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Tamojit Chakraborty is a passionate writer and tactical buff, You can find me dwelling on football tactics or pondering deep thoughts about Liverpool FC.

The Differences Between Zonal Marking, Man Marking and Mixed Zonal Marking

Posted on by Tamojit Chakraborty

In England, it’s not uncommon to hear the saying that “Zonal marking is not defending.” But, what the fact that these pundits often ignore is that goals are scored even when defenders are man marking. It’s not that man marking … Continue reading

5 Strikers to Watch Out For in the 2013-14 Premier League Season

Posted on by Tamojit Chakraborty

This weekend, it all begins. We are set to lift the lid on nine months of excruciating, jaw dropping extravagant football in the Premier League. There will moments of absolute madness, redemption and compelling story lines among the most entertaining … Continue reading

Swansea City Are Ready to Scale New Heights In Third Season in Premier League

Posted on by Tamojit Chakraborty

Tailor-made suits, an air of confidence beaming with a lustrous mane, Swansea City manager Michael Laudrup could easily be mistaken for soccer’s very own 007 James Bond. Laudrup’s verve and experience dates back to his playing days with Juventus, Barcelona, … Continue reading