New Wolves Home And Away Shirts For 09/10 Season

new wolves home shirt New Wolves Home And Away Shirts For 09/10 Season

new wolves away shirt New Wolves Home And Away Shirts For 09/10 Season

Photographs have been released of the new football shirts for future Premier League team Wolves.

The new football shirts for Wolves are designed and manufactured by Le Coq Sportif, the French company who will be unveiling the new Everton kits this summer.

The home shirt is gold in color with black trim and black shorts. The away shirt is white with red trim and white shorts. Both shirts feature the name of Wolves’s new sponsor, Sporting Bet.

The new Wolves home shirt will be available for sale on May 15, while the away shirt will be available in July.

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Source: Football Shirts.

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15 Responses to New Wolves Home And Away Shirts For 09/10 Season

  1. dave says:

    Why why why why why do wolves do this!!!
    Everytime we get onto the biggest stage in the world they get a sponsor who demands colour all over the front of our shirts.
    Doritos was bad this is worse. in black it would have been perfect!!!

  2. Andreas says:

    it’s a great kit

  3. G says:

    The recognised Sportingbet logo & colours are shown on the front of the new Wolves shirt and it would have been foolish for the company to have changed this display format as at the end of the day they are paying the Wolves, a large sum of money, to advertise themselves. Agreed it would have looked better in black but its not about how it looks it is about getting the Sportingbet brand name/logo into as many households as possible in the coming seasons. When the team are sitting at the summit of the best league in the world this time next year is anyone going to care whether its blue/red or manure brown :o ). Congratulations and all the best for next season.

  4. Carl Jones says:

    I agree with the comments, would of been better if they could of changed the colours to suit the strip, but as whats been said they are paying for it I guess, does look a bit high up and too close to the emblem

  5. Big Al Gornal Wolves says:

    I agree guys, it’s a bit to close to the emblem but hey who cares??? they will be wearing it in the Premership next season. Come on the Wolves and well done to Mick and the lads.
    I do like the away shirt this time.

  6. Luke B says:

    are u waching the albion mach 1.0

  7. Luke B says:

    I like the home shirt and might consider buying could improve on the away shirt why dont you wear the away shirt 3 times at least now 0-2 to liverpool yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss to liverpool supporters

  8. jason says:


  9. Sie wolves says:

    Rubbish both of them, every kit we have had by le coq sportif has been crap and since when did the wolves play in red and white. I would of thought we would have gone to a upmarket sport brand now we are back in the big time. This reminds me of the WWFC range a number of years ago. cack

  10. i dont think the wolves kit (home & away) is that good the chaucer one’s were better. i mean our colours have not got white in it or red. its that mick mcarthy dosent know what his doin. and i say chauser was the proper make, our make and the best make. the thing is im getting the home or both kits cuz its been 5 bloody years since we got into the premiership.

  11. BENJYMAN!! says:

    i thinks it’s quality and it doesnt matter if the kit is bad( which it isnt) its how the people in the kit play- and all wolves players are AMAZING!! and we are gonna tear the prem apart so c’mon the WOLVES!!! :D !!

  12. DuffyWolvesfcTillIDie says:

    kool strips tbf with you buh I didn’t fink tht the wolves would look good in red nd white for wen our hom srip is orange nd black but its not up to us soo good look 4 next yr , come on you wolves x

  13. We Are Premier league!! says:

    oo wanderers I love youu,
    we r premier league c’mon,
    anywayz, c’mon mick what happening mate wolves play in red n white what’s the point its gnna look weird , we r mick mccarthys gold nd black barmy army, (CHAUCER) whaats happened we shud ov stayed with it. tbf the home strip is nice buh the away is not buh the only reason im goin with the strips is cuz im a true wolves fan , :) soo cnt wait for the season to start , man u first game 3-0 to the wanderers c’mon .

  14. corey says:

    i want the new away kit 2009/10

  15. drunk_aido says:

    im gonna get the away kit but not mad bou either if im honest

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