Video: Memories of Everton's Goodison Park

It’s one of the oldest and most historic football grounds in the world. It has hosted the FA Cup Final and a World Cup Semi-Final, but its future looks bleak. If Everton Football Club moves to Kirkby, then Everton’s Goodison Park that they’ve been in since 1892 will be no more.

When you have a couple of minutes, watch the video below to see excerpts from Goodison Park’s proud history and to see how the stadium has changed over the decades. You can also view EPL Talk’s pictures of Goodison Park as well as listening to the EPL Talk Podcast regarding my trip to Goodison Park in 2006.


One thought on “Video: Memories of Everton's Goodison Park”

  1. If someone has a video of Paul Rideout’s goal to beat Man U in the FA Cup final please post a link. I would love to see that again! I was in college at the time and had already taken a dislike to United and loved seeing that clip. Rideout came to MLS two years later and I tried to get near him to talk to him about the goal but never got the chance when KC played Tampa or Miami. But he is forever a legend in my mind for that one moment.

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