010-11 season.

Designed and manufactured by Adidas, the most notable change to Chelsea’s new football kit is the addition of a red trim around the neck. Red has been used on the home shirt in the past, so it’s not a radical change. In addition to that, the shirt now features a v-neck.

Overall, however, this to me is a very unimaginative redesign of Chelsea’s new football shirt. Yes, it’s clean and aesthetically pleasing. But it looks like the Adidas designers just made a few minimal changes to make it look different enough so football fans would buy the shirts. But not so different where it tested the Adidas designers to try something really more beautiful.

What do you think of the new design? Click the comments lin below to share your opinion.

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48 thoughts on “Chelsea Home Shirt For 2010-11 Season Revealed: Photo”

  1. for so long we waited to have a brand like Adidas, with their smart and innovative kits. Now they make me wish we had stayed with Umbro.

  2. Wow Adidas. Didn’t think you could put out anything worse than the breast plates that are on this years home kit. Very cheap looking and what’s with the extra long “short” sleeves? Wish they’d switch to Nike who actually are innovative with their designs.

    1. dont be a twat adidas are the brand to have you sausage and dont no where you going with nike lol thats just funny nike ya no nike are shit

  3. Absolutely pants in all honesty, Since we’ve switch to to Adidas, the kits on the whole have been disappointing. This looks like following in the same vain. I’d rather switch back to Umbro, or at a push Nike. We’ve simply not an Addidas kit team, doesn’t look right and is boring looking…

  4. The sleeves remind me of 3/4 sleeves that baseball players wear which is seems odd on a soccer jersey and why not yellow on the neck instead of red. My favorite home jersey was the 08-09 with the collared v-neck wish they would bring something back like that. It would be awesome if they switched to Nike or Umbro because my aunt works for Nike (who owns Umbro) and gets a crazy discount at the corpate store. This past season the only one I liked was the away jersey but don’t really wear it becuase they never win when they wear it. I hope the away and third jerseys are better than the home jersey.

  5. Looks like a mixture of the 08/09 home kit and the 08/10 liverpool home kit.

    The shorts look exactly the same as this years chelsea kit.

  6. I would enjoy a switch to Nike or Umbro but I have to say out of all the jerseys I have enjoyed the away or third kit more than the tradition blue. Between the breast plates of this year and the low collar of the previous, the retro yellow and the white with thin dark blue lines have been my favorite kits in recent history.

  7. Photog: “Alright gentleman, just a little more levity … just loosen up … maybe don’t clench the fists … ok, guys – we’ve got tough. we’ve got defiant. maybe let’s go for fun with this one? … a little softer … the fists, gentlemen? … guys? … no? … well, ok – I guess we’re done … waste of my freakin’ time.”

  8. I know red is part of the traditional club crest, but RED?! WTF! I HATE RED! This jersey is a throwback to the Fly Emirates days with Umbro. And the colour looks weird – too shiny and light. I’ll still buy it though…

  9. Thought teams we’re legally only allowed to change kits every 2 seasons unless there was a change in sponsor, manufacturer or the kit was for a special occasion? This is Chelsea’s 3rd home kit in as many seasons….

  10. I’m thrilled to see Chelsea loose the ‘breast plate’ look – as a female fan, that choice from this season actively discouraged me from buying the kit. Not thrilled with the 2/3 sleeve look, that seems like something that will look awkward on an average body type fan.

  11. OK shirt but Ste’s point of it looking like their previous shirt and Liverpool’s current, is well taken. The red in the collar is bizarre, – they should have used yellow instead but that’s what you get when a club changes their shirt EVERY season, just recycled mosh. At least there are no “patch spaces” on the sleeves.

  12. Isn’t there a rule that teams can’t introduce a new jersey every year? Seems like Adidas is always releasing a new kit for Chelsea and Liverpool. Trying to come up with a new design every year makes it difficult to please everyone.

    1. its got like 10% in pleasing fans and 90% is making $$$ in releasing a new kit every year, at least for liverpool its every two seasons like most other clubs, but chelsea another new home kit for the third consecutive season, talk about ripping off your fans and not caring..

    2. Jmansor, that’s a myth. There is no such rule that prevents Premier League teams from releasing new kits each year. But perhaps there should be!

      The Gaffer

  13. Way better than this year’s breastplate monstrosity. Not great though. And why do the blue look so washed out nowadays, or is it the picture. Royal blue should be darker blue. Still, it is not Nike crap. They do the worst ones ever. Look at Arsenal, Manu, Barca – weird colours and fancy design bits that just look phony.

  14. As the Gaffer has said – there are no rules regarding shirt changes, it was just a standard of decency for clubs to change (esp home) shirts every 2 years barring a change of sponsor. Liverpool felt so bad about changing their shirt in 92 (after their switch to Calsberg) that they actually changed the material/badge to make the new one worth buying. Those days are long gone, now it’s a multi million pound business, and with that new massive Liverpool/Adidas contract, I won’t be surprised if LFC’S new home shirt only lasts just one season.

    The Premier League is the only major league that requires their clubs to wear official standardized names/numbers. They even seem eager to tell managers what players to pick but they are conspicuously silent about their clubs ripping off their fans.

  15. What you can’t see on the picture here, but can see if you go to their store website:
    there is mesh on it. And if you go to this link and click “see larger images and other views” it shows the back of the shirt as well – which looks like it has mesh tear drops or at least triangles getting smaller…

    I hated the breast plate, but this mesh isn’t much better…

    Sure hope the away and 3rd kits are better – I really don’t like this one.

    1. Wow, I hadn’t noticed that. Epic fail for female fans, or best shirt ever, depending on your gender and perspective.

  16. I don’t mind the chels bringing out a new shirt every year. to be honest because I don’t live in england therefore can’t get to any games, when i buy a shirt every year it makes me feel like I’m supporting them a bit more (as well as paying tv licence fees to watch them live at 3am). I think this design is modest and tasteful – nothing flashy or garish about it like this years – seriously, petr cech looks like TRON. Anyway as long as we keep winning, they can all wear man utd jerseys as far as i care.

  17. looks really nice, when i heard about the red, i was like OMFG WHY THE FU*K WOULD THEY PUT RED ON A CHELSEA SHIRT!!! then i saw it, and though, hmmm, looks good. deffo gunna buy 1! perhaps would be better if the red bit was yellow? or a darker blue?

    1. If u yanks actually knew any history surrounding your new found ’soccer’ team then u’d know and not be suprised that the Lion on our old crest which saw the beast jumping over the initials CFC was coloured red from 91-94 before changing to yellow from 95. This paid homage to the Chelsea Pensioner World War veterans that wear large red overcoats as part of their uniform! Red has long stood part of the badge because of this ! If you look at the Rose’s (beause we were called Tudor Rose FC before being named Chelsea in 1905) and the leather footballs on the new crest, they are still red! A little education there for you post Abromovich fans! And please it’s football NOT soccer!

      1. I’m sorry that soccer hasn’t been popular for a long period of time in our country. I grew up in a family that thought soccer was boring and pointless, one of the European sports that meant nothing. But I eventually gave it a chance. I could probably say the same to you with baseball. I bet you don’t know shit about the New York Yankee’s history and they are the most storied and widely known sports team in the world. Oh, I also have history lesson for you too we call it soccer because soccer is an abbreviation of the word association which is the variation of football it is just like Rugby, Aussie Rules, and American Rules are variations. Now cool off and watch us win the double.

        1. I know loads about the Yankee’s and Rounders or Baseball as u call it! I own 6 Yankee baseball caps! Ha Ha! Good to see there is genuine interest and it’s not down to ‘Brand Beckam’ invading your shores! UP THE BLUES!

          1. Shut up South London Blue. Owning a Yankees cap doesn’t mean you know anything about them, their history or the sport which is made obvious by the fact you think Baseball and Rounders are the same thing. Congratulations, you managed to make yourself look like a right idiot.

            And I didn’t know soccer came from assocation. That’s a pretty cool fact.

            Comeon you Blues!

  18. they never really change the shorts and since the 2006/7 season i dont think we have had a good kit the away kit and 3rd kits are the ones i usaully get

  19. Yeah i thought it looked very ‘Rangers’ when i first saw it…the 2 clubs have a bit of an aliance as i understand it.

  20. why are all you wankers complainig about the red??
    You all became fans because they have been getting better the past years…
    If you were real fans you would know somthing about the chelsea history.
    Maybe the Pensioners ring any bells?
    Stupid wankers….

  21. it seems to be nice collection of plus size clothes since many of my friends are plus size and she didn’t find there choice of clothes so i think it would be nice option for them.

  22. Frank looks good – Terry looks like an angry lush. The blue looks great, the sleeves are pretty cool – not sure about the red though. But so very much better than the away kit!!!

  23. personally, i love the new shirt and will be buying it. Also, i like the addition of the red, it shows their support for the chelsea pentioners :)
    loving thre shirt, cant wait for another fantastic season 😀

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