Fox Soccer Plus to Launch On DirecTV and FiOS March 1

Fox Soccer Plus, the new 24/7 soccer network from Fox Soccer Channel, will launch on DirecTV and Verizon FiOS on March 1, 2010.

In phone calls and e-mails with DirecTV and FiOS representatives with several EPL Talk readers, DirecTV and FiOS representatives have confirmed that Fox Soccer Plus will be available. One EPL Talk reader even shared the above screen capture (see above) which shows the FiOS programming guide with Fox Soccer Plus programming on the Setanta Sports channel (1009) where Fox Soccer Plus will launch Monday.

Another EPL Talk reader said “I just got a message on my Verizon FIOS set-top-box saying as of March 1st Setanta Sports Channel 1009 will become Fox Soccer+ and no games will be missed.”

As for DirecTV customers, DirecTV has added a page to its website explaining the monthly subscription policy (believed to be $14.99). And in communications with DirecTV representatives, many have confirmed that Fox Soccer Plus will be available beginning March 1 including one who said “As of March 1st all existing subscribers of Setanta will automatically roll over to [Fox Soccer Plus].”

In both the DirecTV and FiOS instances, it is not known at press time whether either Fox Soccer Plus will be available in HD although it appears unlikely.

UPDATE: DirecTV has confirmed that the March 1 indicated above will be the launch date for Fox Soccer Plus on DirecTV channel 621. The channel will be available in SD first, and HD in the near future.

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  1. Thank God! I’m not going to completely breathe easy until I see an FSC+ logo on my screen and am watching a game, but it’s looking like we won’t miss any EPL games if you are on DirecTV!

    1. I don’t understand what all the excitement is about?

      Let’s see, at $15 a month for a single channel with even less programming than its previous incarnation, woohoo, jumpin’ up and down!

      No way I’m plunking down $15 a month with even less programming than before. From what I understand, FS+ won’t even have first pick of many of the matches.

  2. Hopefully other providers will follow suit, namely UVERSE…the wait since the announcement of all these things has been excruciating

  3. AT&T U-verse also has fox programming on Setanta channel 657 starting March 1st. However no confirmation from anyone at AT&T yet concerning addition of Fox Soccer Plus to service.

  4. Not holding my breath on Comcast, Setanta was never available outside of the SF Bay Area. No changes on the program guide on 3/1 in FL it seems

  5. Finally something positive is happening, this should end the rumors. Some people will still complain, but they are the same ones who would bitch if they were hung with a new rope.

  6. Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t be watchIng the Fox Soccer Report at 6 am on 3/1. Lesbian Beauties on channel 1005 looks promising.

  7. DTV always seems to be the first to make these moves and then several years pass until Dish network wakes up and understand what the viewers want!

    It is a pity that you mention it wont be in HD, I really hope that’s a mistake and they launch some of the games in HD.

      1. Unfortunately I have At&t Uverse, living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas! I have contacted their offices (UVerse) several times, but as of yet, nobody has a clue, as to when, or IF, they will have FSCP!!!

        This really is bad news, as I am home all the time (disabled) and have always had access to the EPL games! It does suck, that we have to pay almost $15.00 a month for that privilege, but for me, it’s still worth it……sheesh it could be like it was several decades ago, when the only option was the local PBS channel, I kid you not!!

        If I don’t hear something soon from Uverse, I will switch to Direct tv or Dish! I know there are thousands of footy fans in this area alone, that are doing without their daily fix of the beautiful game!

  8. AT&T Uverse here n Milwaukee, WI is also showing Fox Soccer programming on setantas channel starting March 1st. I’m thinkn I might actually wait till March 1st to add the channel to my package just n case the guide is false.

  9. I think one thing we are forgetting to mention here is that March 1st is actually a Monday. Meaning, aside from maybe a couple mid-week matches, you do have a few days to sort out your channel packages before you may miss any weekend matches.

    1. For the Premier League, yes, but Fox Soccer Plus will be showing England v Egypt exclusively live on its channel on Wednesday, March 3. So that will be the first big live game that some people will care about.

      The Gaffer

  10. I have emailed the Chairman of Dish Network

    Dear Mr Ergen

    I have been a Dish customer for about a year since switching from cable and I am glad that I made the move as you offer such a superior product compared to cable. I am a huge soccer and rugby fan as I am originally from England and due to that fact that you carry Setanta Sports made me switch to Dish as well as having a nightmare with my local cable company.

    I was very impressed that you got one over on Direct TV by carrying Fox Soccer channel HD before Direct TV and most cable companies. There is a lot of unhappy Direct TV customers in the soccer community on line whilst you guys are getting some positive press.

    However the reason I am writing to yourself is that sadly Setanta Sports is going to be ceasing broadcasting on Feb 28th and is going to be replaced by Fox Soccer Channel Plus. Fox now owns the rights to the international sports Setanta had. This has been confirmed on Setanta as well as there website. I have been billed for Setanta way into March.

    I would like to know if you are going to be carrying Fox Soccer Channel Plus? I have spoken to customer services and they seem to be unaware of Setanta ceasing broadcasting and via Dish Networks Twitter feed I just get a standard reply.

    I have heard rumours that you hate Direct TV. and I would like to show you the following quote from there website. “DIRECTV is in discussions to come to an agreement to offer most of the same programming on Fox Soccer Plus that you received with Setanta Sports. We will continue to update this question as more information becomes available.” Your website does not mention that Setanta will cease broadcasting.

    I am hearing rumours that Direct TV and FIOS will be carrying Fox Soccer Channel Plus on March 1st.

    I would like to know if you are in negotiations with Fox to carry this channel? Will you be carrying this channel? Or will it be a smooth transition from Setanta to Fox Soccer Channel Plus. I would like Dish to get one over on Direct TV again by offering this channel

    Thank you for time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours faithfully

    Robert George

  11. I have called, emailed and live chat dish. Today a programming rep stated that an announcement should be made towards the end of the week. If you have DISH please contact them daily for an “update”.

  12. Reminds of when the FSC HD channel finder first reported Dish Network as a carrier on Feb 10th then quickly took it down. However the channel was still there on the 10th so I do not think there is anything to worry about.

    1. Good point. But considering the Versus fiasco, I wouldn’t put it past DirecTV to have decided not to carry FS+ at the last minute.

  13. comcastcares
    I have not heard any plans to carry either channel in HD anywhere at this time. I would be happy to share your interest about 3 hours ago

    I tweeted Frank and got this reply 3 hours ago !!!! So Comcast Cares eh is that a misnomer lol.

  14. So in my mind here’s how all this whole drawn-out debacle looks…

    Setanta has changed its name to FS+ and will cost the same but be without various leagues Setanta included and possibly even without Man Utd TV Chelsea TV and any others I may have missed?

    The only good thing is that those who already like getting ripped off for a premium channel continue to be able to do so. This is a loss if the price stays the same and the quantity (and in this case, the quality) decreases. Plus, Fox is licensing out more games to ESPN next season, so it will become even more useless of a channel.

  15. What is the deal with the whole HD thing?? Why can’t I get FSC in HD on my FiOS here on LI? It’s very frustrating. And now they will be basically changing the name of Ch. 1009 from Setanta to FS+?? And no HD?? Big friggin’ whoop!!

    1. Its an HD bandwidth issue. There is only so much space for HD on the fiber… What FIOS needs to do is get rid of the useless garbage

        1. FIOS has several of the same channels twice. I believe it’s because they group similar channels together for different packages. I have FSC as you do on my FIOS, channels 84 and 1522, and I assure you, both are in SD.

          1. RE FSC 1522

            1500-1750 is part of la conexion – Spanish programing for FIOS. Not all of the channels are in Spanish, but they are of interest to or requested by Spanish speaking people. For example, the Spanish broadcasts for GolTv is on 1523 (whereas the English broadcast is on 313). I often record the Bundesliga games on 1520 (ESPN Deportes) and an occasional Dominican Baseball game over the winter. Anyway, 1522 is just a copy of 84. FIOS keeps all their HD channels between 501-1000. Usually it is 500 + whatever the SD channel is (in the 1-500 range), so you will not have FSC HD unless you can get 584, which is currently missing on the schedule.

  16. who the heck cares about FSC+. I want FSC HD. what the heck is the point of watching hd content from a regular channel. I wish ESPN covered this. Would be watching the CL in beautiful 720p.

    1. I hate to break it to you but FSC will not be showing any of the big games. They will all be on FSC+. You should check the TV schedule on this website.

      At this point I’m not worried about HD. I just want to make sure I don’t miss any games. Like I said, FSC+ will have all the big games, not FSC. So that is why people are worried.

    2. I’ve been able to watch one Champions League game per match day Live in HD on my regional Fox Sports channel, in New England it’s Comcast Sportsnet

  17. I will take DISH’s FSC HD over DirecTV’s crappy picture & pricey FSC+ SD in a heart beat.

    too bad I’m still bound by contract…

  18. Looks like the Football League show on Setanta will not be picked up by Fox Soccer Plus. It is not on the FIOS guide info after the swich :(. I like many will miss the coverage of Ligue Un .

    A Carlisle United fan in the US.

    1. From the first 3 weeks of schedules released for FS+ on its website, it looks like the Football League Show will make its debut on March 8 at 6:30 pm EST. Not sure why it’s not scheduled during the first week of broadcast.

      1. RE “why it’s not scheduled during the first week of broadcast”

        Setanta retains the rights to ALL programing for the weekend of February 27-28. The Football League Show could be broadcast that weekend, but Setanta has always held it for midweek programing and usually with a tape-delayed Championship match. Just as they have done with tape-delayed Scottish Premier League games. Also, any games aired on Setanta this weekend will NOT be repeated during the midweek. That means if you want to watch the Carling Cup, you better watch or record it Sunday 1000 EST. FS+ does not (currently) have the rights to that programing until the next weekend.

        1. That’s what I mean it is not scheduled to be shown on Setanta at all the weekend of 2/27-28 which is why I found it curious it is not on the first week’s FS+ schedule.

      1. thanks Gaffer, we all know that french ligue is not as popular as the EPL but i am sad to see the Ligue 1 and particulary Olympique de Marseille go of the air! Hopefully another network will pick it up!

  19. Pretty sure the DirecTV representatives mentioned by various commenters that “confirmed” Fox Soccer Plus on March 1st on DirecTV just used the FAQs respectively the “Answer Tool” on their site themselves, heh.


    And in case they edit their page again, here’s the current content of this example:

    SonicTap Transition – Additional Information

    DIRECTV music channels will now be provided by SonicTap. The SonicTap lineup includes many music channels that are comparable to XM/Sirius, plus additional selections, all 100% interruption free. We know that our music channels are important to you and we assure you that SonicTap will continue to deliver the same crystal-clear sound and programming variety that you have always enjoyed from DIRECTV.


    You’ll find music similar to [Enter channel or music style customer is requesting] on SonicTap channel [Enter new channel number and name].


    Please visit for full Music Channel listings, including a comparison between SonicTap and XM/Sirius formats.

    They actually have INSTRUCTIONS for their CSRs publicly available on their WEBSITE. How ridiculous and embarassing is that?!

  20. Who cares whether it’ll be in HD when most people won’t even be able to get to see it period.

    The people who are really going to miss out will be those who had Setanta but will now lose those games. As a TWC customer, I’m stuck now and I bet a lot of others are too. Shame on you Fox.

    1. Joe, the real shame of the matter is that there has been zero word from Fox in terms of what will happen to the online rights that Setanta has had via Setanta-i. If Fox could at least provide online rights via or an extension on Setanta-i, those soccer fans who have no way of accessing FS+ would at least have a stop-gap solution available to them until their provider made FS+ available.

      The Gaffer

      1. Gaffer, I just got an e-mail from as I am a former Setanta-i subscriber and it appears they are going to be taking over some of the Setanta content and be the broadband version of Fox Soccer Plus.

        This is the text of the message: “Your favorite club competitions are coming to starting March 1. Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, Lega Calcio, Coca Cola Championship and now featuring the best in rugby, Guinness Premiership, Heineken Cup, Magners League.

        Live matches and unlimited access to on-demand through one of three subscription passes: $39.95 championship pass through May 31, 2010 (special offer to Setanta-i users only); 14.95 monthly pass (renews every month); $4.95 day pass”.

        Doesn’t look like there will be any option for a yearly subscription like Setanta-i used to offer but at least they have taken up some of the slack from Setanta-i. Unfortunately no mention of French League soccer for all those hoping it would have landed here.

          1. Good news for us former Setanta-i subscribers. However, I’m betting the manner of scheduling won’t change on If FS+ shows a match live then it won’t be available on until the next day.

            However, without access to FS+ it may be my only option to watch rugby. Think I’ll wait till fall and see how things look then. No rugby, no subscription.

            Thanks for the post.

  21. I have cabelvision i have foxsoccer but not setanta i don’t know if i am going to get foxsoccer plus, if enyone has any information about it let me know please

  22. My setanta channel (att uverse in Dallas) also shows Fox programming after march 1.
    Hope that means just a simple switch. Would be brill!!!

    1. Hey Luca, any luck yet with Uverse re: the FSCP? I’m in Fort Worth and the old Setanta channel (657) still says ‘off air’!

    1. Hi John I am awaiting a reply from some big wig at Dish. Dish does tend to launch new channels on a Wednesday. Which is when we got FSC HD and BBC America HD.

  23. Programming gone on Setanta channel 657 on March 1st in Chicago, IL was there yesterday. Now the program guide just reads off air.

  24. I do believe that this article is talking about of what he said and what she said, there is no official confirmation that such addition to programming of DirecTV is going to in fact happen.

    Let’s cross our fingers and hope that another Versus debacle would not happen.

    Thanks for the article and hope, but no thanks for non professional work, please make sure that you have an official source before doing such statements.

    1. Alex, everything we do is professional and we’ve broken several stories over the past 12 months. We have it on record as DirecTV customer service reps telling subscribers that FS+ will launch on Monday. We haven’t heard from DirecTV corporate yet though.

      The Gaffer

      1. And we know how reliable CSR’s are, don’t we? Call 10 different CSR’s and get 10 different stories.

        NOT a reliable source, at all.

  25. What are you all excited about?

    Let’s see, at $15 a month for a single channel with even less programming than its previous incarnation, woohoo, jumpin’ up and down!

    1. Some of us want to watch every EPL game possible…considering we are at a site called EPL Talk and all. I’m not sure where all the Ligue 1 fans have come from but I never cared to watch Nancy v Rennes games, so I’ll pay whatever it takes as long as the price doesn’t go higher.

      1. arent we all fan of the game after all? soccer is not only the EPL! there are other league outside of the EPL that are great following: argentina, spain, italy, french etc.I suppose you support one of the big 4? or do you enjoy watching a Burnley vs portsmouth game on a sunday?

  26. I didn’t know where else to post this but I got an email today from saying they will be streaming live starting March 1st. Once I get home from I will post a screen shot of the email.

  27. Gaffer, A glimmer of hope for us web-ites. I’ve just got a newsletter originating from Setanta. Promises BPL, Champions League, FA Cup, Coca Cola Cup soccer and Heineken Cup, Premiership and Magners League rugby starting March 1. Says “Live and Unlimited Access to On-demand”. If you hear anything from your Fox sources about their plans for BPL coverage (I’m hoping they’ll drop the midnight delay) I’d love to know. Offering a $39.95 subscription to Setanta-i subscribers to cover March 1 to May 31, which is a very, very good offer if all events are live and also archived

    1. jmf

      That sounds like good news. I was a setanta-I subscriber but got no such email. Any chance you could paste the mail – or anyone else if they have it? This would be great news. If true then at least they are offering the possibility of it being available. Sign me up if they show live BPL.

      1. I also was a setanta-i subscriber, but have not received the email that a few commenters have mentioned about I wonder if once you ask for your pro-rated refund, you’re taken off the subscriber list?

        1. Not sure either, no email for me, but I was only a monthly subscriber. I joined in early January and the annual subscription was gone by then, so they must have known what was coming.

  28. I’ll still pay for the new channel and what not, but one of the problems that I’ve been thinking about is that even after paying for a package that has FSC and the a la carte price of FS+ we still only get around 7 live games out of 10 per week. If we are going to pay $27+ per month, I think we should somehow have the option of having all 10 games live.

  29. I agree for that price all games should be available.

    I mean I pay 15 bucks for the sports pack for Direct TV. It includes FSC but not FSC+ im assuming. Why on earth would I spend ANOTHER 15 bucks for ONE CHANNEL? I didn’t for Setanta and I won’t for this and I imagine that others feel the same. From what I’ve heard Setanta didn’t have many customers……..I don’t see people starting to fork out 15 dollars now just because it moved.

    There should be an English Prem package……….like MLB Extra Innings or NFL Sunday Ticket.

    Heck between ESPN360 and other Direct TV channels I get most La Liga games for free lol.

    1. You guys seem to forget that over in England where the English Premier League is played you have to pay about £25 ($40 US) a month to watch games live on TV. And that’s for only about 5 matches a week since none of the 3pm UK (10 am ET) games are broadcast live. ESPN UK is £9 (~$14.50) a month.

      For being a niche sport in the States, I’d say we have it pretty good that I can pay about $25 a month and get 7 live EPL matches a week.

  30. I spoke to a DirecTV rep yesterday and was told that Fox Soccer Plus would be a Premium channel.
    DirecTV already have a Premium Tier for sports. It’s called the Sports Tier, and it contains FSC. This is the same Sports Tier that doesn’t have NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL on it, just GolTV, (which I admit I am not partial to), and the regional Fox Sports Networks that blackout when they do show actual sports. Now they want $15 for Fox Soccer Plus.
    The DirecTV rep told me that Fox had taken over Setanta and as such they would be following the same pricing. Fox are not taking over Setanta, just taking their rights back for EPL and buying up the others. Setanta had their own model and were doing their own thing outside of these tiers that DirecTV & Fox had placed themselves into, but Fox and DirecTV are now just pulling a fast one, if what I have been told it true.
    I spent a season or two with Setanta over DirecTV and one year with Setanta i and now I just think I am being taken. Some of you may disagree. Rant over.

  31. The end of Jan 10 I switched from Sentanta Sports back to the sports pack with DirectTV. After asking several questions and on hold for 30 mins This was the answer I got regarding the Fox Soccer Plus – I was told that Sentanta Sports was no longer available after the 28th of Feb and that Fox Soccer Plus was going to be part of the Sports Pack ($12.99 Month with the other Fox Sports Regional Networks). Because of that is why i switched and due to the fact that Sentanta Sports as mainly repeating games over and over again with little or no new content outside the live games on Sat and Sunday. I was told that as of 1 March 2010 that Fox Soccer Plus would be added to my SPorts pack line up and that for the inconvenience of the Termination of Sentanta Sports that they were going to instate a 3 month reduced price on the sports back at $6.99 a month for the first 3 months and then $12.99 month after that. So whether this is true or not I will know on the 1 March 2010. So i was under the impression that former Sentanta Sports subscribers would be given a discount on the Sports Pack. I asked the guy many times if the Fox Soccer Plus was gonna be part of the sports pack and he said YES!

    1. See what I mean???

      Johns’ CSR above said Premium channel at $15/month.

      James’ CSR above said it would be in the Sports pack at $6.99, then $12.99/month.

      Who knows?? I guess we’ll find out in 5 days…….

      Anything a CSR tells you, take with a grain of salt. The fact that this article is based on that is incredulous.

    1. No kidding, I’m pissed. I was looking forward to watching that. It was on the guide yesterday, I set my DVR to record it! Now it’s completely gone. Not even being broadcast later in the evening.

        1. The FA Cup games were awesome today. Reading scored in stoppage time to tie their game with West Brom and beat them in extra time 3-2. Villa and Palace went to 1-1 in the second before Carew took over and earned two penalties and scored on both in the late stages. Spurs dominated Bolton and Stoke got revenge on Man City after Adebayor got red carded and the Potters scored two late goals…and we saw NONE of it because of this crap with Setanta and Fox! What’s the excuse…one of the two CL games were played two hours earlier than normal and no one could figure out how to show ANY of the 1/16 games?

  32. Am not looking forward to having to listen to terrible Fox soccer analysts, would rather see FoxS+ air overseas broadcasts than put their announcers spin on things. And hopefully they’ll continue to show The football league show and premier league review

  33. i am also not looking ford to listen to terrible Fox soccer analysts i just wish they wood take the santea feed for the epl gams it wont happen i think that it was a bad idea to get the Magners League rugby if they warntd to show rugby then they shold show the Super 14 and the Tri-Nations but if i was fox i wood have taken the spl and the French League now i am a fan of the French League and also a fan of the epl but if fox had the French League and the serie a and the epl and the spl they wood be the best soccer chanl in the usa.

  34. With the exception of the Sunday 11am ET games shown on FSC, all of the big games have always been on Setanta. I never thought I would pay $15 for a single channel but it’s been well worth it. I’m a United fan and I’ve only missed one game this season, the carling cup tie against spurs. And that wasn’t even televised. If you’re a fan of any of the big four teams and you love watching the EPL then get FSC+. Yes, it’s $15 a month but so is 2-3 trips to Starbucks. A movie ticket and a drink is $15 as well. Put your priorities in line and order FSC+.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Everyone complaining about the cost really should put this in perspective. If you really care about following a particular team, then it is a must have. Every single EPL game is televised between the two channels. If you want to ensure that you can watch your team every week, you need them both. And really, $15 a month…that’s nothing compared to what you have to pay in the UK to watch live football. We should count our blessings.

  35. Good news to Dish Network subscribers… well, maybe not good … well, maybe not news. Here is my short discussion with a Dish Network rep online.

    Dish Network Rep: Your patience is greatly appreciated.
    Dish Network Rep: Let me inform you that there will be a transaction fee of $5 to downgrade the services.
    Yespage: Setanta is going off the air in the US on February 28th. I have no choice but to not watch it anymore.
    Dish Network Rep: However, as this channel will end there will not be any transaction fee when you cancel the channel.
    Yespage: So I need to go online to cancel it, on March 1st? That will not be automatic?
    Dish Network Rep: The channel will be removed automatically.
    Yespage: Alright. That sounds good. You wouldn’t happen to know whether Dish Network plans on having Fox Soccer Plus when it goes on the air March 1st or sometime that week?
    Dish Network Rep: We are working on this channel to make this channel available to all the customers. We may have this channel soon.
    Dish Network Rep: What else can I assist you with?
    Yespage: Thanks for the help.

    I think I know less now than I did than before I started.

    1. Sounds similar to my discussions with a rep on Monday. He did not know or couldn’t tell me if it would be available on March 1 but he did state that it would not be a “Premium channel”.

      1. I’m not greedy enough to hope that it won’t be a premium channel. That would be super awesome fantastic if it were true, but I wouldn’t hold my breath over it.

        Personally, I liked the language in the response to me with “this channel” three times in one response. Can’d text, me thinks.

    2. From a source on –

      I have seen paperwork for the uplink to be ready to cutover to FSC+ if a deal is done in time. From what I am hearing IF they get FSC+ it will cost the same as Setanta.


      Setanta Sports has decided to close its doors and discontinue its programming in the United States effective February 28, 2010 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. Fortunately, Setanta Sports has come to terms with Fox to transfer select programming rights, including many premium soccer and rugby events. Fox will be launching a new channel, Fox Soccer Plus, which will carry some of the programming that aired on Setanta Sports.

      DISH Network is actively pursuing a deal to carry this new service. We will keep you updated on our progress with negotiations and how this will impact your customers.

  36. Ive just finished speaking with a directv rep and they said they have reached agreement with Fox to broadcast FSC+ March 1st. Cant confirm if its HD yet

  37. Now on their twitter page. Sadly it will not be in HD right away although they are looking to do it very shortly, it will be channel 621

  38. philip,
    that’s good news! i just noticed today that as of march 1 at 12 am the program guide on directv now says “setanta no longer available”. and then at 6 am it switches over to saying to be announced. i was still a little concerned that a deal had yet to be struck since other outlets appear to have fs + programming showing up on their program guides as of march 1st and dtv does not, but if you say it is confirmed i guess i’ll believe it. hopefully that will be reflected in the program guide shortly

  39. Yeah it is confirmed Geraldinho, they are talking about it on their twitter page right now. They are saying both will go HD in mid April. Why fox have chosen to make this is a subscription channel i dont know. Its not that i begrudge paying $15 for it but given the size and diversity of fox they surely dont need to make it a subscription channel and hurt the growth of the sport and sponsorship revenue. I can understand a one dimensional setanta needing $15 however i think its a mistake for Fox to do this.

  40. Here’s what my “source” says. It makes sense, which makes me think it might be true. There’s two parts. The first is completely believable if you think about it. The second is a little out there, but conceivable.

    Barring a failure during testing, FSC HD and FSC HD+ are scheduled to begin transmitting via DirecTV 12, with the signal shifting to DirecTV 11 later in the summer.

    While there is ample bandwidth to start broadcasting now, a majority of that bandwidth is reserved by current HD providers with contractual obligations called Reserved Minimum Aggregate Availability (RMAA). What is RMAA? Let’s say the NFL Sunday Ticket needs 200 units of HD bandwidth each Sunday. That 200 units must be continuously available, even when the NFL is not in session. You can’t sell that 200 units when it’s not in use because there’s no guarantee 200 units will be available later to offset the need. So, DirecTV is contractually obligated to sit on that unused bandwidth, because it must be there when it is contractually necessary. That’s part of the contractual agreement between DirectTV and certain content providers. And it can be strict enough that the unused 200 units cannot be used to temporarily increase bandwidth for HD or 1080P PPV. It works both ways, too. If DirecTV 10 suddenly went offline, DirecTV would be fine until kickoff weekend, when they’d have to parse bandwidth (or possibly even entire channels) from their other HD streams to facilitate NFL programming.

    Think of all that HD bandwidth not being used by MLB Extra Innings right now. Think about all that HD bandwidth not being used by MLB or NFL right now. Who’s using it? Nobody. The HD bandwidth doesn’t magically appear during the NFL or MLB season, it’s there all the time, just unused. That’s why FSC HD and FSC+ HD can’t be added right now, even though there’s bandwidth up there.

    The second part of the story… FSC+ HD will have access to 1080P bandwidth. Are there any matches from anywhere actually uplinked in 1080P? That would be news to me. It was my understanding all European football is broadcast as 1080i but sent over the pond as 720p.

    Just some thoughts on this lovely Friday morning…

  41. So if DirectTV is charging 15 bucks for this they can kiss my ass. I never wanted to pay 15 for Setanta, so why would I do it for FS+?

    At the current time I pay 5 dollars for my sports pack which gives me GolTV and FSC. I was excited, but no longer.

  42. I don’t get it. The Setanta model of charging 14.99 a month didn’t pay dividens for Setanta, so why would it work for FSC?
    How long will this insane attitude continue?
    Remember folks all the content provided for 14.99 a month in SD is available free of chrage online at with similae quality.

    1. lets get the setanta situation straight.
      setanta this past year went out of business in the uk
      setanta televised live irish games ..hurling & gaelic football to bars & clubs worldwide on sundays with an admission fee of $20…..this was not available on cable until the following tuesday.’
      they also had rugby which i hope fox picks up.
      setantas fault was in my opinion was a lack of advertising and they mosly depended on the live game on a was obvious
      from the get go that fox soccer plus would be vailable as that would be 14.99 a month less income for the cable co..
      on direct tv setanta channel a pain as i lost the signal a lot .
      i had to reset the box which took 9-10 minutes ect.
      i dumped it as soon as verizon fios came aboard..
      anyone with any rugby information please let me know ……..thanks

      1. You think that a channel that has no commercials should be on the Sports Pack? Gosh, some people just think they deserve everything for nothing.

        1. Who would these people be who want something for nothing? You? Friends of yours?
          I pay about $120 to DirecTV every month. I expect nothing for nothing, but also don’t want to be taken for a ride.
          I think that a sports channel should be on their Premium Sports Pack.
          Fox should some commercials on it like on everything else it does.
          I was unaware that it has no commercials. I work weekdays.
          How did you come by this knowledge? I wonder how long that will last.

  43. Gerry they will have rugby on Magners League, the Guinness Premiership and the Heineken Cup.they have said that more rugby is coming. that said i think fsc+ is tarning in to fox sports world inway

    1. hope they carry six nations .lions tours and dont forget the rugby world cup is on next year…….ireland defeated england to day…….

  44. Anybody know where my Arsenal V Porto game will be aired on DIRECTV?

    I’m getting a little anxious since I do not see it on any channels, but the Inter Milan game can apparently be seen on 15 different channels.

    What happened to DIRECTV’s UEFA channels in HD?

  45. Uh…Scratch that last comment -I got a week ahead of myself. I’ll try and get out of the gate next time I post…

  46. When I was at the pub Saturday morning for the Chelsea, ManCity match the bartender was changing the channel on the DirecTV box after the match on ESPN2 to FSC and FSCHD was on there but there was nothing actually on the channel but it was there.

  47. Setanta closed with a screen consisting of a yellow socerball with the Setanta Sports logo and the musical jingle in the background. Then black and FIOS started showing Primeticket with an LA sports 2009 award show.

    I was expecting the Jose puppet saying “Be Champions” 😛

  48. uhh–it’s 12:33AM on March 1st and like, my screen is black. Where is the Setanta replacement?? I hope what’s coming is as good or better. WIll they pledge to cover every EPL game?

  49. i had a dream that i was watching fox soccer plus in HD on directv, i woke up and it’s on SD, can i go back to sleep and keep on dreaming? i got rid of my fox soccer channel sports pak and switched to fox soccer plus, i’ll give it a try and see how i like it. The only good thing so far is the england friendly this wednesday and no informercials, but fox soccer channel is showing a brazil friendly this week and i wish fox plus would air it as well, even if it’s the next day or something, but i think fox en espanol will air it?

  50. Can anyone verify whats on Vios right now? I am seeing a sort of loop of a bad beach ball fat blasting infomercial and its glitchy. May be just my signal and i need to call Fios. I want to make sure there is something there resembling FSC Plus before i call though!

    1. Olympique-Real Madrid Champions League repeat is on FiOS channel 1009 at this moment (11:20 am EST). They even changed the channel guide from Setanta to FoxSoc+.

    2. i live in ny and the fios fsc plus is fine.its probably a glitch with your tech. support.personally im disappointed with the channel .im getting 60% less than i got from setanta…..for the same price$14.99…….

  51. Who cares? There is enough soccer coverage on a dozen channels, but no rugby coverage in the USA on any channel except Setanta. Now all we get is Fox Soccer Plus, which is completely useless as this is the middle of the Six Nations and all the games have been cut off! Complete failure.

  52. I woke up at 9am and turned the Directv box to channel 621 to see if my
    service had switched over to Fox Soccer Plus from Sentana. On the screen
    It said channel not ordered. So I call Directv and complained, took them 40 minutes to figure out what had happend. After all was said and done they gave me ten dollars off a month for the next 10 months. That’s FSP+ for 5 dollars a month for the rest of the year. Love It.

  53. This ain’t no Setanta! The same BS as FSC – archive games, bad hour-long news programs and no complete coverage of EPL.

  54. Tough — for rugby fans — no 6-nations & and no super 14, no Currie Cup, and no Tri Nations, those of us from the southern hemisphere have been stuffed!

  55. Hope all the Setanta haters are happy. Less content, same price, no better transmission, more ads, lower quality programming. FSC Plus is a joke.

    1. same here in ny w/verizon.verizon tells me they do not control what fox shows.i feel since we have at least 60% less for the same price.what a rip off .dont forget verizon works with direct tv.where fios is unavailable they offer direct tv by dsl…….

  56. Regardless of how you felt about Setanta it appears that FSC+ is a joke as many of you have said. Looking at the programming for the first few days all I could find of actual premier league matches were repeats from last year. They better get their act together before I pluck down $15 a month.

    1. well, what do you expect? Setanta failed because they offerred too much for $15 month. Plus you canlt really judge until they have some games on live. judge it in a week or two.

      1. Well… if Setanta failed because they were charging $15 a month… why is Fox Soccer Plus also charging $15 per month? on FIOS in the NY/NJ area? that is way way too expensive…

        1. well, partly because Fox would be able to negotiate more/wider carriage agreements, partly because they don’t have as many content fees to offset, and partly because ESPN bought more Prem games for next season.

  57. Any suggestions on how I can watch Super 14 since FSC+ on Direct TV isn’t airing it? Anyone know if FSC+ on Dish TV will have Super 14, I might be tempted to switch.

    1. Mac – Go to this page – and then go to the pull down menu in the upper right and change it to “Fox Soccer Plus”. Advance the calendar ahead to Friday, March 5 at 1:30 am and you will see that Super 14 is listed for FS+.

      The problem is you will also see programming at 2:00 am for Fox Soccer Report and 3:00 am for Sky Sports News on this schedule that would conflict with the time that this match is supposed to be on. Hopefully they will make the correct revision soon to reflect what actually will be shown.

      If they do not show i,t your only other legal way to view Super 14 rugby is via broadband from Rugbyzone which airs every match from the competition live and on demand.

    1. I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to say but Passport to South Africa for FS+ is on at 8:00 am EST on Friday on that schedule you refer to.

      The point I am trying to make is that the daily schedule which they uploaded to the site after the printable schedule was uploaded is inconsistent as it indicates Super 14 Rugby being shown at 1:30 am EST which is the same time other programming is scheduled.

  58. I love the growing pains of a new network. When MLB Network premiered last year, they showed the Larson perfect game (what they had of it) and then… uh, it was New Year’s Day and they had nothing much to show.

    Since I didn’t watch the French Ligue much, I don’t feel the loss as much as others. Heck, I’d really prefer FS+ to supplement GolTV and ESPN Deportes coverage of Bundesliga and I’m very curious if the coverage of Serie A on FS+ will be extra compared to what is on FSC. But that’s me.

    For others, I would urge everyone who canceled because they were disappointed with the programing they’ve seen so far to not just stop there. Keep it clean and respectful, and tell Fox what programing (from the old Setanta or whatever) you want them to have for you to subscribe again. (Although, frankly, I suspect Setanta is holding certain US broadcasting rights hostage for a big fee and Fox is unwilling to pay now for rights they can get cheaper later.)

  59. did anyone else have fox soccer plus go off the air on directv? it was working fine last night, and this morning it says i have not purchased this channel…i purchased the channel on monday afternoon, and i wanted to see the england game and now it won’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. so far looks like FS+ just replays / repeats programs already shown on FSC, will miss Setanta’s GAA coverage and the “Football League show” as my team Southampton plays in League 1, will give it to the end of the season before deciding if I will continue to pay for this new channel.

  61. Just returned home to watch the rebroadcast of England v Egypt. FSP has adopted the ugly “news bar” that eats up screen and they told me who won the game numerous times. Great! An ESPN2 clone.

    1. I’m watching it, too. The guide on Dish Network shows a CL match from 2009, but I’m watching Chiefs v Reds live.

      I knew the FSC+ online schedule and printable schedule were not in agreement, and wasn’t sure if Super 14 was actually going to be on FSC+ or not. I’m glad to find that Super 14 will be on FSC+ after all.

  62. Forget soccer, NOT interested!! I will give Direct tv/Fox time to sort it out but I am interested in this channel for rugby only….unless we can get cricket on the channel too, then it would be a winner! No I don’t want to move back to the UK to get tv coverage of rugby and cricket, I like living in the US!

  63. Just got FSC HD and Fox Soccer Plus over the weekend through Dish. Can’t seem to want to watch anything on FSC+ because of the great picture on FSC HD. They need to make FSC+ an HD picture or no one will want to pay for the channel. No doubt the programming on FSC+ is a very copycat to FSC HD, but if you love the EPL then it will be worth…when you get an HD picture.

    By the way, the FSC HD picture is pretty damn good. Huge improvement over the crap that came out in SD. The best HD picture I ever got from any source was through the rabbit ears for local channels.

  64. I would take the opposite stand — Shut Down Fox Soccer Plus and move the games into the regular Fox Soccer Channel. No disrespect to many minor game players that are televised, but I would rather watch MU vs Liverpool now. Let Napoli vs Milan be showed at a later time.

    I pay close to $ 50 for Standard Service (TWC), in fact if Fox wants more viewership for soccer in America, move FSC from Standard to Basic, so even more people would watch it. Still most people I talk to don’t know anything about FSC, and I am in NYC.

    Business / marketing-wise this is restrictively backwards IMO.

  65. No wonder that commercials in FSC suck. I understand many if not most target the British expats, with receding hair lines, who all pretend to be football stars before they came to America. Or skin care products, useless to the audience. A wider viewership and would see a totally different set of commercials. EPL, Champions League etc. is an excellent product in itself, but FSC programming is nowhere near a quality channel to warrant paying for more.

    About rights fees, smaller fees to a much wider audience might actually bring more revenues.

    1. most of those same commercials are on other lesser-watched channels. They sell them to cable channels in bulk. And smaller fees to a wider audience requires the carrier to comply. Time Warner seems to be the only one to do so so far.

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