Where Have All Of The Transfers Gone?


During the past two weeks, I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a headline from a major British newspaper tout that a major transfer deal was going to be concluded within the next 48 hours. Unbelieveable.

It’s now Thursday and there’s only a few days remaining before the transfer window slams shut on Monday.

At this rate, the expected tidal wave of big mouthwatering signings this summer that we were all teased with are not going to happen, yet again. The same thing happened last summer and the summer before. The big signings continue to go to Italy and Spain.

Sure, there’s still time for Robinho, Pavluchenko, Arshavin, Berbatov and Zigic to seal deals, but as the clock counts down until Monday, the possibilities seem less and less.

The month long transfer window two times a year is a bit ridiculous really. Most of the clubs hold out until the last few days in order to be in a better negotiating position. If I was in charge of FIFA, I’d reduce the window to two 15 day windows. One in January and one in August. This way the clubs and fans can concentrate on their football instead of being teased during the silly season.

It would also prevent the ridiculous number of articles that are printed by the press about transfer rumors and the spammy websites that thrive on this sort of speculation to drive up traffic numbers.

Do I sound bitter? Yes. All I want is for the fans and press to concentrate on the football instead of the gossip. If you’re like me, you’re sick of reading about Berbatov. All I want to do is see the lad back on the pitch and playing to the best of his abilities. He’s the perfect example of the negative side of the transfer window where all we’ve seen is him warming the bench and playing a few uninspired minutes. This insanity has to stop for the sake of football fans.


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