Clint Dempsey Injury Concern


As I am sure all fans of football in America are now aware, Clint Dempsey, the most recognizable and successful United States outfield player in Europe has suffered a potentially devestating injury in today’s Fulham loss to Blackburn. Dempsey, who only minutes earlier had hit the crossbar with a spectacular bicycle kick suffered a potential ACL or MCL tear. A full scan will reveal the details tomorrow, but Fulham Manager Roy Hodgson is not hopeful.

“Clint will be scanned tomorrow, but we feel it might be a posterior cruciate knee ligament, which would be very bad for us and he would be out for a while,” Fulham manager Roy Hodgson said. “It’s a concern up front because Clint Dempsey is very useful for us.” (From BBC Sport)

Please stay with us here at MLS Talk for full coverage and analysis once the details of Dempsey’s injury are known on Monday.

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  1. This is very bad. If he needs surgery, we’re talking about 6 months of rehab. That could be his World Cup. Let’s hope it’s only a sprain.

  2. We can only hope for the best. Hard for Clint as well as the US. Why does it seem when an American is about to achieve star status overseas an injury pops up. Is it just me or does that happen to often.

  3. I read that it was a PCL injury, not ACL or MCL. The PCL injury is very difficult to treat, which could lead us to even more bad news if he actually tore it, not just a strain…

  4. you never want to see anyone get hurt, but I think this actually helps the US team alot. Dempsey has not put the effort in, wanting to be a big star in Europe and not caring about the national team. People like the author of this blog think it is great that Dempsey scores goals constantly for Fulham but seems annoyed to even be on the field for the US.

    The eurosnobs love Dempsey because he trashes MLS in the Brit press and does not have a passion for the national team. But for the rest of us, he has become an annoyance.

    I do not wish anyone ill, but honestly Holden is 100 times better than Dempsey for the national team. We could also see Beckerman, Dax McCarty and Robbie Rogers all quality MLSers work their way into the team. All would give a better effort and ultimately perform better than Dempsey.

    Consider this a great break for team USA!

    1. This has to be one of the most boneheaded posts of all time. Dempsey is not employed properly in the national team which is why he produces inconsistently. He has also always been an inconsistent player in general. If you think the US team losing one of its most valuable and experienced players is a boon, I really question your judgment. Beckermen and McCarty have had a handful of caps between them, and neither has impressed (and these were against weak CONCACAF sides). Rogers has looked okay, but these guys are all very young with less than a couple dozen caps between them. Ridiculous…

    2. “…does not have a passion for the national team.”

      Um, I saw just one guy with tears streaming down onto his USMNT shirt after the loss to Brazil last summer.

      The shirt had the word “DEMPSEY” on the back.

      Your post is so outlandish that I’m tempted to assume you’re a troll.

  5. Of the 3 creative/truly dangerous attacking players we have, Donovan might now be the last man standing. With all 3 playing, no defense could target any one of them, and we could beat Spain and have a go at Brazil. Now? What’s the best we can hope for?

    That Beasley regains his form, and that Holden goes to Bolton and improves by leaps and bounds? Kenny Cooper as the 2nd forward?

    I’m at a bit of a loss. Maybe this will get Torres the minutes he needs to have a consistent impact.

    1. I’ve talked, written and thought about a “magic triangle” of Dempsey, Donovan and Beasley for ages now. All three are interchangeable and provide creativity and potentially a total football type setup. All three have played a ton together, especially Landon and DMB.

      The idea of going into the World Cup without two of them flat out scares me. We constantly have message board posters and others saying “look at this guy, or look at that guy,” but the truth is we still don’t have the creativity, the flair and the understanding deep in our player pool to replace these players.

      That’s why when DMB started playing again for Rangers, I said he had to be an automatic selection for the World Cup. The upside and potential impact DMB is better than any of the players that have replaced him in the last nine months. The same can be said for Deuce.

      Gold Cup 2007, when all three were healthy and Bradley gave all three a free role to swap positions and break down the opposition showed what we can do with all three together. Without Deuce and DMB we will only be a shell of our potential, IMO.

  6. Maybe this will free up space for guys like Adu and Johnson. Bob better call up Jermaine Jones now. Another spot potentially open.

    1. Adu sucks. His career is over. He is not a “prospect” he hasn’t grown an inch since he was supposedly “14” years old. Face it, he is probably 3 or 4 years older than his birth certificate, so the only reason he looked good at the U-17 cup was because he was 2 or 3 years older than all the other players there.

  7. I recognize CD’s weaknesses, but his strengths far outweigh them. He is one of our best players. I also think he was really looking forward to having a successful World Cup. A cruciate ligament tear of any type will require months of post-surgical rehab. He is young and healthy, but would be better off having to avoid that route. For CD’s sake and for the USMNT, I hope that it is only a sprain/strain type injury.

  8. for those who think soccer does not matter, the Dempsey injury is mentioned 3 times in the Chicago Tribune including the front and back pages.

  9. Please oh please do not let Dempsey be out for the WC. The USMNT is in big trouble if he is out. My glass just turned half empty from half full if that is the case.

  10. Here is a good idea, Landon Donavan should go to England and play 10 weeks of meaningless games….I mean, what is the worst that could happen ?

  11. this really sucks. with that horse crap of a coach we have, this will not bode well for our WC efforts. something tells me that bob bradley will think his son is the answer….again….and give michael bradley even more responsibility than he already has. michael bradley is by far the worst player on that team, yet his dad (our coach of course) plays him in center midfield every game. i say: FIRE BOB BRADLEY AND MAYBE A LOGISITICAL ANSWER WILL PRESENT ITSELF. if we keep bob bradley, our WC is lost, regardless of what talent we have on the field. granted, the effort out team put forth in the Gold Cup last year was heroic and inspiring, but that was the players coming to life, not great coaching. the USA needs to get with the program and hire a foreign coach like ALL the great teams do. think how much our guys could learn from a world class foreign coach. if we keep hiring American born coaches, our team can only perform at an American level….which in soccer is not that great.

    and one other thing: Adu doesn’t suck. if given half a chance by our coach, he’d have a chance to show the world he belongs. maybe he’s not the player he was hyped to be, but he’s better than the coaches son who looks more out of place in center midfield than George Bush giving a speech.

    GO USA!!!

  12. I’m pretty sure Michael Bradley has saved our assess time and time again – and even scored crucial goals. It’s so easy to blame the coach – congrats, you sound like a typical soccer mom/dad who doesn’t pose any sort of analytical approach to the game.

    Bob Bradley has a great team, and the United States soccer team is made up of the best players in the country – I wouldn’t diss so easily until you actually try to compete with them. Anyone who has ever played the game, or even been to a combine/tryout (like me) would not be so quick discredit the team or its coach.

    1. your a dummy, michael bradley sucks. if you think otherwise then, don’t waste your time writing two little blips about it because your just wasting my time as i read through the responses. normally wouldn’t respond, but you’re just a dummy.

    2. p.s. played through combines (like you), and just because the job is hard and the game is difficult and we might not be as good as michael bradley doesn’t mean there aren’t better guys out there who can accomplish that job. Michael Bradley is not one of the top 2 center midfielders in the United States….lets be real.

    3. seriously dude. you must be gay for Michael Bradley or something. i played soccer until I was 18. i’m no soccer dad. i’m a regular player and fan who has a good eye for what’s happening on the pitch….and MICHAEL BRADLEY SUCKS. He wouldn’t even be on the bench if his dad weren’t coach. At best his skillset puts him on defense. When he gets the ball in center pitch, he looks lost, confused, bewildered and 90% of the time, regardless of what’s in front him, he’ll turn around and pass the ball backward. If he does grab his sack and move forward with the ball, he is easil dispossessed. Yes – had some decent games against CONCACAF teams, but even then he doesn’t look sure of himself. It’s sad really. And am embarrasment. My hunch is, when other teams (especially Euros) play the US, they tell their players to pressure Bradley into mistakes….cuz that’s what he does best….fuck up and lose the ball. The goals he scores are lucky goals that find a way to his feet and in the goal. There’s no real skill there. That’s the Landon Donovan effect: pressure pressure pressure and eventually one of your guys will find the back of the net. My grandma could do what he does….probably better.

      And Bob Bradley has coached well in some games, but no American born coach can possess the soccer IQ that a bonified foreign coach with street cred could offer our squad. I’m not saying Bob is the worst coach of all time, but he plays his son too much, and he’s American. The USMNT needs to pull their head out and join the best teams in the world by hiring a foreign born coach. A little too late for the WC this year, but maybe after we miss the second round, they’ll get the picture.

      Peace out tough guy. And BTW, I’m soooo impressed that you went through the combine and weren’t even good enough to play for the US. nice work honcho. you’re a real stud. I’ll bet you feed that line to all the ladies right before they put their hand in your face and walk away.

      1. Michael Bradley is a very solid midfielder, but his current responsibilities on the USMNT do not match up to the role he fills best.

        On the USMNT, MB is used as a defensive midfielder to a far greater extent than he should be. Look back to his offensive production while at Herenveen. He was a fantastic, goal scoring and attacking midfielder. He wasn’t over the top, but he consistently was very effective offensively. On the USMNT, he can barely attack or support the attack because he must stay back to support the defensive midfielder – usually Clark.

        What the USMNT is missing to Michael Bradley’s detriment is a strong, world class CDM – like a Jermaine Jones. I don’t want to sound like I’m trashing Rico Clark, but I don’t see him being able to fill the shoes without help, and it is that degree of needed help. MB is the one providing it. That keeps MB from doing what he does best. A top tier CDM would allow Michael Bradley to play like he did at Herenveen, and that would be a tremendous benefit to the USMNT attack. With Jones still a question mark and Mo Edu now getting time, perhaps Edu can rise to the level of CDM many think he is capable of. However, that remains to be seen.

        No, Michael Bradley does not suck. In fact, he’s pretty darn good.

        1. you couldn’t be more wrong. but whatever, you’re entitled to your opinion. MB is not strong on the ball. he dispossesses other players of the ball very well, and contains ball carriers with decent agility. that is his skill set. when on the ball, he can’t be trusted for more than 2 touches; otherwise disaster strikes….and because of where he plays (center mid) our team is at a real disadvantage.

          i’ve had countelss discussions with other knowledgable soccer players and fans, and we all agree. sorry to disappoint you, but you are wrong: MB sucks and he wouldn’t even be on the bench for any other coach than his father.

          1. Well, we definitely disagree on our respective assessments of Michael Bradley, but “he wouldn’t even be on the bench for any other coach than his father” is just plain wrong. At least two examples directly refute that: (1)Heerenveen and (2) Moenchengladbach. At each he was a regular starter. At neither was his father the coach.

            There aren’t too many US players who have risen to start day in and day out in the 1st division of Bundesliga. He has his strengths and weaknesses, and I definitely been critical of his inconsistent play at times. But to say he sucks goes too far. It takes a certain level of talent to get to where he is at today – a place few American players have reached.

  13. Ok, It may be a short term bad news about Clint Dempsey’s injury but this opens up the door to other player’s in the USA to fight for this open spot in the WC. I believe that there are other better players than CD, for example ADU or Jonhson. Bradley should call these player for the Netherlands match. I do agree that we need a better coach. I feel that Bradley does not posses the ability to close out games properly for example the Brasil vs USA and Mexico vs USA in Azteca. I woul love to bring Marcelo Bielsa (Argentina) which I have the opinion that he is the best in the world.

  14. As a Nacogdoches native, and former classmate of Clint Dempsey’s let me just say a few words. The emotional powerhouse Dempsey brings to the pitch every match is something that will be missed above anything else! I have followed my former High School friends career since the New England Revolution days. Yes Dempsey moved from the MLS, and certainly has a right to his opinion about the league as a whole, BIG DEAL. Has he improved as a player and brought more talent to the MNT because of it, ABSOLUTELY! Anyone who questions his dedication to the US team, his effort in training, or the amount of talent with which in influences the youth of American soccer is simply out of their mind. Has everyone forgotten the only player to bring a cap to the USMNT in the World Cup verses Ghana in 2006? And have you forgotten how much more valuable experience he will now bring to an even more talented squad in the 2010 South African games? For the love of God I pray this isn’t serious, or the US I fear doesn’t pose a threat to the tournament.

  15. As a Nacogdoches, Texas native and former classmate of Clint Dempsey’s, let me just say a few things. I have followed Clint’s career since the New England Revolution days, and can anyone say he really had reason to stay. He clearly needed to be at a different level, one that only overseas experience could bring. Yes he did leave the MLS and certainly has his own opinion of the league, which he’s entitled to, BIG DEAL. Has he benefited as a player and now bringing a higher level of skill to the USMNT because of it, ABSOLUTELY! Anyone who questions his dedication to the US team, his effort in training, or the amount of raw emotion and talent with which he influences the youth of American soccer is out of their minds! Did you hear that “les”…Out Of Your Mind!! Has everyone forgotten the only player to bring a cap to the MNT squad in the 2006 World Cup match vs. Ghana? And have you failed to realize the 4 years of wold class Barclay’s Premiere League top-flight success and experience he’ll now bring to a more talented South Africa bound regiment? Dempsey was the hardest working student athlete I ever saw. Even in High School everyone, even those who don’t enjoy soccer, new without a doubt he was meant to be on the pitch. I have no doubt his competitive edge will not be diminished one degree by an injury, no matter how severe. However, for the sake of the world’s interpretation of US football, I do hope it doesn’t end up being serious. No member of our current player pool could possible replace him!

  16. I do feel that it is very bad what has happened to Dempsey. Bradley better start looking for a replacement fast and start giving him some play time. Edu, Adu, Johnson may be some possible solutions. I feel that regardless we have a good chance to advance to the second round behind England. As much as I hate accepting it, beating England is a very remote chance. I also do not want to be negative but I do not trust Bradley too much as a good coach. I too agree that he lacks the vision and avility to close out a game as he demontrated it with Brasil and Mexico in the qualifying match. Regardless GO USA TEAM, I wish you the best.

  17. We are not done. We we never really serious contenders for the championship but we are not done. Getting out of the group stage was a real possibility with with Deuce and, heaven forbid he is unable to play, it is still a possibility. Based on his current form at Fulham and with the loss of CD9, Clint was likely to be moved up top along side (name your striker) and Holden or Rogers would be out right with their crossing ability and work rate. Bradley likely is looking hard at forwards in camp. While most of us agree that the USMNT program would benefit from a foreign coach, Bob Bradley is who we are going to Africa with and so we have to hope that he can find the pieces to the puzzle which seems to change everyday. I give him credit in that he is scouring the globe pretty throughly. he will need to settle the roster very soon or lack of stability could be our undoing. My fingers are crossed for Deuce and the future of US Soccer.

  18. No idea what the kids up there are talking about with their personal, immature posts. I have a fiance, so I don’t use lines, lol. I tore my ACL which resulted in an absence from the game, then from there was diagnosed with brain cancer – which I overcome.

    As far as Michael Bradley, well, let’s remember he is only 22-years old. He has scored some crucial goals for not just his club, but also the National Team – the stats are there men, you can’t deny it – and you can’t blame his dad/coach for playing him.

    Bob Bradley is doing a good job – can there be anyone else…surely! Will there be? Well we could go into another topic as to maybe, just maybe, the federation wants to keep an American coach for the sake of having an American coach. I’m not sure – it’s been discussed, so I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Kiddies no need to chime in. :)

  19. Well, I just do not understand the mindset of the USA Soccer Federation of keeping an American coach no matter if it get in the way of progress. I believe that our country has become a world power house in most endevours because as people we have the mindset to adopt the best persons for the job. Bradley is an OK coach but if we want to go to the next level, we are going to have to learn from some of the best minds in the world because lets face it that in soccer we are a mid-level nation. We have the athletes and the infrastructure but we need a high-level coach to bring it all together. Lets face it Bradley was a dissapointment in closing out some important games when virtually he had them won. He just needed to give the knockout punch and we would have won these games. He had the athletes but not the strategy. I know that Bradley is there to close out this WC process and we should all give him our support but once this is over we should demand to go to the next level at whatever cost.

  20. Steve – I like the response, and it makes sense – so I agree. Obviously going to be plenty of pressure on Mr. Bradley, I’m excited to see what comes of it.

  21. As much as I love seeing CD playing for Fulham, if he heals before their season is over, I’d like to see him used lightly if at all for the remainder of the season. NT duties should take priority over his club and he has to be 100% for the WC.

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